Special Topic Information Sessions

The Wilson College of Textiles offers a variety of options to connect with us. Explore our special topic information sessions and connect with current students, faculty and alumni. These topics are just a sampling of how interdisciplinary the textile industry is.

Students use the Hunt Library. Photo by Marc Hall
STEP Alumni Session: Are you interested in learning more about our the STEP experience? Hear from current students and alumni who have attended STEP as their share the story of its impact on them! RegisterFebruary 185:30 p.m. EST
Medical and Technical Textiles: Learn about some of the exciting medical and technical textile innovations happening in the college and the textile industry. RegisterFebruary 235:30 pm. EST
A Career in Law: Ever thought about a career in law? Talk with some of our alumni who pursued a Juris Doctorate and work in law and how their undergraduate experience exposed them to different sectors of law and have enhanced their professional career.March 234:30 p.m. EST

Questions? Contact: Jaquan Scott (jdscott3@ncsu.edu)