Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson

Degree: B.S. Textile Engineering ‘17

Hometown: Denver, NC

Current City: Portland, OR

Profession: Material Developer, Nike

Council Position: Communications Committee

How did the Wilson College of Textiles prepare you for your career?

The NC State College of Textiles educates students on fundamental textile knowledge paired with excellent networking skills. Not only do you learn valuable skills including project management and textile problem solving, but you learn how to market your strongest skills to employers upon entering the industry. The small family-like classroom setting provides a support system of peers, professors, and staff members that support you well beyond your time at the college. Having a degree from a top textile program in the world speaks for itself, but it is the unique perspective you bring to a company that makes you stand out. The diversity of the Textile Engineering program exposed me to everything from raw material manufacturing, to marketing an innovative product. With that foundation and the encouragement from my mentors at the college, I was able to successfully land a job at my dream company. I am forever grateful for the education I received at the Wilson College of Textiles, that enabled me to find my passion in my career daily.

What does it mean to be a member of the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council?

The Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council is composed of passionate individuals from across the United States, that come together to elevate the engagement and performance of the Wilson College of Textiles. The college changed my life by igniting a passion for the textile industry and providing me with the top resources in the world to impact the future of the industry. Those resources are the people and network that support the Wilson College of Textiles. By serving on the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council, I will be a key leader in that network. I have always loved inspiring young students to pursue a degree at the Wilson College, and being on the council will elevate the number of students I can reach. It was the students at the College of Textiles in January 2013 that changed my life by convincing me to join the college, and I want to be a part of inspiring others the way I was inspired. The college will always be my home, and I am passionate about sharing that connection with alumni, current students, staff, Dean Hinks, and other leaders on the council. It is an incredible honor to serve and give back through the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council.

What do you see in the future for the Wilson College of Textiles?

The College of Textiles has always been a place that leads innovation and inspires creativity. I know the college will continue to grow, in terms of new lab equipment, hands on classroom settings for students, and research projects partnered with influential companies in the textile industry . With the growth of technology and demand for online shopping, I see the College of Textiles adapting to teach how to target a new type of consumer. Portraying how a fabric feels via a virtual setting will be the next big thing. I am also extremely excited to see the impact of the Pioneer Scholarship program, bringing in added diversity of students interested in Textiles from non-metropolitan North Carolina areas. Those students will have the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to impact the future of the college. Seeing the new talent that comes from the college every year is inspiring, and it introduces a whole new group of leaders into the Textile Industry.