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Wilson College of Textiles Graduation Checklist

Apply for graduation

Undergraduates must apply for spring 2023 graduation by February 6, 2023. Contact your advisor after this date.

If you have any red X’s appearing in your degree audit, address them with your academic advisor immediately.

If you are taking a course at another institution that counts for graduation here, email a copy of your course schedule (must include your name, the name of the institution and your enrolled course) to Selina Williams |

If you plan to use a grade exclusion, request it through MyPack Portal prior to submitting your graduation application.

Graduate Students must apply for graduation by March 22, 2023.

Check your privacy settings

If you have a full privacy block on your student account, your name will not be printed in the university program.

Privacy settings and Diploma Name must be updated by March 24, 2023.