Degree Requirements

Coursework: a total of 8 courses (24 credits of graded course work), meeting criteria #1 and #2 below, courses may count towards both criteria (e.g. all TE and some TC courses). Additional courses must be of the graduate level (500 or above) and be relevant to the field of study.

Criterion #1

Select a minimum of five courses from the TECS faculty taught courses listed below, the TE courses may also count towards criterion #2 as listed there.

TECS Core Courses required hours = 15

Criterion #2

Select minimum of four courses from the Engineering graduate level classes, i.e. >=500 level classes offered by an engineering department, including TE/TMS classes; TE/TMS classes would also count towards criterion #1.

Engineering content Courses required hours = 12

Additional requirements on research, independent studies and seminar

Options for research and independent studies: