Sarah Hoit

Sarah Hoit

DegreeM.S. Textiles ‘11

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida

Current City: Plantation, Florida

Profession: Material Researcher at Magic Leap

Council Position: Events Committee

How did the Wilson College of Textiles prepare you for your career?

The Wilson College of Textiles allowed me to take the sharp left turn I needed to change career paths in a dramatic way. My undergraduate studies are in design for theater and film from New York University. After a few years of working the industry, I continued to come across interesting material and fabric questions that I couldn’t find answers to. Realizing my own interest level in these engineering and science aspects of my craft, I decided to pursue formal education on the topic. NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles was the turning point.

What does it mean to be a member of the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council?

Being a member of the DYALC for me is about supporting the school that supported me. There are, of course, hundreds of ways to support an academic institution; however, it is the interpersonal connections and building of community (especially for those of us that are no longer nearby) of the DYALC that resonates with me. DYALC can be nucleation point for NC State to continue to support young alumni, and alumni to support each other.

What do you see in the future for the Wilson College of Textiles?

I continue to be excited by work that pushes the edges of what the average person understands a textile to be. There is a huge gap between textile technology, chemistry and engineering as we know it and public perception. Let’s continue to support and develop the extremes of what textiles can do — from catwalks to spacewalks.