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Textiles Tutoring Center Aids Student Success

Textile tutoring center

By Michelle Kerstein

Students at the Wilson College of Textiles have access to an excellent resource that can help them achieve academic success and feel confident in class: the Textiles Tutoring Center. Located above the Atrium at Wilson College in Room 3280, students have easy access to tutors with a knowledge of all types of material. This resource, funded jointly by the Office of Academic, Career and Student Services and the Dean’s Office, is free to students. Meggie Metcalf, Textiles Tutoring Center coordinator, explains everything students need to know to take advantage of the services available.

What classes are covered in tutoring?

Each tutor can help with textiles and non-textiles classes (i.e. Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Statistics, etc.) The courses that each tutor supports can be found on our website.

When is the tutoring center open?

The center is open Monday-Thursday 3:00pm- 6:30pm. It is not open during final exams or during the summer.

Who are the tutors?

We have seven peer tutors covering both academic departments [TATM and TECS]. Their names, photos, and majors are on the website to make identifying them in the center easier.

How does tutoring work?

All tutoring in the Textiles Tutoring Center is drop-in; when students arrive they should sign in on the iPad and then locate the tutor they are there to see. If they aren’t sure which tutor can help them, they can speak with any of the tutors to help determine the best person to ask their questions to.

Why should students go to tutoring?

Tutors can help explain confusing material in new ways or provide suggestions for ways to approach different courses. They may also be able to help you locate additional resources that you can use for different classes. Tutors cannot do your homework for you, but they can help you clarify what you don’t understand so you can find the solution on your own.

How is the Textiles Tutoring Center different from the University Tutorial Center and other tutoring services?

The Wilson College of Textiles Tutoring Center is staffed by peer tutors who are textiles students. This is important because they approach their courses differently than students in other majors, which can often help when they are supporting peers in their understanding of material. Receiving tutoring for math or physics from a textiles student may be more helpful than receiving tutoring from math or physics majors, simply in their approach to the material and ability to apply it to textiles problems or ideas. Another great perk of the Textiles Tutoring Center is that it is located right here in Wilson College. Students who are on Centennial Campus in the afternoons can just walk upstairs to the tutoring center for help.

While there are many tutoring programs around campus for specific subjects, there are no other tutoring services on a college-wide level. The Textiles Tutoring Center is a truly unique resource at NC State that is helping future textile professionals thrive in the classroom.