Dr. Jesse Jur

Associate Professor, TECS

Email : jsjur@ncsu.edu
Phone : 919-515-1676
Address : College of Textiles - Room 3147

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Prof. Jur’s research targets the development of materials processing methods for nanoscale inorganic integration with polymer-based materials, including nonwoven textiles. Applications for his research include new electronic textiles that respond to chemical, photo and mechanical environmental changes, as well as the enhancement of the mechanical and thermal stability of modified fiber systems.

Academic Degrees

Post Doctoral Associate, Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2007-2008
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2007
M.S., Chemical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, 2003
B.S., Chemical Engineering, The University of South Carolina, 2001

Recent Publications

  1. Ozkan Yildiz, Kelly Stano, Shaghayegh Faraji, Corinne Stone, Colin Willis, Xiangwu Zhang, Jesse Jur, and Philip D. Bradford, High Performance Carbon Nanotube – Polymer Nanofiber Hybrid Fabrics, Nanoscale, 7, 16744-16754, 2015.
  2. Gregory N. Parsons, Sarah E. Atanasov, Erinn C. Dandley, Christina K. Devine, Bo Gong, Jesse S. Jur, Kyoungmi Lee, Christopher J. Oldham,Qing Peng, Joseph C. Spagnola, Philip S. Williams (2013). ?Mechanisms and Reactions During Atomic Layer Deposition on Polymers?. Coordination Chemistry Reviews , 257 (23-24) , 3323-3331.
  3. Yujie Sun, Richard P. Padbury, Halil I. Akyildiz, Matthew P. Goertz, Jeremy A. Palmer and Jesse S. Jur (2013). ?Influence of Subsurface Hybrid Material Growth on the Mechanical Properties of Atomic Layer Deposited Thin Films on Polymers?. Chemical Vapor Deposition , 19 (4-6) , 134-141.
  4. Jonathan C. Halbur, Richard P. Padbury, and Jesse S. Jur (2013). ?Induced Wetting of Polytetrafluoroethylene by Atomic-Layer Deposition for Application of Aqueous-based Nanoparticle Inks?. Materials Letters , 101 , 25-28.
  5. William J. Sweet III, Jesse S. Jur, and Gregory N. Parsons (2013). ?Bi-layer Al2O3/ZnO atomic layer deposition for controllable conductive coatings on polypropylene nonwoven fiber mats?. Journal of Applied Physics , 113 (19) , 194-303.

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