Dr. Wei Gao

Assistant Professor, TECS

Email : wgao5@ncsu.edu
Phone : 919-515-0257
Address : College of Textiles - Room 3117

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Wei Gao, an assistant professor in the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science, earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from Rice University in 2012. She did her postdoctoral research in the Materials Physics & Applications (MPA) Division at Los Alamos National Lab, as a Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow. She obtained her B.S. and M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from Nanjing University, China.

Dr. Gao’s research interests lie at the interface between Materials Chemistry, Textile Engineering and renewable energy-related technologies, such as supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells. Her current research directions include:

  1. Graphene/graphene oxide based energy storage systems (supercapacitors, batteries) and their integrations with various textiles for smart bodysuit prototypes
  2. Protonic conducting membranes based on graphene derivatives for hydrogen-air fuel cells
  3. Quantum dot synthesis for sensing, catalysis and biological applications

For her academic records and past research experiences, please see the google scholar link:


Academic Degrees

Postdoc: Los Alamos National Laboratory (Materials Physics & Applications, Dr. Andrew Dattelbaum and Dr. Piotr Zelenay)

Ph. D.: Rice University (Chemistry Department, Prof. Pulickel M. Ajayan)

B.S. and M.S.: Nanjing University (Chemistry and Analytcial Chemistry,  Prof. Xing-Hua Xia)


Dr. Gao will be teaching or co-teaching in courses PCC 412/414 and TMS 763.

Recent Publications

del Pino, A. P., Gyorgy, E., Logofatu, C., Puigmarti-Luis, J., & Gao, W. (2015). Laser-induced chemical transformation of graphene oxide-iron oxide nanoparticles composites deposited on polymer substrates. Carbon, 93, 373-383.
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