GRE Requirements

The GRE general exam is required of all applicants for the Masters of Textiles and the Masters of Science in Textiles. GRE test scores expire five years after the test date, and expired scores are not accepted. Recommended  GRE scores are: Verbal Reasoning 150, Quantitative Reasoning 155, and Analytical Writing 3.5. All three sections of the GRE are considered when evaluating applicants.

When should I apply

The Graduate School provides updated information on the formal deadlines for applications for domestic and international students, please see the Graduate School website at:

Please be advised, however, that many funding decisions are made in the early spring (March) time frame. That means that, if you wish to be considered for funding, you are advised to apply early, and well in advance of the formal summer deadline for U.S. students (June 25) as this increases your chances of receiving any funding.

For all students it would be highly advisable to have your application finalized before March 1st. This means that all official transcripts, letters of recommendation, TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo scores (if applicable), and the personal statement are uploaded by the student to the admission portal.

Does your program accept late applications?

You are welcome to submit your application after the deadline, but please be aware of the following information. Applications will not be reviewed until they are complete, which includes TOEFL/IELTS scores, letters of recommendation, etc. Application Deadlines are set to allow enough time to review an application and, if a decision to admit is granted, allow enough time for the applicant to complete the requirements of admission and arrive on time for the semester’s start. When applications are not complete by the deadline, there is no guarantee that the review, admission decision, and submission of required documents will be completed in time to begin the intended semester. Admitted students are expected to arrive in time for the beginning of the semester, as we do not accept late arrivals.

Note that if any of the pieces of the application arrive after the deadline, that your application is considered late since the application won’t be reviewed until it’s complete. So, even if you paid the application fee before the deadline, if not all supporting documents are received by the deadline, the application is considered late.

For international applicants, note that the Grad School states on their website that it may take up to 3 or 4 weeks for ETS to report the TOEFL scores and for the Grad School to attach to the application.

What are the institutional and departmental codes for reporting standardized testing scores?

  • The institutional code number for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to report GRE (optional) and TOEFL scores to North Carolina State University is 5496
  • Please use code “0000” for the (optional) GRE departmental code and for TOEFL you can use “99” as the department code.

When is my admission decision official so I can accept and enroll?

  • After your admission decision is submitted, the Graduate School will verify all documents and process the decision. 
  • Once the decision is processed by the Graduate School, applicants will receive an automated email that states an admission decision has been posted to their online application and they need to log in and review that decision.
  • When they log in they’ll see the offer of admission letter.
  • The admission will not be official until all official transcripts have been received (both US & international) and international students submit the Certificate of Financial Responsibility.
  • Note that there are late registration fees, so be mindful of the enrollment deadlines.