Lifetime Career Services


NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles is a specialized educational institution that continues to serve a technological advanced textile industry.  To continue to meet the need of the textile industry, Student and Career Services and the Textile Alumni Society have created the Lifetime Career Service (LCS).  The LCS works to help match qualified alumni with positions that require experience.

The COT has always been known for high placement rates at graduation. These results are due, in part, from industry’s demand for qualified entry-level graduates and, in part, from the College of Texiles’ Office of Student and Career Services. For many years, textile companies and executive search firms have been approaching Student and Career Services in search of experienced Textile graduates. And for many years, alumni have been contacting the College for continuing career assistance long after graduation. However, until the creation of the LCS, matches were made only when time permitted.


Until a COT graduate has accepted his or her first full-time position Student and Career Services serves the alumnus through undergraduate career assistance. After the alumnus has accepted a full-time position, he or she may use the LCS to explore other opportunities in the textile industry.

If you are a recent graduate and you have not accepted your first full-time position you may continue to use the Office of Student & Career Services in the same manner as a current undergraduate.


Please fill out the following form: Lifetime Career Services Registration Form

Once you have completed and submitted the form your information will be kept on file and you will receive information regarding career opportunities and events.

Summary of Services

For Textile Alumni

  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Career Counseling
  • Limited use of the Textiles Career Office
  • Assistance with resumes / letters
  • Faxing or mailing of resumes on request
  • Bi-weekly list of job openings

For Companies and Executive Search Firms

  • Unlimited job postings
  • Unlimited job listings
  • For Search Firms, name on referral list
  • For Companies, invitation to annual Job Forum and Career Fair


Forms of assistance available to alumni and companies seeking qualified Textiles alumni:

  • Job openings e-mailed to alumni seeking career assistance on a biweekly basis.
  • Job openings e-mailed to all Textile faculty.
  • Job openings posted in the Job Openings Notebook within the Textile Alumni Office. Those visiting or calling for career assistance may get contacts through this notebook.
  • Resume Cross-referencing: Once a resume is filed in the Textile Alumni Office, it is cross referenced with all new job openings submitted to the College. With the consent of the alumnus, resumes will be sent to companies.

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