Qualifying Courses

All four qualifying courses (below) must be taken by the end of the 3rd semester with a grade of B or better in each of the four qualifying courses chosen.  All students must take: 

  • FPS 770: Advances in Polymer Science (Fall)
  • TMS 762: Physical Properties of Fiber Forming Polymers, Fibers and Fibrous Structures (Spring)
  • Plus two additional courses selected from the following:  

Polymer Science 

  • TC 771: Polymer Microstructures, Conformations and Properties (Fall)  

Fiber Science 

  • TC 704: Fiber Formation: Theory and Practice (Fall) 
  • TMS 761: Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Fibrous Material (Fall) 
  • TMS 763: Characterization of Structure of Fiber Forming Polymers (Fall) 

Coloration and Wet Processing 

  • TC 706 & 707: Color Science (Fall)  
  • TC/FPS 710: Textile Wet Processing (Fall) 
  • TC 720: Dye Synthesis (Fall) 

Formation and Properties of Textile Products 

  • FPS 750: Advances in Fabric Formation, Structure, and Properties (Spring)