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Facilities Liaisons

This is the full listing of the official Wilson College of Textiles facilities liasons. Please use the facilities request form and do not contact the liasons directly unless there is a true emergency.

  • Kirk Main (Primary Liaison) – Emergency contact 919-515-6831
  • Bryson Keen – Emergency contact 919-515-6626
  • Angelo Corino (The Nonwovens Institute)

Office or Room Painting

Office space is considered University property and must comply with University Policies, Regulations & Rules. Painting of office space will be completed by Facilities Paint Shop. To request painting an office, fill out the request form and include the paint color, room number and account number you want to charge.

A set of university approved colors is available from Sherwin Williams. Anything in the Lights or Whites is approved.


As of August 14th 2017, the College has one part time porter from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday – Friday.

In addition, regular cleaning is performed Sunday through Thursday evenings 5pm – 9pm.

Cleaning Schedules

  • Teaching labs and common areas are done daily
  • Research labs are weekly
  • Office trash is emptied weekly

Hot Work or Burn Permits

How do I obtain a Hot Work permit?

Hot work permits are required for any welding, cutting, torching, brazing, soldering and other related activities. Hot work permits are also required for any grilling or frying on campus. The permit may be obtained from the University Fire Marshal’s Office during normal business hours. Arrangements can be made for emergencies and for jobs needing to be completed during the weekend. For more information about hot work permits, see the Hot Work Program link.