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Wilson College Doctoral Students Named Provost’s Fellowship Recipients

Centennial Campus Bridge

By Debbie Willmschen

NC State Wilson College of Textiles congratulates the following 2021-2022 Provost’s Fellowship recipients who intend to pursue doctoral degrees in fiber and polymer science (FPS) or textile technology management (TTM) this fall: Wenna Han, Sara Lewis Hood, Ummay Mowshome Jahan, Nur-Us-Shafa Mazumder and Seonyoung Youn.

Through opportunities like the Provost’s Fellowship — a one-year stipend specifically for incoming doctoral students — Wilson College continues to support students by providing incentives to become part of the innovative research and teaching excellence offered here.

“The Wilson College of Textiles attracts highly-talented and motivated students from around the world,” said Professor Yingjiao Xu, director of Ph.D. programs. “These students are dedicated to advancing textiles research and applications to enhance the quality of life for all and are a great match for the Wilson College programs.”

For this year’s Wilson College recipients, the Provost’s Fellowship goes beyond obvious financial benefits. For some students, it provides peace of mind and the ability to center their attention on their research. For others, the fellowship gives a sense of purpose and lets them spend time honing critical skills while studying at Wilson College.

But a common thread connecting all of this year’s Wilson College Provost’s Fellowship recipients is their excitement about beginning their journey with the Wolfpack this fall:

  • Wenna Han (TTM) plans to research consumer behavior and looks forward to further pursuing interests from her Master of Science in Textiles program, which she completed at Wilson College. “With the Provost’s Fellowship, I can now focus on my research and study without financial concern,” said Han. “It is an honor and encourages me to dedicate my effort to my doctoral work.” 
  • Sara Lewis Hood (TTM), whose primary areas of interest include consumer behavior and sustainability, is grateful to be continuing her journey with Wilson College as a doctoral student. “Exploring new ideas, diving further into different subject areas and allowing myself the freedom to be curious has always brought me joy,” said Hood. “The Provost’s Fellowship provides me the opportunity to continue working alongside and learning from some of the brightest minds in the field of apparel and textiles.”
  • Ummay Mowshome Jahan (FPS) is interested in conducting research on developing biomaterials for various biomedical applications. “I am grateful for the support and to be continuing my research at the diverse and quality facilities of Wilson College,” said Jahan.
  • Nur-Us-Shafa Mazumder (FPS) plans to work on solving problems related to the functionality and sustainability of textile materials. He also considers the higher goals that come with the honor of receiving the award. “Any award is a personal investment,” said Mazumder. “Someone is investing in me, which now comes with the responsibility for me to produce great work during my doctoral study. The Provost’s Fellowship allows me to concentrate totally on my research, which is a wonderful opportunity for an entering doctoral student.”
  • Seonyoung Youn (FPS) will focus on conduct convergence and integration research. “This scholarship reduces the financial burden so that I can concentrate on my studies,” said Youn. “I hope that my research ultimately contributes positively to society. And I am excited to work with the prestigious professors in the well-known Wilson College facilities.”

Only doctoral students are eligible to receive the Provost’s Fellowship, which is designed to help recruit outstanding new doctoral students to campus. Prospective students cannot apply directly for these fellowships but, instead, are nominated by the college.

“The Provost’s Fellowship is an honor that reflects our students’ strong academic qualifications as well as the commitment of NC State and Wilson College to help them reach their full potential for success,” said Pamela McCauley, associate dean for academic programs, diversity, equity and inclusion. “We look forward to seeing how they will transform the world of textiles.”