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2014 NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium

2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium
2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Undergraduate research is not only important to NC State as a research extensive university, but also to the faculty of TECS who split their time between teaching, research and service. In working with undergraduate researchers, TECS faculty guide students in conducting research which then helps them develop skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and teamwork. As you will read in the Undergrad Research Highlights, sometimes this can even change their career path.

The 2014 Annual NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on Monday, April 14th at the McKimmon Center. The Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science boasted posters from 8 undergraduate students that were mentored by TECS faculty over the past year. Two of these students, Kristi Barnes and Lara Funke, gave winning presentations.

Read more about the students’ experience as undergraduate researchers in our Undergrad Research Highlights.

Read their abstracts on pages 125 to 128 of the Undergraduate Research Symposium Abstract Book.

2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium
(L to R): Ankesh Madan, Christian Evaro, Grace Wright, Catherine Ambrose