Student Research

Preliminary Exams – March 2021

Shuzhen Wei (FPS) – Moisture-driven Soft Actuators For Smart Textiles
Adviser: Dr. Tushar Ghosh

Tomik Moradi (FPS) – Processing Behavior of Virgin and Waste Stream (Multicomponent Reclaim) Polymers in Spunbond Process
Advisers: Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi and Dr. Benoit Maze

Zoe Rosenberg (FPS) – Modular Connector for E-Textiles to Enable Automated Manufacturing
Adviser: Dr. Jesse Jur

Debjyoti Banerjee (FPS) – Thermal Stability and Degradation of Bio-Additive Modified Fibers
Adviser: Dr. Ericka Ford

Final Dissertation Defense Exams – March 2021

S M Fijul Kabir (FPS) – Mechanics of 3D Printed Fiber-reinforced Composites
Advisers: Dr. Abdel-Fattah Seyam and Dr. Kavita Mathur

Chengcheng Feng (FPS) – Qualitative and Quantitative Degradation Studies of C.I. Reactive Blue 19 in Soil: A Mass Apectrometry Approach
Adviser: Dr. Nelson Vinueza

Jitong Li (TTM) – The Impact of Communication on Consumers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Purchase Intention Related to Sustainable Apparel
Adviser: Dr. Karen Leonas

J’den Williams (TTM) – The Online Apparel Shopping Experience of Blind Consumers
Dr. Lori Rothenberg