Master of Textile Degree

The objective of the Master of Textiles is to provide on and off-campus students with an opportunity to strengthen their educational background and prepare them for productive careers in the textile supply chain, in research laboratories, in government agencies and in higher education. The Master of Textiles is a non-thesis degree. The program is flexible to accommodate a breadth of student needs. The program can be completed in only two semesters of full-time on campus study. The program is also available entirely via distance education (Textiles Online Programs: TOP) and may be completed on a part time basis. The degree requires 30 credit hours of study with a final oral examination.

Students meet the same requirements as the on campus Master of Textile degree. Students are assigned an advisor and develop a plan of work. TOP students must complete the program within 6 calendar years from the date of the first course in their plan of work.

Students must meet all the rules outlined in the Graduate School Administrative Handbook.

  1. The degree must be completed within 6 years of the date of the first course taken.
  2. Students must be continuously enrolled once their graduate program has begun. Students may request one leave of absence following graduate school guidelines.
  3. A minimum of 30 credit hours is required to complete the degree.
  4. A Plan of Work is required.
  5. No Graduate Committee is required; only an Adviser.
  6. No more than 6 credit hours independent study courses, TT/TTM 630, are allowed on the plan of work.
  7. No minor can be declared.
  8. No more than 2 credit hours of TT/TTM 601 Departmental Seminar are allowed on the plan of work (on-campus only; students opting for completion in 2 consecutive semesters can waive this requirement with departmental approval).
  9. Normally no more than 9 credit hours of supporting courses from outside the department are allowed on the plan of work. This may be increased to 12 hours for students taking 6-credit hour classes in the College of Design.
  10. Up to 12 credit hours of relevant courses taken as post baccalaureate studies (PBS) at NCSU may be included in the program with the approval of the student’s adviser.
  11. All course work must be at the 500 level or above. However, up to 3 credit hours of advanced undergraduate 400 level coursework from outside of the department.

The Master of Textiles is administered by:
Dr. Yingjiao Xu
Textile & Apparel Technology & Management Department
Box 8301
Raleigh, NC 27659-8301
Telephone: (919) 515-1858
Fax: (919) 515-3733