Freshman Course Registration

We are excited that you have chosen North Carolina State University to be your home. It’s time to begin registering for your fall classes and this site will help guide you through the registration process. Your access to course registration will begin on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. While it is not imperative to register immediately, it’s important to register as soon as possible in order to have the best selection of courses. Please complete your course registration no later than Monday, June 14.


All new Wilson College of Textiles students should complete the Math and Chemistry Placement Tests prior to enrolling in classes to ensure you select the appropriate level math and/or chemistry courses. Information on Placement Tests can be found here; these placement tests should be completed by May 21, 2021. The placement tests will be open after this date, but taking them later than this may delay your ability to register for a math or chemistry course.

  1. Read instructions on using the student information system (MyPack Portal) and view the Enrolling into a Course video. Your Enrollment Wizard page will look slightly different than the tutorial, but the basic functions are the same.
  2. Login to MyPack Portal using your Unity ID and password.
  3. Click on the “Planning and Enrollment” tile.
  4. Select “Enrollment Wizard” from the list on the left-hand side of the page.
  5. Click on your intended major below for instructions on selecting courses, then begin adding classes to your shopping cart in MyPack Portal. You can place course sections into your shopping cart prior to June 1 but you cannot officially enroll in them until that date when your Term Advisement Hold will be removed.
  6. Make note of any warnings that indicate you may not be able to add a certain class. You will have to hover over the symbol with your cursor in order to view details. Example:
  7. On June 1, enroll in the classes you’ve placed in your shopping cart. If you are unable to enroll in certain classes, pay attention to the error message explaining why you may need to select a different course or a different section. More details on error messages are included in the FAQ sheet linked below. Sometimes you’ll have the option to waitlist a course. It’s okay to do this but be prepared with alternate options in case you do not get into the class.
  • Note: You will likely see some courses already on your course schedule when you go to enroll. Do NOT remove these courses without communicating with your advisor (contact information below). These courses were added to your schedule because they are required for your intended major and should be taken your first semester.

Course Recommendations by Major

Additional links for help:
Wilson College of Textiles Plans and Requirements by Major – use this page to see a list of required courses for your major, read course descriptions, and view a suggested 8-semester sequence of requirements. Keep in mind that while you’ll be required to meet all listed requirements, your schedule will look different than what is listed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Student Self-Registration – if you run into issues or questions while you are enrolling in courses, please review this FAQ sheet first. The answer to your question is likely answered here. If you still have questions, please reach out to your academic advisor (contact information below).

Email your Academic Advisor for help:
Meggie Metcalf ( Student Last Names A-H

Alyssa Jennings ( Student Last Names I-Z