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First-Year Experience

Laying a foundation of design education and community for FTD cohorts

This year-long program immerses incoming fashion and textile design (FTD) students in the fundamentals of design and the creative process. They learn design, language, elements, principles and theory. They’re taught to be purposeful about their concept, context, material and process. They become accustomed to the critique process and learn to design within constraints. In other words, they learn how to think like designers. 

Projects focusing on color, shape and form help them begin to apply this newly honed way of thinking to textiles and apparel. Throughout these projects, student designers familiarize themselves with studio methods, practices and equipment. 

First-year studio classes only have one section and are only open to first-year FTD students, which allows these new students to build community and trust

Layered on top of this design education is an understanding of the materials students will use during their time here. In TT 105, first-year students learn about the structure of and production methods for fabrics, yarns and fibers. It’s part of the comprehensive apparel education that makes them more competitive upon graduation.