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Master’s Graduate Plan of Work

The Graduate Plan of Work (POW) is your roadmap to completing your degree, so it’s in your best interest to set it up as soon as possible, but no later than when you have completed 18 credits (and yes it can be modified later if things change). Note that you should list the items that you plan to count toward your degree requirements, and not every course that you take.

  • If you do not already have a graduate POW, you need to submit and get it approved by your advisor, committee and director of graduate programs (DGP). For incoming students, you do not need to submit your POW until the end of your first semester (but the sooner, the better!).
  • If you already have a POW, please review it every semester and make any changes, if needed.
  • For questions on counting transfer credit (from NC State and elsewhere), please follow this link to the Admissions FAQ.
  • The POW (and any revisions to it) must be approved by a variety of people (advisor, thesis committee, DGP, Grad School) and is not ‘official’ until it is approved at all levels. Thus, please get it done (or revised if already approved) in time to get all approvals done before any major deadlines that necessitate it (census date, applying for graduation, etc.). 

There are templates set up for both the M.S. Textile Chemistry and M.S. Textile Engineering programs to get you started. For help on creating or modifying a POW, please visit the SIS help manual

Note that if you plan to do both the M.S. and stay for a Ph.D. in FPS or TTM, you will have a POW for each program; they cannot be combined. However, courses that transfer from M.S. to Ph.D. will be listed as as transfer credit on the Ph.D. POW.

All graduate students must develop and submit a Plan of Work prior to the end of their second semester. The POW identifies the graduate faculty that will be mentoring the student’s academic progress, the thesis topic and the coursework to be taken for the degree. The POW is submitted online via MyPack Portal and must include both a list of the coursework to be undertaken (in all programs) and the thesis topic; be developed by the student and their advisory committee; and be approved by the advisory committee, the DGP and the Graduate School. The student’s committee may request changes to future coursework, and it is essential that students discuss any changes with the committee before requesting any changes to the POW, which must be resubmitted with the same approvals as the original POW. If any coursework diverges from the POW, a new POW form must be submitted.

Read more about the POW and requirements.