Programs and Services

The Office of Student Services, which is funded entirely by the North Carolina Textile Foundation, conducts a comprehensive high school recruiting program, oversees the placement of graduates each year and administers more than 200 annual scholarships.

The only office of its kind at the university, Student Services operates solely to meet the needs of students. Almost one-fourth of textile students receive some form of financial assistance. The Foundation’s Scholarship program has four components:

      • NCTF Centennial Scholarships: Named to honor the college’s 100th anniversary, these are the top scholarships awarded by the NC Textile Foundation. Centennial scholarships provide a minimum of $15,000 per year for four years. Centennials are awarded to incoming freshmen on the basis of academic achievement in high school, proven and potential leadership qualities, involvement in extracurricular activities and unique life experiences. The scholarship also provides $7,500 as a special enrichment fund that may be used for study abroad, leadership programs, career explorations or other approved enrichment activities. All Centennial Scholars take part in a unique honors class offered during the first year.
      • NCTF Scholarships: A four-year scholarship with a $5,000 annual award. This scholarship is given to those students who are finalists and the next highest ranked candidates for the Centennial Scholarship.
      • NCTF Prestige Scholarships: Offered to the next highest-ranking candidates who were not awarded Centennial or NCTF scholarships, Prestige scholars are awarded $2,500 per year for four years.
      • NCTF Merit Graduate Fellowships: Fellowships for graduate students provide graduate students with up to $10,000 per year to support their teaching and research and to cover the costs of health insurance.

All scholarships are based solely on merit and do not consider financial need as part of the selection process.