Wilson in a Word

Wilson College of Textiles is known for many qualities – but can one word capture what’s best? Find out here.

  • Imon Khan – “Community”

    Wilson in a Word Not just “community,“ but incredible community. That’s how Imon Khan, Ph.D., captures what’s best about the Wilson College of Textiles. “I believe that I’ll be able to capitalize on the experiences I gained through my research work and student leadership role here at the college in my future career,” he said.… The post Imon Khan – “Community” appeared first on Wilson College News.

  • Zoe Newman – “Inspiring”

    Wilson in a Word Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Newman has always been interested in textiles and materials. With a personal interest in sustainability and knit programming, Newman is studying how the performance of natural and synthetic yarns compare in the development of common knit footwear structures. Newman’s path to the Wilson College began… The post Zoe Newman – “Inspiring” appeared first on Wilson College News.

  • Tova Williams – “Home”

    Wilson in a Word Initially, Williams was attracted to Wilson College by its smaller environment. Then she discovered the Polymer and Color Chemistry program which combined her passion for chemistry and color. But the icing on the cake, as she acknowledges, was meeting Professor (now emeritus) Harold Freeman at an open house. “I was intrigued… The post Tova Williams – “Home” appeared first on Wilson College News.

  • Shahida Afrin – “Resourceful”

    Wilson in a Word “Resourceful” is what comes to mind for Shahida Afrin. “With its technology-rich labs and fashion studio, students can ‘think and do’ as much as they want in the Wilson College of Textiles,” Afrin said. Passionate about innovative technology, Afrin is pursuing her doctorate in textile technology management with research focusing on three-dimensional apparel… The post Shahida Afrin – “Resourceful” appeared first on Wilson College News.

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