Guan Wang

Guan Wang

Degrees: M.S. Textile Chemistry ‘12; Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science ‘15

Hometown: Huzhou, China

Current city: Newark, DE

Profession: Senior Textile Application Development Specialist, The LYCRA Company

Council Position: Recruitment Committee

How did the Wilson College of Textiles prepare you for your career?

I learned advanced textile science and technology through the courses offered at the Wilson College of Textiles. During my master’s and doctoral study, I was able to work with HBI, Cotton Inc. and Nike on different R&D projects. It provided me the opportunity to work with industrial partners and gain project management skills; with such experience, I am able to quickly adapt to the industrial R&D environment.

What does it mean to be a member of the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council?

It is great to have this council to connect young alumni and provide a channel to contribute back to the college. It will also provide opportunities to the current students to interact with young alumni and get advice for career development.

It is my pleasure to serve on the council. As a former international graduate student, I would like to utilize this different aspect from other members in the council to connect the young alumni who used to be international students like me and also provide my experience to the current international students at Wilson College of Textiles.

What do you see in the future for the Wilson College of Textiles?

The opportunity for the Wilson College of Textiles is huge if it continuously concentrates on research and education for textile industry in all dimensions.