Dr. George L. Hodge

Associate Professor, TT Program Director, TECS

Email : george_hodge@ncsu.edu
Phone : 919-513-1636
Address : College of Textiles - Room 3324

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Dr. George Hodge is an associate professor in Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science and the Undergraduate Program Director for Textile Technology. He currently teaches courses in the Textile Supply Chain Management concentration.

Dr. Hodge’s areas of research include: supply chain management, electronic business, data mining, information quality, and enterprise integration. He has served on the board of the APICS Textile and Apparel Specific Industry Group and has worked with this group in surveying the various types of information systems used in the textile industry. He was involved with creating the IBM Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) facility in the college. He served on the board for the Computer Integrated Manufacturing in Higher Education (CIM/HE). In 2002 he received the NCSU Libraries Faculty Award. In 1994 he was selected as the college’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year. He has also served as faculty advisor for Delta Kappa Phi. Dr. Hodge received his Ph.D. from N. C. State in Industrial Engineering, MS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio State, and BS degree from N. C. State in Nuclear Engineering. He has worked for Carolina Power and Light Company and the Nuclear Services and Training Laboratory at The Ohio State University.


  • Enterprise Integration
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Lean Manufactuirng
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
  • Information Systems: SCM, ERP, MES
  • Information Quality
  • Data Mining
  • Microelectromechnaical Systems (MEMS)
  • Engineering Economics

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 1990
North Carolina State University

M.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1983
Ohio State University

B.S., Nuclear Engineering, 1978
North Carolina State University

Recent Publications

  1. Hamilton, B. J., Oxenham, W., Hodge, G. L., Thoney, K. A. (2012). “Optimal data use in staple yarn manufacturing”. Journal of the Textile Institute , 103 (5) , 499-507.
  2. Ievtushenko, O., Hodge, G. L. (2012). Review of Cost Estimation Techniques and Their Strategic Importance in the New Product Development Process of Textile Products. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel , 16 (1) , 103-124.
  3. Chaudhry, H., Hodge, G. (2012). Postponement and supply chain structure: cases from the textile and apparel industry. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management , 16 (1) , 64-80.
  4. Hamilton, B. J., Oxenham, W., Hodge, G. L., Thoney, K. A. (2012). Optimal data use in stable manufacturing. Journal of the Textile Institute , 103 (5) .
  5. Hodge, G. L., Goforth, R. K., Joines, J. A., & Thoney, K. (2011). Adapting lean manufacturing principles to the textile industry. Production Planning & Control , 22 (3) , 237-247.

NC State Library Scholarly Publications List


TAM 217 Business of Textiles
TAM 480 Operations Management Decisions for Textiles
TAM 485 Textile Computer Integrated Enterprise
TAM 486 Textile Supply Chain Management
TTM 501 Textile Enterprise Integration
TTM 502 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems for Textile Manufacturing
TTM 588 Global Perspectives in Textile Supply Chain Management

Graduate Projects

Student Name Dissertation/Thesis title
Chaudhry, Hassan Postponement Strategies in the Textile and Apparel Industries.
Hamilton, Brian Process and Product Data Management for Staple Yarn Manufacturing.
Echeverria, Claudia Yarn Specifications and Performance Metrics for Short Staple Yarn Manufacturers.
Allen, Reece Performance Measurement of Textile and Apparel Supply Chains in Developing Countries.
Goforth, Kelly Adapting Lean Manufacturing Principles to the Textile Industry.
Wagoner, April Plant Floor Scheduling Systems in a Lean Environment.
Karpe, Yatin Weave-Room Performance Decision-Making Process in Textiles:  Mapping An Information Engineering Methodology.
Anderson, Beth Applicability of Data Mining in Yarn Manufacturing.
Anderson, Karen Miller Leveraging Technology and Creativity among Self-Employed Textile Artists and Designers Through the Use of Geometric Software.
Cesca, Lynsey Anne Economic Competitiveness in the Global Textile Supply Chain: Examination of Logistics Cost Structures
Erenli, Husnu Murat Branding Model for the Apparel Manufacturers/Marketers and Soft goods Retail Industries
Gahide, Severine Francoise Exploration of Micromachines to Textiles: Monitoring Warp Tension and Breaks during the Formation of Woven Fabrics
Gupta, Deepak Kumer An Analysis of the Disruptions in the U.S Apparel Manufacturing Industry and Identification of Continuity Planning Strategies
Jones, Michael Andrew Factors Affecting Governmental / Trade Disparities Among Nations
Karpe, Yatin Surendra Weave-Room Performance Decision-Making Process in Textiles: Mapping An Information Engineering Methodology
Kobaner, Can Economic Analysis of using MEMS technology for monitoring warp tension and breaks in weaving
Lauer, Christopher Improving the Competitiveness of US Textile Manufacturers with E-business Initiatives Related to Supply Chain
Nowell, Candace Hope Market Competitiveness in the Global Textile Supply Chain: Examination of Supply Chain Configurations
Uncu, Sedef CUSTOMIZED INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT DECISIONS: An Exploration into the Textile and Apparel Decision-making Process


APICS www.apics.org
IIE  www.iienet.org
ISA  www.isa.org
Textile Institute http://www.texi.org/

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