Don Thompson

Don Thompson

Research Associate Professor,
Associate Director, TPACC

Textile Protection and Comfort Center

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Monsanto (1974-1983): Fiber spinning, polymer synthesis,static control yarns, melt rheology, process development for melt, solution and continuous spinning; gas separations technology (solution theory, transport processes, effect of contaminants on separation efficiency and high pressure stability of hollow fibers. BASF (1983-1985): Coated and bicomponent antistatic yarn development, thermal analysis, microscopic and xray analysis of PET fiber, solution rheology. Schering-Plough (1985-1998: Personal research in polyurethane foams and processes to make molded insoles; injection molding; design of insoles based on biomechanical principles; directed group that was responsible for all insole products, textile coverings and digital of Dr. Scholl’s product line, as well as laboratory and human testing insole performance. Textile Protection and Comfort Center (1998-present): Testing protective and high performance garments and equipment for comfort, function and protection; testing/certification standards development; respirator filter performance research; human comfort and physiological testing.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science, NC State University,
  • B.S. Chemistry, NC State University,
  • B.S. Textile Chemistry, NC State University,


A method for determining off-gassing of protective fabrics exposed to simulated flash fire conditions
Bradham, A., Thompson, D., Barker, R., Morton-Aslanis, J., & Deaton, A. S. (2013), AATCC Review, 13(6), 57–65.
Factors influencing the uptake rate of passive adsorbent dosimeters used in the man-in-simulant-test
Ormond, R. B., Barker, R., Beck, K., Thompson, D., & Deaton, S. (2012), American society for testing and materials special technical, 1544, 247–265.
Analytical techniques for measuring toxic industrial chemicals in CBRN boot materials
Bradham, A. E., Beck, K. R., Thompson, D. B., Barker, R. L., Montero, G. A., & Deaton, A. S. (2011), AATCC Review, 11(6), 67–72.
A CB protective firefighter turnout suit
Barker, R., Deaton, S., Liston, G., & Thompson, D. (2010), International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, 16(2), 135–152.
Effect of xylene exposure on the performance of electret filter media
Jasper, W., Hinestroza, J., Mohan, A., Kim, J., Shiels, B., Gunay, M., … Barker, R. (2006), Journal of Aerosol Science, 37(7), 903–911.
Comparison of methods used to predict the burn injuries in tests of thermal protective fabrics
Song, G., Barker, R. L., Grimes, D. R., & Thompson, D. (2005), Journal of ASTM International, 2(2).
Effect of phase of toluene on filtration performance of electret filter media against di-octyl-phthalate aerosols
Jasper, W., Hinestroza, J., Mohan, A., Thompson, D., & Barker, R. L. (2005), Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection, 22, 97–105.
Effects of simulated flash fire and variations in skin model on manikin fire test
Song, G., Barker, R. L., Thompson, D., & Grimes, R. (2004), Journal of ASTM International, 1(7).
An advanced sweating manikin for measuring the heat stress of protective clothing
Deaton, A. S., Barker, R., & Thompson, D. (2002), Textile Technology Forum: October 23, 2002, proceedings 2002, IFAI Expo 2002, October 24-26, 2002, Charlotte, N.C. USA. Roseville, MN: Industrial Fabrics Association International.

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  • American Assoc. of Textile Chemists and Colorists American Chemical Society/Polymer Division Memphis Society of Biomechanics (through 1998)
  • Society of Plastics Engineers (through 1998)
  • National Fire Protective Association (Fire Fighter Turnout Committee)
  • Life Plan Trust of North Carolina (Board) American Society for Quality (through 2002)
  • Autism Society of NC and USA

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