Office of the Dean

Dr. David Hinks

Dr. David Hinks
Dean, Wilson College of Textiles, 919.515.6500


Ms. Amanda Padbury
Executive Assistant to the Dean, 919.515.6500


Associate Deans

Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi
Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension, 919.515.1822


Dr. Pamela McCauley
Associate Dean for Academic Programs, 919.513.2410


Dr. Xiangwu Zhang
Associate Dean for Research, 919.515.6547


Assistant Dean


Mr. Shawn Dunning
Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations, 919.515.6600


Department Heads

Dr. Abdel-Fattah Seyam
Department Head, Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management  (TATM), 919.515.6583


Dr. Jeff Joines
Department Head, Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science (TECS), 919.513.4188


Center and Institute Directors

Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi
Executive Director, The Nonwovens Institute (NWI), 919.515.1822


Dr. Roger Barker
Director, Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC), 919.515.6577


Dr. Andre West
Director, Zeis Textiles Extension, 919.515.6650


Human Resources

Ms. Alicia Lecceardone
Human Resources Officer, 919.513.7585


Marketing and Communications

Tony Hoppa
Director, Marketing and Communications, 919.515.6529