Graduate Student Support Plan

The Graduate Student Support Plan is a competitive support package used to attract top students to NC State University. Graduate students that meet the requirements below are eligible to receive health insurance and standard tuition support (for a limited number of semesters).

GSSP Eligibility

  • Have an active, qualifying graduate appointment (TA, RA, or primary fellowship)
  • Be enrolled full-time at all times
  • Be within their allowed semesters
    • Master’s degree: 4 semesters
    • Ph.D. with a related master’s degree: 8 semesters
    • Ph.D. without a related master’s degree: 10 semesters

Every semester in which the student is enrolled counts against the total number of allowed semesters for tuition support, even if the student does not participate in the GSSP.

  • Active in an on-campus master’s or doctoral degree program

GSSP Eligibility Extension

In some cases, exceptions may be submitted for tuition support beyond allowed semesters. These requests should only be submitted by Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) in coordination with the student’s major advisor.

The GSSP extension request should answer the following questions:

  • Student name and ID
  • What factors prevented the student’s timely completion?
  • What plans are in place to ensure the student’s completion?
  • What is the planned graduate appointment arrangement for the student through completion? (assistantship type, funding source)

Additional GSSP detailed information may be found in the Graduate Student Support Plan Eligibility Summary.