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Dean’s Page Alumna: Amanda Gregory ’19, PCC, American and Efird

Amanda Gregory

By Ngoc Nguyen

Amanda Gregory ’19

Degree: B.S., polymer and color chemistry

Current position/employer: dyehouse systems manager at American and Efird

Dean’s page: January 2017 – May 2019

Tell us about your current role:

I work at the Dyeing and Finishing Plant at American and Efird where we manufacture thread. At my plant, we dye the thread, finish it and wind it for a whole range of applications for our customers from embroidery thread and sewing thread all the way to the thread used in Wilson footballs. We dye it all — a large part of what we do is formulate new colors and improve our products to cater to our customers needs. In my specific role as the systems manager, I maintain and fix the various systems we have that run the dyehouse. I work a lot with our maintenance and engineering guys as we collaborate on issues we have. It is honestly not at all what I imagined myself doing but I love it and it is a great fit for me. It involves a lot of problems solving which is something I’ve always been good at.

I got my job by researching all the different companies coming to the career fair and the jobs they had available. Elevate Textiles is a huge brand that encompasses a couple different companies and I liked what I saw when I researched them and the jobs they had available. 

Amanda Gregory in marching band

Other NC State/Wilson College activities:

I was heavily involved with the Marching Band and Music Department. Ever since middle school, that has kind of been my escape from the day to day of school work, which as we all know can become a lot if you don’t allow yourself time away from it. I got SO many cool opportunities being in the Marching Band and Pep Band from traveling to games, seeing a side of game day many don’t get to see and truly being a part of the experience that people come to see when they are at games. It was a lot of work and a lot of time but I made so many great friends and it was just my thing. 

Marching band

Looking back, what was it like being a dean’s page?

Being a dean’s page was honestly one of the best parts of my college experience as it afforded me so many opportunities I would not have had otherwise. And now that I am out in the “real world” working in Industry, I am even more thankful for everything being a dean’s page has taught me. I got to know many of the professors who work at the Wilson College as well as a lot of the staff. I was a part of projects and events around the college, most specifically the naming of the Wilson College of Textiles. Being a dean’s page taught me how to be a working professional in terms of writing emails, answering the phone, talking to people and handling situations of all types. These are seemingly basic tasks that a lot of young professionals aren’t taught how to do anymore. There is a lot to be said for someone nowadays who can have a productive professional conversation on the phone. I’d say all in all my favorite thing about my time as a dean’s page was the people I got to know because of it and the relationships I now have.

Amanda Gregory

What did you take away from the Dean’s Page Program that helped you in your current position?

The Dean’s Page Program taught me how to be a young professional. I could have done it on my own but not nearly as successfully. In my last year, I was the head page and I got to manage a group of people at the most basic level and I am a manager now in my current position. That experience helped me to get my current role and the things I learned have helped carry me over into my day-to-day role now. 

What advice do you have for those who are new dean’s pages or interested in becoming one?

The Dean’s Page Program is a unique opportunity that many people do not have in their respective colleges so take advantage of it. Throughout college and even now, I always told people, ‘If you can have a student job within your college where you can get to know the people and work there why wouldn’t you do it?’ Having a job is one thing but one where you can actually learn and grow professionally and personally with the people that work at your college is even better!

What is the funniest time or most interesting experience you had as a dean’s page?

My most interesting experience was folding what seemed like THOUSANDS of t-shirts for the Wilson College naming event and all of the various tasks I did for that day. I would spend hours after classes in the weeks before that event folding shirts and just when I thought I was done MORE would arrive. I can now add professional t-shirt folder to my resume along with all the other things I learned as a page. But seriously, it was really cool to be a part of the team that helped make that event happen.