Student Computing

The Wilson College of Textiles provides technology rich learning environments for students in both academic departments. There are open public areas with collaboration spaces, computers, and printers. In addition, there are specialty computer labs for each discipline. From specific engineering and modeling software to fashion and apparel design software, the college puts the industry relevant tools into the student’s hands.

The college also maintains an array of specialty equipment including a traditional textile manufacturing facility, laser cutting facilities, 3D printing and scanning, scanning electron microscopy, apparel design studios and engineering design labs.

Funding for the student learning environments comes from student fee money, state appropriated dollars, and industry collaborations and donations.


My IT – Great information here for all aspects of computing at the university (Rules & Regulations, Email, Antivirus information, etc.)

ResNet Information – Got a computer that you need to use in your dorm room? ResNet’s homepage will get you set up with accurate information and step-by-step How-To’s for just about anything concerning network access in the NCSU Dormitories.