Textile Engineering

United Kingdom: STEM and Liberal Studies in London

Make London your classroom during summer session II. Earn six NC State credits while spending five weeks immersed in the life and culture of London. A thriving metropolis, London provides a culturally diverse experience second to none. Museums, performances, and historical artifacts around every corner, the London program integrates them into your NC State courses. A sampling of past programs and student experiences have included Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, British High Tea, and a West End performance. 

Course Options:

  • ENG 331 – Communication for Engineering and Tech (TE major requirement)
  • ISE 311 – Engineering Economic Analysis (TE major requirement)
  • SOC 204 – Sociology of Family (Social Sciences, USD GEP)
  • MUS 205 – Introduction to Music in Western Society (Additional Breadth GEP)
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NC State Prague: Engineering in the 21st Century (E 102)

As part of the six week Summer Program, the College of Engineering will offer E 102, Engineering in the 21st Century. The course is relevant for all students at NC State who require a GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives course, and it fulfills the E 102 curriculum requirement for all freshmen engineers. The E 102 CODA requirement for engineers will be waived for students who opt to complete the course in Prague. To fulfill the 5 credit program, you will take another class offered at NC State Prague. The E 102 course will involve group excursions in and around Prague, for example: Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic, National Technical Museum Prague, and Skoda auto factory.

Course Options:

  • E 102 – Engineering in the 21st Century (Interdisciplinary Perspectives GEP) *required
  • COM 292 – Language, Communication, and Culture (Social Sciences, USD GEP)
  • EDP 304 – Educational Psychology (Social Sciences GEP)
  • HI 209 – From Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern Europe (Humanities GEP)
  • NR/IDS 303 – Humans and the Environment (Interdisciplinary Perspectives GEP)
  • SOC 202 – Principles of Sociology (Social Sciences GEP)
  • PS 341 – European Politics (Social Sciences GEP)
  • PHI 221 – Contemporary Moral Issues (Humanities GEP)
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