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19th Annual AATS Fashion Exposé Brings Simplicity with a Twist

Model on runway

On Thursday, April 7,  the African American Textile Society presented the 19th Annual AATS Fashion Exposé in Talley Ballroom on NC State’s Main Campus.  The 2016 show featured 18 Wilson College of Textiles student designers and tens of models who walked the runway wearing the unique designs that focused on the present.  This generation of designers are revolutionizing what fashion means today. They ditched extravagant patterns and began featuring monochromatic color schemes in their wardrobes. They took fashion back to simplicity, but with a twist.

See photos from the 19th Annual AATS Fashion Exposé.

The show is the longest running, student design competition on NC State’s campus. The  production began in 1997 and served as an outlet for students to showcase their design capabilities while competing for minimal scholarship funds. The show evolved from its initial beginnings in the College of Textile’s Convocation Center to a full scale production now held in the 1,500 seat Talley Ballroom.

Participants were:


  • Kaitlin Schreiner & Lauren Rosenwinkel – Category Winners
  • Jessica Crabtree & Marisa Pridgen
  • Evita Mensah
  • Jordan Stokes
  • Forest Tomlin
  • Emma Wang
  • Eleanor Yeh

Intermediate and Beyond:

  • Jiayin Li – Category Winner
  • Anna Beth Gawarecki
  • Miranda Goode
  • Fatisha Harris
  • Caitlin Hill
  • Jessica Parker
  • Rysa Ruth
  • Jacob Shindler
  • Sabrina Talso