Student Spotlight: Meet Anne Graf ’21

Anne Graf ’21

Hometown: Cedar Grove, NC

Major: B.S. Fashion and Textile Design, B.S. Physics

Concentration: Fashion Design

What are your favorite aspects of the Wilson College of Textiles and why did you choose to attend? 

I chose to attend the Wilson College of Textiles because it seemed like the best place to get a degree in fashion design, without forgoing science and math classes. As an NC School of Science and Mathematics graduate, I cannot imagine not taking any physics or math courses in college, and so the fact that my degree is a Bachelor of Science, and requires STEM classes, really cinched this as the place for me. After spending over two years here, I am even more convinced. I love how large NC State is, because that has afforded me many opportunities, and I have met so many diverse, interesting people. With that said, the Wilson College of Textiles is small enough that I really feel like I can get to know the faculty and my classmates really well. 

What activities are you involved in both on campus and off campus? 

I have had the privilege of volunteering at the Daniel Center for Math and Science, where I tutored underprivileged kids in math, science, and robotics. I am a Wilson College of Textiles Student Ambassador, which has been incredibly fun because I get to gush about what a great college it is, to prospective students and industry professions. Additionally, I got involved with physics research on campus. For my research, I am working on a project that predicts the detection of neutrinos from a supernova, which will become an integrated part of a system to alert physicists to the presence of a supernova. This will give them an opportunity to study the impressive physical phenomena that are still so mysterious. I also work in the knitting lab in the Wilson College of Textiles, operating machines, creating knitting programs, and even solving industry problems! My coolest college experience to date was definitely my study abroad experience in summer 2019 at the University of Oxford. Studying there was a lifelong dream of mine, and I am SO thrilled I was able to go, especially considering it could be quite a while before anyone will be able to travel again.

What are your professional and/or personal goals after graduation? 

After obtaining my undergraduate degrees, I hope to either go to graduate school for physics, or pursue a career as a designer for a fashion company. This year, I plan to figure out which option to strive for, while taking into account all of the changes this year has brought about.

“This scholarship has really changed my life, and I sincerely thank you for that. Because of this support, I have been able to pursue a degree in something I am really passionate about, but had never previously considered a feasible career path. It has also given me the flexibility to consider further education and study abroad; these invaluable experiences would enhance my college experience and allow me to get more out of college than I could have ever imagined. On a more day-to-day basis though, relief from financial pressures has allowed me to focus on my academics, and to give back through volunteering.“