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Our Mission

The Wilson College of Textiles Office of Student and Career Services strives to strengthen and empower the textile industry by connecting companies with qualified individuals. The office also provides Wilson College of Textiles students and alumni with lifetime service via high school recruitment, personal and career development, scholarship support, student activities and alumni relations.

Undergraduate and Graduate Recruiting Opportunities


Employer In Virtual Residence (EIVR)

How it Works

Employers will select a day to participate between October 5 and October 16.

Students will sign up for a 1-1 Zoom meeting with you (and members of your team) and will choose from a menu of topics to discuss. Potential topics include the following.

  • Job/internship opportunities
  • Resume/cover letter feedback
  • Mock job interview (you run the student through a practice interview)
  • Informational interview (the student interviews you about your background, career path and career advice)
  • Networking/LinkedIn/job searching tips
  • Career guidance/industry insight during and after the COVID -19 pandemic
  • Information about your company (growth, jobs, internships, innovations, etc.)


  • Sessions will last 20 minutes — and you will know in advance which discussion topics each student has selected.
  • You can also host an optional virtual information session if desired.
  • The Wilson College will maintain the student sign-up list (so you don’t have to).
  • Students will be responsible for scheduling their Zoom call with you, so there will be minimal pre-work for you.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • You will be providing students with the best, most up-to-date insights and advice in a personal (yet virtual) setting.
  • You can identify and develop your talent pipeline for current and future hiring needs.
  • Your company can maintain its branding/visibility on campus (regardless of whether you’re currently recruiting).
  • You can have numerous persons from your organization sign up to participate; they will have their own schedule (or you can do joint Zoom sessions with students if you choose).
  • It’s completely FREE and will only cost you a few hours of time!

Next Steps

  • If you’d like to participate, please use the link below and select a date (and alternate date) between October 5 and October 16.
  • Choose which topics you’re comfortable discussing and sharing with students.
  • You will be kept apprised of your schedule as your selected date approaches and will receive any additional information as needed.


In addition to the career fair, you can also engage with our students via virtual information sessions, presentations, “coffee chats”, interviews and employer/recruiter panels throughout the semester. If you are interested in any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Sackaroff
to get the ball rolling. As always, if you have any job or internship opportunities you’d like to post/discuss, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Looking to hire? 

If your company is looking to hire interns or full-time employees, positions can be posted via ePACK, the online system utilized by the NC State community to bring employers and student talent together.

Looking to Get Involved?

We welcome industry involvement in a variety of ways beyond Career Fair. Please contact us at textiles-career-services@ncsu.edu if any of the following activities are of interest. We’d love to speak with you.

  • Offering a company information session
  • Sponsoring a student or alumni event
  • Serving as a guest speaker in a class or on a career panel

Please direct any questions to Jeff Sackaroff, director of Career Services for the Wilson College of Textiles (jeff_sackaroff@ncsu.edu).