George Ragsdale ’99

Name: George Wrenn Ragsdale

Job title:  Principal

Company: The Wrennovation Companies

Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel Management

Graduation Year: 1999

Talk a little about the North Carolina Textile Foundation and what it means to be a member.

My family spun cotton yarn for 150 years. While I am not currently in the textile business much of my life’s good fortune can be attributed to the textile heritage in North Carolina. Many Christmas Mornings, Thanksgiving Dinners, Birthdays, college educations, and countless other things would not have been possible without the NC textile Industry. Now that we are truly a global industry NC needs to continue to be the world leaders in innovation and the future of the industry.

What inspires you to give your time and treasure to the Wilson College of Textiles and North Carolina Textile Foundation?

Paying the industry back for all it has done for me and my community. Being able to usher the next generation into the industry is crucial for it to continue.

What do you see in the future for the Wilson College of Textiles?

We will continue to be the Global leader in the field of Textiles and related industries.

Any other information you would like to share?

I am honored to have an opportunity to be a part of the Foundation.