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Karim Aly
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Nagendra Anantharamaiah
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Birgit Andersen
Research Assistant, TECS
Lab Manager

Bruce Anderson
Research Engineer, NWI
Katherine Annett-Hitchcock
Associate Professor, TATM
Shaghayegh Arangdad
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Garry Atkinson
Temporary Service/Maintenance
Delsey Avery
Temp Admin/ Office Support Staff
Jan Ballard
Extension Specialist, ZTE
Pamela Banks-Lee
Associate Professor, TECS
William Barefoot
Lab Manager, ZTE
Roger Barker
Director, TPACC,
Burlington Distinguished Professor

William Barnes
Asst. Director - Lab Operations Manager
Research Associate

Andy Batz
Specialty Trades Technician, NWI
Billy Beaudoin
Assistant Director of IT
Carrie Bhada
Executive Director, NCTF
Jeff Blessinger
Extension Specialist, ZTE
Philip Bradford
Associate Professor,
Textile Engineering Program Director, TECS

Barry Bright
Business Officer
Chris Buchanan
Accounting/ Administrative
Januka Budhathoki Uprety
Asst Professor
Hai Bui
Specialty Trades Technician, ZTE
Bertha Chang
Research Librarian for Engineering
Lisa Chapman
Associate Professor, TATM
Jennifer Clark
Contracts & Grants Accountant
Andy Click
Distance Education Specialist
Joyce Cole
Purchasing and Travel Coordinator, TECS
Brad Comley
Specialty Trades Technician, NWI
Robert Cooper
Graduate Services Coordinator
Angelo Corino
Partners Lab Manager, NWI
Donna Daetweiler
Associate Program Manager,
Donor Relations, NCTF

Thomas Daugherty
Deputy Director, NWI
Brian Davis
Knitting Lab Manger, ZTE
A. Deaton
Special Projects Director, TPACC
Emiel DenHartog
Associate Professor, TECS
Mahmut Dirican
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Lynn Doby
Multimedia Specialist
Shawn Dunning
Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations
Adjunct Lecturer, TECS

Ahmed El-Shafei
Professor, TECS
Polymer and Color Chemistry Program Director

Michael Eldridge
Technology Support Specialist
Judy Elson
Chemistry and Microscopy Lab Manager, TECS
Susan Fandel
Director of Marketing and Communications
Xiaomeng Fang
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Traci Figura
Graduate / Administrative Support Specialist
Shelia Fisher
Director, Finance and Administration, NWI
Ericka Ford
Assistant Professor, TECS
Alvin Fortner
Specialty Trades Technician, NWI
Karis Foster
Lecturer, TATM
Harold Freeman
Professor, TECS
Johnny Fry
Specialty Trades Technician
Jan Gaines
Office Administrator, ZTE
Wei Gao
Assistant Professor, TECS
Daryl Garrett
Specialty Trades Technician, NWI
Tushar Ghosh
Professor, TECS
Latoya Giles
Lean Six Sigma Program Associate, ZTE
Blan Godfrey
Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor, TATM

Michael Goldsmith
Visiting Scholar
Russell Gorga
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Programs and Associate Head

Maureen Grasso
Professor, TATM
Pierre Grondin
Product Development, NWI
Sophie Guevel
Research Assistant-Comfort, TPACC
Hechmi Hamouda
Teaching Professor, TECS
Bri Hart
Academic Advisor
Michael Haskins
Accounting Technician, NWI
Peter Hauser
Professor (retired), TECS
Mark Haven
Technology Support Technician
Helmut Hergeth
Associate Professor, TATM
David Hinks
Dean, Wilson College of Textiles,
Cone Mills Distinguished Professor of Textile Chemistry

Delisha Hinton
Associate Director of Student Services for Recruitment and Diversity
George Hodge
Associate Professor,
Textile Technology Program Director, TECS

Samuel Hudson
Professor, TECS
Cindy Istook
Cornelson Distinguished Professor of Textile and Apparel Design
Warren Jasper
Professor, TECS
Meredith Jeffers
Pre-Award Associate
Byoungho Ellie Jin
Albert Myers Distinguished Professor of Textile Economics and Management
Tywanna Johnson
Executive Assistant, TATM
Abhay Joijode
Research Engineer, NWI
Jeff Joines
Department Head and Professor, TECS
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

Jess Jur
Associate Professor, TECS
Bryson Keen
Support Services Associate
Martin King
Professor, TECS
Gary Knight
Adjunct Lecturer, TECS
Bailey Knight
Lab and Studio Technician
Richard Kotek
Associate Professor, TECS
Wendy Krause
Associate Professor, TECS
Jeffrey Krauss
Pilot Laboratory Manager, ZTE
Cassandra Kwon
Research Assistant Professor, TPACC
Traci Lamar
Professor, TATM
Jerome Lavelle
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, COE Associate Professor
Eric Lawrence
Research Technician, NWI
Alicia Lecceardone
College Human Resources Officer
Karen Leonas
Professor, TATM
Shanshan Li
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Yu Lin
Visitor/No Pay
Gail Liston
Research Associate, TPACC
Trevor Little
Professor, TATM
Marlena Lucas
Research Technician, TPACC
Heather Lyerly
Director of Academic Services
Luping Lyu
Visiting Scholar
Mark Martin
Research Technician, TPACC
Marc Mathews
Research Associate
Kavita Mathur
Associate Professor, TATM
Delisia Matthews
Assistant Professor, TATM
Benoit Maze
Research Assistant Professor, NWI
Christopher Mekeel
Research Associate, TPACC
Meggie Metcalf
Academic Advisor
Steve Michielsen
Professor, TECS,
Director of Ph.D. Programs

Amy Minton
Physical Testing Lab Manager, NWI
Marguerite Moore
Professor, TATM
Kina Morgan
Director of College Research Administration
John Morton-Aslanis
Research Associate, TPACC
Debbie Mostek
Textile Extension Program Manager, ZTE
Amanda Myers
Laboratory Manager, TECS
David Nelson
Assistant Director, NWI
Gregory Nelson
Processing Technician, NWI
Patrick Nethery
Business & Technology Applications Analyst
Billy Oliver
Adjunct Associate Professor, TECS
Bryan Ormond
Assistant Professor, TECS/TPACC
Amanda Padbury
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Melissa Pasquinelli
Associate Department Head,
Director of Graduate Programs, and
Professor, TECS

Lakisha Patterson
Executive Assistant, TECS
Jennifer Peavey
Project Manager
Tim Pleasants
Spun Yarn Lab Manager, ZTE
Anne Porterfield
Assistant Professor, TATM
Behnam Pourdeyhimi
Associate Dean for Industry Research and Extension
William A. Klopman Distinguished Professor
Executive Director, NWI

Latasia Priest
Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Prospect Development, NCTF
Lori Rothenberg
Associate Professor, TATM
Jon Rust
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs,
Interim Director of Zeis Textiles Extension,
Distinguished Professor of Textile Engineering

Jeff Sackaroff
Director of Career Services
Sonja Salmon
Industrial Partnerships Manager, Associate Professor, TECS
Bradley Scroggins
Extrusion Technician, NWI
Abdel-Fattah Seyam
Department Head,
Charles A. Cannon Professor of Textiles

Hasan Shahariar
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Renzo Shamey
Ciba Professor of Textile Chemistry,
Honorary Professor, Tianjin Polytechnic University

Melissa Sharp
Business Development Coordinator, ZTE
Jialong Shen
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Don Shiffler
Visiting Research Associate Professor, NWI
Eunkyoung Shim
Assistant Professor, TECS
Minyoung Suh
Assistant Professor, TATM
Malgorzata Szymczyk
Visiting Assistant Professor
Shannon Tart
Textiles Recruiter
Don Thompson
Research Associate Professor,
Associate Director, TPACC

Kristin Thoney-Barletta
Associate Professor,
Director of Undergraduate Programs, TATM

Al Tonelli
INVISTA Professor of Fiber and Polymer Chemistry, TECS
Greg Tourino
Lead Librarian for Textiles & Engineering Research Librarian
Rahul Vallabh
Research Assistant, TATM
Nelson Vinueza Benitez
Assistant Professor, TECS
Tri Vu
Specialty Trades Technician, TATM
Anna Wagner
Cameron Walker
Marketing Communications Writer
Qingqing Wang
Visiting Research Scholar
Jimei Wang
Business Coordinator, NWI
Michael Ward
Senior Director of Development, NCTF
Jim Watson
Adjunct Associate Professor, TATM
Kyle Watson
Research Assistant-Thermophysiological Comfort, TPACC
Patricia Watson
Accounting Technician
Nancy Webster
Practicum Professor
Andre West
Assistant Professor, TATM
Teresa White
Research Specialist, ZTE
Selina Williams
Administrative Support Specialist
Janie Woodbridge
Assistant Professor, TATM
Yingjiao Xu
Associate Dept. Head and Director of Graduate Programs,
Associate Professor

Ozkan Yildiz
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Xiangwu Zhang
Associate Dean for Research,
Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, TECS

Mengmeng Zhu
Assistant Professor, TECS