Benoit Maze

Benoit Maze

Research Assistant Professor, NWI

The Nonwovens Institute

  • Office: Center for Technology and Inno 117
  • Phone: 919-513-4778
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High-Throughput Manufacture of 3D Fiber Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine
Shirwaiker, R. A., Fisher, M. B., Anderson, B., Schuchard, K. G., Warren, P. B., Maze, B., … Pourdeyhimi, B. (2020), TISSUE ENGINEERING PART C-METHODS, 26(7), 364–374.
Microfiber Nonwovens as Potential Membranes
Kiyak, Y., Maze, B., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2019), SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION REVIEWS, 48(4), 282–297.
Nonwovens-Structure-process-property relationships
Pourdeyhimi, B., Maze, B., Farukh, F., & Silberschmidt, V. V. (2019), STRUCTURE AND MECHANICS OF TEXTILE FIBRE ASSEMBLIES, 2ND EDITION, pp. 109–143.
Dynamic adsorption of ammonia: Apparatus, testing conditions, and adsorption capacities
Amid, H., Maze, B., Flickinger, M. C., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2017), Measurement Science & Technology, 28(5).
Investigating activation of carbon fiber nonwovens for use as supercapacitor electrodes
Leary, J. D., Maze, B., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2017), Journal of the Textile Institute, 108(9), 1528–1536.
Hybrid adsorbent nonwoven structures: a review of current technologies
Amid, H., Maze, B., Flickinger, M. C., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2016). [Review of , ]. Journal of Materials Science, 51(9), 4173–4200.
Industrial-scale solution blowing of soy protein nanofibers
Kolbasov, A., Sinha-Ray, S., Joijode, A., Hassan, M. A., Brown, D., Maze, B., … Yarin, A. L. (2016), Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 55(1), 323–333.
Preparation of pseudocapacitor electrodes via electrodeposition of polyaniline on nonwoven carbon fiber fabrics
Leary, J. D., Hamouda, F., Maze, B., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2016), Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 133(16).
Reactive compatibilization of polyamide 6/polyethylene nonwoven based thermoplastic composites
Dasdemir, M., Maze, B., Anantharamaiah, N., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2015), European Polymer Journal, 63, 194–206.
Acoustical absorptive properties of spunbonded nonwovens made from islands-in-the-sea bicomponent filaments
Suvari, F., Ulcay, Y., Maze, B., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2013), Journal of the Textile Institute, 104(4), 438–445.

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