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Distinguish yourself from your peers by developing skill and engaging in a unique learning environment overseas!  Develop an understanding and appreciation of people from other countries and improve cross-cultural competency along with many skills.  NC State students quickly learn that a college education involves far more than classes, tests, and studying!

When you go to college, you’re not just attending a school; you become part of a globalized, multicultural community with links to people and places all over the world. This is one of the best chances you’ll ever have to learn about other cultures and meet people who can show you more about the world you live in. Students who participate in these kinds of opportunities are better prepared for success in the increasingly globalized workplace of the 21st century. NC State provides a rich array of opportunities for you to develop a global perspective and gain cross-cultural skills while you receive a truly international education. Some of the best are listed below

The College of Textiles encourages all students to have an international experience during your time at NC State.  The opportunities are endless, and we’ll help you plan your experience.

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All College of Textiles students are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience during their time at NC State. A wide variety of opportunities exist for study abroad, international internships, and individual exploration.

While it’s okay to attend any accredited institution, consider opportunities specifically geared toward Textiles students.

Textiles-specific program information

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First Year Inquiry (FYI) in Prague

FYI in Prague, hosted at the NC State Prague Institute, is a 2 week program that merges the high impact experiences of a first year inquiry course and study abroad. Students earn three GEP credits that count towards their degree before the start of their first semester on campus. Students will be immersed in inquiry-guided learning, utilizing the historic and beautiful city of Prague as their classroom. The FYI in Prague program is highly structured and led by a faculty and one staff member from NC State University.

The program starts on-campus with a two day orientation. During these two days, students participate in activities and discussions to develop community, clarify expectations, and introduce the approach to FYI courses.

Students then board a group flight for Prague, Czech Republic. Students spend 10 days in Prague, using the city and the NC State Prague Institute as their classroom. The program utilizes the historical city by visiting numerous museums, national monuments, cultural landmarks, and other significant venues to engage students in their course work-providing first hand experiences that inform critical and creative thinking. While in the Czech Republic, students also take a cultural weekend excursion to Český Krumlov, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To conclude the program, students reconvene on campus a week or two after their return to North Carolina for a reflection and debrief. This final day provides the opportunity for students to unpack their experience, encouraging them to reflect on their growth as students, peers, and global citizens.


Global Textile and Apparel Industry Tour – Hong KongStudents Touring Hong Kong

This fast-paced study experience includes visits to textile and apparel companies, manufacturing facilities, and cultural sites.  Students will expand their understanding of textile, apparel, and soft goods companies such as Ralph Lauren, Li and Fung, and Cotton Inc.  Through independent exploration and organized activities, participants will have the opportunity to explore cultural differences, gain cultural competence, and build an appreciation for living and working internationally.


Doing Business Internationally

Doing Business Internationally Students

Doing Business Internationally is an exciting program that we have developed for our outstanding textile students. For the past eight years, we have selected outstanding students to participate as Student Delegates in this exciting Program.  The purpose was to not only allow the students to tag along with business people, but also to introduce them to the various aspects of international trade by attending trade shows, visiting factories and meeting with trade officials.  Throughout the past eight spring semesters, 23 student delegates learned about the history, culture and business environment of the destination country culminating in trips to Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru and Panama.  The student delegates worked on individual research projects pertaining to their individual textile interest in the destination country.  After the successful trips, these students presented a paper on their research to a number of textile faculty members, as well as Representatives of ITD and Wake Technical Community College.

The Donghua University Fashion InstituteStudents at the Donghua University Fashion Institute

China has become one of the most important trading partners to the U.S. textile, apparel, and retail industries. Not only has China supplied a huge amount of consumer products to the U.S. market, it also has become a major market for products made in other countries, including the U.S. A growing number of U.S. companies have made efforts to enter the Chinese market through partnership with Chinese companies.

This semester study abroad program is designed to provide the Fashion Textile and Management students with an opportunity to: 1) gain insight into the global business dynamics by visiting both U.S. companies’ operations in China and Chinese local businesses; 2) gain an understanding of Chinese culture to facilitate the appreciation of Chinese consumer behavior and business practices; and 3) network with business professionals for potential internship and employment opportunities.



Gain exposure to one of the world’s more prominent economies while studying the European Union (GEP), accounting (ACC 210), and finance (BUS 320) in Germany.

Germany Summer Program Flier

Follow the steps below to begin planning for your international experience.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss whether studying or interning abroad would be best for your academic major and career path. Think about the timing, summer versus a semester, and how you can stay on track for your anticipated graduation date.
  2. Visit the NCSU Study Abroad web site to browse program opportunities using search criteria such as location, semester, course subjects, and language spoken. If you’re considering an international internship, login to ePACK and click the “Going Global” button on the left side of the page.
  3. If you intend to study abroad for a semester, you must attend one of the general advising sessions offered by the Study Abroad Office.
  4. Once you have a general idea of where and when you would like to go, please contact Heather Lyerly to schedule an advising appointment and begin a course approval form. To see a list of previously approved courses from your intended institution, visit the Transfer Credit Database.

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