Textile Technology

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hung Hom, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is located in one of the world’s busiest and most culturally diverse cities. Hong Kong Polytechnic offers a wide range of courses which directly meet industrial, commercial and community needs. It is a prime aim of the University to equip students not only with professional competency but also the ability of independent thinking, good communication skills and a global outlook. 

Sample Semester:

  • Smart Textiles (TT elective)
  • Warehouse and Materials Management (TT elective)
  • Logistics and Distribution Management (TT elective)
  • Hong Kong Cinema (GEP)
  • Logic as a Foundational Science (GEP)
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Lorenzo de Medici (Florence, Italy)

Over forty years of experience have made Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) one of the most distinctive and well-established study abroad institutions in Europe. Many Wilson College students choose LdM because of the variety of electives this institution offers. Textile Technology students can choose from different courses in 38 subject areas, which are taught in English.

Sample Semester:

  • 3-Hour Italian Language Elementary I (Required Course)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (EC 205)
  • Made in Italy (TT elective)
  • Italian Food and Culture: Pairing Food & Wine (GEP)
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University of Manchester (Manchester, England)

Geographically, historically, and culturally, the University of Manchester is at the heart of this exciting city! It is a close walk from the city center and all of its attractions. About 40,000 students attend the university, which makes it possible to offer a wide range of interdisciplinary research areas. Manchester offers the Leadership and Service Pathway for study abroad and exchange students. In addition to their academic program, students can undertake a volunteer placement with local community groups, enabling them to engage with British life, society and culture. The culture, food, music, entertainment, shopping, and sports make Manchester an exciting place for Wilson College students to live and learn abroad!   

Sample Semester:

  • Design, Management and Team Project (TT elective)
  • Biomaterials & Biological Interactions (TT elective)
  • Shakespeare (GEP)
  • Key Issues in Contemporary Medicine (GEP)
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