College of Textiles Core Values

Leadership. Innovation. Engagement. Inclusiveness. Respect. Connectedness.

We live by what we value:

Leadership: Leading the world in textile knowledge and education with integrity and humility.

Innovation: Promoting and supporting a culture of innovation and creativity by being bold in our choices and persistent in our efforts, while advancing environmental stewardship and economic sustainability.

Engagement: Engaging and motivating our students, faculty, staff, and partners to aspire to excellence and integrity in all of their endeavors and apply their expertise to serve the greater good.

Inclusiveness: Developing and maintaining a diverse, welcoming, and safe environment for all. Ensuring that initiatives are geared toward including and retaining people with differing ideas, varied backgrounds, and identities.

Respect: Treating all with respect and striving to ensure personal safety and honoring freedom of thought, expression, and creativity, the diversity of people and opinions, and academic freedom.

Connectedness: Engaging in our present while honoring our past to ensure a successful future by continuously strengthening partnerships to advance education, research, and the textile industry.