Nomination Process for University Faculty Scholar Award


Award recipients receive a permanent increase to their base salary and will retain the title of University Faculty Scholar for the duration of their appointment at NC State.

The Wilson College of Textiles will submit two candidates for the Fall 2019 award period.


Nominations are limited to:

  • Assistant professors who have been reappointed for a second term
  • All associate professors
  • Full professors within the first three years of appointment at that rank
  • Faculty members who were nominated but not named University Faculty Scholars in previous years and are still eligible may be re-nominated by their college
  • No one may receive the award twice


  • Significant Achievement Appropriate to Rank in Research/Scholarship, Teaching and/or Extension/Engagement/Service:
  • (Examples in categories below are not exhaustive)
    • Research/Scholarship: Productivity in research, creative activity, external funding, publications and presentations which are relevant to the discipline and recognized locally, nationally and internationally.
    • Teaching: Excellence in teaching, course and program improvement, advising, undergraduate and graduate student mentoring, and participation in other activities that enhance the development of students; recognition for teaching at university or national level.
    • Extension/Engagement/Service: Leadership in extension, public service, and contributions to professional societies; assistance and advice to industry, business, government and other educational institutions; campus service which has an impact on the institution.


  • Each department head will solicit qualified nominations from the faculty in their department. Departments may determine their own internal procedures for selecting their nominees.
  • The department head will make the final decision and submit up to two nominations to the dean.
  • The dean will review and approve the nominations and submit the final recommendation to the Provost and University Faculty Scholars Committee.
  • Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by a colleague.
  • The candidate’s nomination package to the dean must include:
    • Current CV, current SME/SFR, summary statement of teaching evaluations (maximum 25 pages total)
    • Faculty with significant extension responsibilities – impact statement describing how their service philosophy and activities impact the extension community (1 page)
    • Letter of nomination from a colleague other than the department head addressing the nominee’s qualifications and potential (maximum 2 pages)
    • Letter of support from the nominee’s department head (maximum 2 pages)
  • The college’s nomination package should include all items listed above from the candidate’s nomination package as well as:
    • Letter from the dean supporting the nomination at the university level (maximum 2 pages)
  • The letters of support should not only address the nominee’s qualifications but should also provide sufficient information that will help the Provost’s Administrative Advisory Committee evaluate the nominee’s leadership potential in the context of her or his appointment across the realms of responsibility.
  • Additional details can be found on the process website: