2016 TATM Student Interns

During Summer 2016, many TATM students experienced the “real world of industry” with valuable internship experiences. Students both undergraduate and graduate were able to experience:

  • Design (Aesthetics, functional, technical, “expressive” – tie to brands)
  • Product development
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing (brand marketing)
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Brand development
  • Marketing Communications and Public Relations

Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree Concentration Key:

  • FTD – Fashion and Textile Design
    • FD – Fashion Design
    • TD – Textile Design
  • FTM – Fashion and Textile Management
    • TBMM – Textile Brand Management and Marketing
    • FDPM – Fashion Development and Product Management
  • TT – Textile Technology (includes Anni Albers Scholars)

To view student profiles:

Julia Barry, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Adidas Group, Division: Fashion Collaboration, New York City, NY
Title: Sales and Marketing intern
Ms. Barry
Julia Barry

The major highlights of my job responsibilities included: Attending and reviewing appointments, rotating between sales reps and marketing team while offering assistance, visual merchandising and up keeping showrooms, reading and transferring article numbers to PDF files for buyer’s orders, prepping sales reps for meetings, research current editorials and features on fashion collaboration Adidas. The key project(s) I completed included: Women’s market, Men’s Market, Fashion Collaboration Editorials of summer 2016, Marketing Project on “the fashion collab adidas consumer”. Some of the main concepts I learned were: advanced business savvy and experience, visual merchandising technique, sales technique, insight into the consumer, teamwork, and hard work. Some of the major opportunities provided were: I had the chance to attend hundreds of buying meetings during market and meet and build invaluable relationships with contacts from some of the most relative and trendy brands. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: I learned a lot about marketing and sales and what it takes to keep up a brand image. Everything we did, from the way we set up the showroom to the way we described our product was all coordinated in alliance with the brand image we were trying to emit. I learned a lot through this experience.


Kelsey Boole, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Division: Retail, SouthPark Mall, Charlotte, NC
Title: Retail Development Intern
Kelsey Boole

This past summer I completed an internship with Ralph Lauren at South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC. I really enjoyed working for Ralph Lauren as I have never had any experience working for such a large, international clothing company.

The major highlights of my job included keeping the shop clean, maintaining a flow for the clothing, studying how things sold in different areas of the store as well as following the Ralph Lauren directives to make the shop up to their standards. Our daily weeks started with looking at the sales sheets and comparing them to previous years, goals as well as comparing them to competitor’s sales, such as Vineyard Vines. We would then work on cleaning up the shop after it was picked over by shoppers and then see if there were any sales we had to change. While working in a department store such as Belk where so many sales are always occurring, this was very time consuming.

The main highlights of my internship was understanding how such a prestigious and high quality company such as Ralph Lauren should be presented to the customer and all that it takes for that to happen. For example, some of the main concepts I learned was how to appeal to customers in a mall when you are surrounded by other competing shops. Since Ralph Lauren is known for their high quality and good standards, it takes a lot to keep a flagship shop, like the one in SouthPark, clean and appealing. Outposts are very important to drive sales in a mall setting. The typical Ralph Lauren outpost consisted of classic mesh polos arranged in a “jellybean” style. This is when the colors are randomly arranged all over the table. Another important thing we learned was how observe Ralph Lauren’s sales compared to the previous year and the goals. During this tough time for retail we unusually made the goal, but it was interesting to see how sales increased as we rearranged the store and drove sales.

Some of the main projects the other intern, Sophie, and I worked on was going to other Ralph Lauren departments and keeping their shop up to date. Over the course of our internship, we traveled to three other Ralph Lauren shops, which included Belk in Carolina Place Mall (Charlotte), Belk in Hanes Mall (Winston-Salem), as well as Belk in Friendly Center (Greensboro). These were not easy projects. These sometimes took two days to complete, but it was always rewarding to see the hard work pay off and to see the shop looking perfect!

I am used to working in a small boutique in Raleigh, where you are free to set up the shop as you please in addition to many other things. It was different to work for a huge retail company. I understood what regulations they have and standards. It was also a really interesting time to work for Ralph Lauren as the company is undergoing so many changes. With their new CEO being hired, Stefan Larsson, the company is changing their production time, removing inventory and hiring new staff. I am really interested to see what new products and styles they come out with and how they become more innovative as a company.

I am very happy I completed my internship with Ralph Lauren. I truly did learn so much about the marketing and retail of the company. This also related a lot to my degree as I got a better understanding of all the parts of the Ralph Lauren supply chain. I got the chance to visit the distribution center in Greensboro, NC and see where some of the product is kept and how it worked. I also got a chance to sit in a seminar, which allowed me to understand how something like that is arranged and what it entails. I feel like I am much more confident with my knowledge of textiles as I am entering my senior year!

Jane Boyce, BS, TT
Concentration: Supply Chain
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Account Services Division, Greensboro, NC
Title: Vertical Account Services Intern
Ralph Lauren intern Jane Boyce
Jane Boyce

As an Account Services Intern, I primarily managed the end to end order processing of the 2016 United States Tennis Association Retail Store project. This involved running daily allocation, inbound, and shipping reports to track product as it was received in the DC, allocated to our orders, picked and packed in the warehouse, and then shipped to the on-site tournament store at USTA. These daily reports were analyzed to ensure that all product was allocating 100% to the tournament store as quickly as possible. I also assisted in supporting the analysts and management staff within Account Services with their daily tasks, projects, reports, and initiatives while learning about inner-workings of the RL Account Services department as a whole. Some day-to-day responsibilities included the following: Running, formatting, and publishing BI and ECC Shipping and ETA reports for USTA orders; communicating delays impacting delivery to the Special Projects team and Retail buyers; working with Retail Buyers and Planners to reconcile and confirm USTA PO confirmations against contracts; monitoring inbound allocations and deliveries to ensure that USTA-RLS on-site tournament store received as close to 100% fill0-rate as possible; working with DC Operational Special Projects partners to submit special waves for each USTA concept once product became available.

During this internship, I learned about and worked with numerous areas within the Ralph Lauren business model, including Buying, Production, Transportation, Supply Chain, Operations, Sales, and Merchandising. There was a direct exposure to each division within the intercompany sector of the corporation, and this fostered a well-developed understanding of the end-to-end process of Retail order management. In addition, managing my USTA project allowed me to gain valuable experience in fully owning and carrying out a high visibility project from beginning to end. I had the opportunity to network within the number of departments of the company. I met with and had valuable time spent with several executives, all of which gave inspiring and informative speeches on leadership, success, and the importance of teamwork. In addition to this, I had the opportunity to sit in on a video conference call with Ralph Lauren and Stefan Larsson, the new RL CEO. During this video presentation, Stefan spoke about the changes being made to the company and how they would affect the company long-term. It was a great experience to be an intern during the restructuring of this company, which involved becoming more consumer-centric, as well as adopting some Fast Fashion business strategies to decrease turn-around times. Ultimately, every day offered an opportunity that fostered my development within the industry.

Erin Doran, Master of Science – Textiles
Internship Site: Patagonia, Division: Repair Department and Distribution Center, Reno, NV
Title: Technical Construction and Repair Intern
Ms. Doran
Erin Doran

While working at Patagonia, I got the opportunity to learn a great deal about design and production through repairing and analyzing outdoor garments. Having opportunities such as attending a waste reduction in pattern making workshop at the Patagonia head quarters in Ventura and meeting a variety of department managers and designers, I was able to see the entire lifecycle of a garment, from concept to prototype, to production, and finally to repair or recycling. In this internship, I learned not only how to repair products, including alpine garments, fly fishing waders and luggage, but I also gained invaluable knowledge about designing for repairability and the relationship dynamics between quality, repairs, and design. My background in sewing using industrial machinery as well as fabric and pattern making knowledge gained at NCSU allowed me to excel in this internship. One day I hope to apply this knowledge in sustainable, outdoor and athletic products.




Zihan Dou, BS, FTM
Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Line Soul Fashion CO., LTD, Division: Design Department, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Title: Design Assistant
Ms. dou
Zihan Dou

My major job responsibility was assisting the designers to organize the new arrival information profiles and fix the small details of each outfit. Also, I helped with the new arrival photo shoots and styling. The major opportunity I had was participating in Line Soul’s Fall and Winter Conference and working with all the staff for the fashion show. The knowledge gained from my class work helped me understand the structure of garments and most of the terminologies. Even though we don’t speak English in China, I will immediately figure out what that term means or what the designer was trying to say. In Addition, the knowledge of different sewing machine operations helped me when I tried to repair some fine details and interacted with staff.


Megan Edwards, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Nordstrom, Division: Dresses Department, Durham, NC
Title: Retail Management Intern
Ms. Edwards
Megan Edwards

My time as an intern was split between shadowing my manager and learning her routine throughout the day to keep the department running smoothly and being on the sales floor selling and building relationships with the customers.

The interns were mainly in charge of set up and organization of product for the anniversary sale. We informed other store associates on our product to make sure we could reach our volume goal for the three weeks of the sale. We also presented a project on how to reduce costs within the store to the department managers to show our understanding of budgeting and how to cost effectively run a department store.

Some of the main concepts I learned were about merchandising product within the different departments of Nordstrom by complying with the visual standards from corporate but also being able to put in my own opinion for how product should be displayed. I learned how the process works for sending items to Nordstrom rack or back to online from returns through shadowing my assistant manager and learning her daily routine. We also learned a lot about leadership development through classes/workshops we participated in from the store manager to build our understanding of the Nordstrom culture and the management lifestyle.

Some of the major opportunities provided were we got to meet Jamie Nordstrom, one of the Nordstrom brothers, and do a question and answer session with him when he came for the regional meeting at our store. We got to participate in anniversary sale preparation, which is the stores biggest sale of the year. We also got a chance to see what management looks like at Nordstrom Rack and spent a day there learning the difference between the two outlets.

I learned a lot about what it takes to be a manager in the retail business. Managing all the brands in the dresses department including merchandising the product, making sure the shipments were arriving and put on the floor in the morning, making sure markdowns were completed and moved on the floor were all a part of my daily routine. I learned a lot of visual merchandising as well as brand management through Nordstrom and all the individual brands as well.

Madison Farrior, BS, FTD
Concentration: Textile Design
Internship Site: Eileen Fisher, New York, NY
Title: Design Intern
Ms. Farrior
Madison Farrior

Interning at Eileen Fisher at their NYC Headquarters, was an extremely valuable experience. One of the great things about this internship is that you get to rotate between teams within the Design Department. Every day I got to work with a different team such as: Color, Fabric, Wovens, Sweaters, etc. I got to experience how each team works differently and how they work collaboratively for an overall cause. They also assigned us a design project and an separate intern project to work on throughout the duration of the internship. You get to thoroughly help each team with their individual projects and actually do hands on creative work like re-coloring prints, assisting in the creation of color palettes, and creating technical flats on Illustrator . Other great highlights include: interns are invited to sit in on major design and merchandising meetings, smaller meetings related to sustainability and other causes, and also attend “Lunch & Learn”s wherein interns listen to different teams present about their role within the company.

They also offer great fashion and textile opportunities, like the chance to travel to their Irvington location and attend company functions, visiting the Irvington employee teams which include technical design and sample making, and also attending the Premiere Vision fabric show. There’s also a chance to visit their distribution center in New Jersey and learn about the production side of their company.

This is a great opportunity for a Fashion and Textile Design major. Specifically as a textile designer who’s interested in working in fashion, this internship gives you a real life look at how both fashion design and textile design come together to create beautiful clothes, season after season. You also will get to apply learned skills to the projects that you complete throughout the internship which is really valuable. Overall you’ll learn how a large fashion company operates through new and innovative initiatives that combine business and creativity.

Jake Froelich, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Guilford Performance Textiles, Division: Apparel, Wilmington, NC.
Title: Specailty Intern
Mr. Froelich
Jake Froelich (back center)

Working for Guilford Performace Textiles I directly reported to Lindsay Money in the apparel sales department. The bigger clients that we work with at Guilford in apparel sales are Nike and Under Armour. I focused a lot of my time on the Nike fabrics, looking at pricing of the materials in relation to yarn content, yarn prices, and past and future forecasted prices. One major opportunity I had during my time this summer was to tour, as well as work two full days, the Kenansville, NC factory of Guilford. This factory is primarily used for industrial fabric manufacturing and I assisted in fabric lamentation and sample creation for two days. As that was a more technical experience, I also have had the opportunity to help prepare the team for the Outdoor Retailer trade show in August. I would say that my internship experience was a branch out from my concentration. It was more technical focused and I dealt with the fabric and materials side of the textile industry more so than the business aspect. I think that the exposure to a textile mill was something that put a lot of what I have learned in classes into perspective. I fully believe it should be incorporated into every textile majors curriculum. My summer internship was an unforgettable experience and something I would not have been able to do without the help of the Wilson College of Textiles and the Career Center.


Allie Gardner, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Peter Millar, LLC, Division: Design, Raleigh, NC
Title: Photoshoot Production Intern
Alexandra Gardner
Alexandra Gardner

As a photoshoot production intern with Peter Millar, most of my time was spent at the photoshoot studio as well as the Raleigh office. I worked closely with the women’s design specialist, photographer, and stylist. Some of my major job responsibilities included receiving and checking in samples from the Durham office, steaming and prepping clothing to be shot or styled, attending sales meetings, scanning fabrics, taking notes, organizing inventory by style number and color, or running various errands for my boss. The key project I assisted in completing was the creation of the Spring 2017 line book for their Crown, Crown Sport, Collection, and Women’s Lines. Throughout the summer, I was able to witness the majority of the design process for their Spring 2017 line: from the original design sketches, to picking color stories and fabric swatches, to steaming the final product. It was a wonderful experience that taught me a lot about the Textile Industry. I met a lot of influential people during this internship, especially at the sales meetings. This internship relates to my degree on various levels. I used my knowledge from all of my FTM classes to gain a better understanding of the industry and how products are created and marketed, which really applied to my internship with Peter Millar. This was truly a wonderful and educational experience.

Jose Hazael Gonzalez, Master of Textiles
Internship Site: The North Face, Division: Store Operations Department, Alameda, CA
Title: Intern
Mr. Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez

A “Seamless D2C Omnichannel” project is the assignment I worked on for the duration of my internship. I worked under the Retail Store Operations Department but cross-channeled between the Marketing, E-commerce and Finance departments frequently. The ultimate goal was to formulate a proposal for an innovative direct-to-consumer strategy which also pushed me to visit the surrounding stores in the Bay Area including flagship, regular full price and outlet stores to collect data from DM’s, store managers and their team as well as consumers directly.

Two fascinating projects I was a part of from the first day I arrived was a revamping of the flagship store on Post Street in San Francisco and the opening of a specialty store with an “Urban Exploration” concept in Jackson Square, also in San Francisco. Through the lens of the retail store operations department, I was exposed all the back of the house work done from inventory control to every day communications between headquarters and individual stores.

My experience with The North Face allowed me to use market research and strategic planning skills to bring about one possible solution to the multiple customer-focused components the brand has to offer through their marketing and distribution channels.

Erin Gustafson, BS, FTD
Concentration: Textile Design
Internship Site: Eastern Accents, Division: Design, Chicago, IL
Title: Design Intern
Ms. Gustafson
Erin Gustafson (third from left)

The major highlights of my job responsibilities include assisting the designers in whatever help they may need. This can range between creating trim and swatch cards to distribute to other departments within the company, cutting fabrics from written spec sheets, creating design files on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, laser cutting, assisting in selecting coordinating fabrics and trims for a main fabric, unpacking and shelving new fabrics, block printing, and creating mood boards for photography inspiration.

Throughout my internship, I worked primarily with the Design Department but interacted with all areas of the company. Because Eastern Accents sources its fabrics from around the world, I had the opportunity to meet with many representatives from the textile industry, and view a wide variety of on-trend fabrics. I also was fortunate enough to meet Thom Felicia, a major interior designer who the company has partnered with to create his line of luxurious bedding and accessories, and observe the making of his marketing video, as well as help make a few of the featured accessories.

One of the key projects I completed was to design and create a new collection of pillows to be introduced to Studio 773, which will potentially be selected and sold in a future line. I also assisted in the completion of a large order of kilim pillows for Room & Board and assembled several cohesive fabric groupings for consideration by Frontgate representatives for development into bedding collections.

I have greatly increased my knowledge of the textile industry from this internship. Not only did I learn how the entire process works from selection of fabrics and product development, to pricing, packaging, showtime, and selling, but also learned the specific criteria the designers use in selection of fabrics for a line and many different fabric treatments and manipulations. As a student majoring in Textile Design, it was highly beneficial to see the company’s different connections with their clients; because, each client has a specific target market with which the designers must understand and cater to. Also, I was able to see the importance of trial and error in designing a collection and learn the fast pace that one must work in order to stay on top of multiple projects at once. Communication is also key, as you must be able to reiterate designs to different departments within the factory, including people whose first language is not always English.

Overall my internship at Eastern Accents was a truly cultivating experience and I’m excited because they’ve invited me to come to their show in High Point this October to see how everything we’ve been working on comes together.

Lilah Halbkat, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Low and Bonar, Asheville, NC- Building and Industrial Sector
Title: Sales and Marketing Intern
Lilah Halbkat
Lilah Halbkat

I completed a 7 week internship with Low and Bonar, an international textile company with a U.S. base in Asheville, NC. The company makes specialized nonwoven and woven products using many different synthetic polymers for various building, industrial and sport applications. During my internship at Low and Bonar I learned technical skills regarding the company’s building and industrial products. My main project was a month long market analysis about a new product idea resulting in a presentation to the B&I team in Asheville and remotely to those in Europe. I and had the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facilities at the Asheville plant as well as see the textile engineering lab. It was very interesting for me to see how the textile classes I have taken apply to the real textile industry. I felt like I had a great advantage due to my prior knowledge about manufacturing, fiber and polymer types. As I was a Sales and Marketing intern, it wasn’t all based on technical knowledge. I attended meetings and business lunches with customers and inner company executives from around the world. I couldn’t have had an internship more related to my degree and concentration. I was able to use both my technical knowledge when deciding what existing products could work with new applications, and my business and marketing knowledge to complete market analysis and help with the development of a potential new product. Skills learned in textile technology courses about basic fiber knowledge, textile based units of weight and measure and polymer science, as well as FTM marketing courses were very helpful to me during this experience.

Jessica Harrington, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Trunk Club DC, Washington, D.C.
Title: Sales/Styling Intern
Jessica Harrington

As a Trunk Club Intern there were 3 things every week we were focusing on, the most important being reaching our sales goal. We also were split up into two teams and had a project we worked on throughout. Lastly we worked 2 shifts of sales support a week, which are the people who support the stylist.

As a sales/ stylist intern we had to bring in our own clientele to reach our sales goal. So this internship really helped me with my people skills and being confident in my knowledge of the fashion industry. We also shadowed more tenured stylists and assisted them in their daily work such as making phone calls and sending emails to clients, as well as packing trunks and shadowing appointments.

The project topic we were assigned was to come up with an idea for a Custom Clothes event, and then the top two ideas would be chosen. From there we were split up into teams and were to hold the event come the end of the internship.

Some of the highlights of the internship for me was having the VP of Merchandising come to our office twice, and the interns even got to have discussion with him. The VP of Member Experience visited as well. We also would hold product meetings every other week and one of the weeks the co-founder of Sol Angeles came and spoke to us.

I think the class that helped me the most was FTM 219 because he helped me understand a lot of terminology that comes into play when looking out how clothes fit on someone and if/what type of alterations are needed. I think every brand student should take it. I think a big take away from the internship was if you want to be a personal stylist you have to want to be a salesperson, because you are responsible for building your book of business.

Fatisha Harris, BS, FTM
Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Managment
Internship Site: Telecommuting/work from home for Welspun’s Smart Textiles division
Title: Smart Textiles Intern
Ms. Harris
Fatisha Harris

As a Smart Textiles intern for Welspun, I researched market opportunities, made market penetration timelines and financial projections, and made prototypes of a potential product that Welspun is developing. The internship was full of amazing opportunities that I could not appreciate more. Welspun flew me to the Welspun USA headquarters in New York to show me a prototype of the product that I was researching for, as well as to meet the other interns and people I was working for. The other interns and I also had the opportunity to meet the company’s CEO, Dipali Goenka, and tell her about what exactly we were doing and get feedback from her. This internship really pulled together all parts of my major in a way I wasn’t expecting. I was doing the market research that we do in our brand management classes, but I was also working on the actual product, which brings in my concentration. This internship was extremely well rounded and I loved being able to apply what I learned in class to the real world.




Gray Heath, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Parkdale; Gastonia, NC; Sales and Marketing Department
Title: Marketing Intern
Ms. Gray
Gray Heath

During my eight week internship at Parkdale, I completed many marketing related tasks that the company had long anticipated. I compiled an email packet for the sales department to release to new customers consisting of a presentation of the company & product overview, a credit application, and a new customer form. In addition to these marketing materials, I organized and consolidated information that I sent to a graphic designer for the creation of a new brochure. The major project I focused on throughout my internship, however, was the creation of a fabric library within a conference room in the corporate office. I attended meetings with designers to plan the layout of the fabric library since the entire conference room was being remodeled accordingly. In order to prepare for the library, I also collected, sorted, and cut fabrics to fit headers from which they were hung. My supervisor and I worked with our graphic designer to create these headers to hold the fabric samples. In addition to this physical portion of the library, I developed an excel file and PowerPoint with pictures of fabrics which is the base of Parkdale’s future fabric library.

One of my favorite memories from my internship was the celebration of 100 years of Parkdale. To celebrate this centennial, every employee received a specially made Parkdale t-shirt (which were all made from shirt brands which use their yarn!) and we held a lunch celebration at the corporate office. This event illustrated the culture and familial atmosphere that Parkdale has established and upheld for 100 years, making me proud to be a part of such a company even for just a summer. Since Hanesbrands is one of Parkdale’s largest customers, I was given the opportunity to travel to the Hanesbrands, Inc world headquarters in Winston Salem and participate in a meeting where Parkdale presented new products to their Purchasing and Product Development teams. Seeing the day to day operations of such a large corporation was a wonderful experience. I also visited three of Parkdale’s spinning facilities to see the machinery at work. In both plants I was given an extremely detailed tour, seeing the process from start (with bales of cotton being sorted) to finish (with cones of yarn being packaged).

Marketing concepts and strategies from my FTM class helped me when putting together several of the marketing materials. Additionally, much of the information about fibers, blends, and other basic textile terms that I learned in my TT 105 and TMS 211 classes were helpful when organizing fabrics in categories (i.e. by spinning technique, fiber blend, yarn count, etc.). This opportunity opened my eyes to the impact that a single yarn manufacturer has on the textile industry. Overall, I was fortunate to have such an incredible experience interning at Parkdale.

Catherine Joyce, BS, FTD
Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: Lolly Wolly Doodle, Division: Product Development/Sublimation, Lexington, NC
Title: Product Development Intern
Catherine Joyce (blue)
Catherine Joyce

This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity of interning for Lolly Wolly Doodle (LWD), a ladies and childrens boutique based in Lexington, NC. With products being sold exclusively through an online platform, I experienced working in their warehouse facility, which enabled me to view the life cycle of each product from ideation, creation, sampling, to selling.

Previous to my internship, LWD had mostly bought fabric or outsourced grey goods to create their products. However, I had the opportunity to assist with the new utilization of a heat printing process called sublimation. With the implementation of this new technique, LWD was able to expand their product portfolio by creating customizable and engineered print garments. With a reduction in cost and shorter production time, the company continues to introduce new collections on a weekly basis.

Throughout my time, I have been able to work closely with the product development department and create a close bond. Not only were they patient in teaching me how the process flowed, but also allowed me to take on tasks independently as well. Overall, I was able to apply Gerber and Adobe skills to a real world setting. My main tasks included filling files for sublimation, transferring Gerber patterns into Illustrator outlines, shadowing pattern changes and fittings, creating sample files, and assisting with the preparation of final patterns before they went to the factory floor. With a passion for domestic production, I couldn’t have been more thankful for the time spent working with the Lolly Wolly Doodle team.

Madeline Kamal, BS, FTD
Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: Michael Kors, Division: Special Markets, New York City, NY
Title: Special Markets Design Intern
Madeline Kamal

My responsibilities as an intern cover a wide range of areas assisting the design team. From sketching technical flats, to preparing color card standards to send to factories, to creating garment layout boards for clients, I have been extremely fortunate in my role at Michael Kors to be able to work on a wide range of important projects. Some of my favorite projects have been sketching flats using Photoshop and Illustrator. My teammates have given me so many opportunities to hone this skill by having me work on sketching revisions to designs they have created, and even allowed me the creative liberty to design some new ideas of my own. I’ve learned so much about the overall design process of a fashion company, which will truly benefit me as I complete my final year of school and begin my career.

Some of the best opportunities provided to me have been the ability to sit in on various important meetings with my teammates, including some that span to other departments beyond design. Being able to observe how important decisions are made and seeing a truly collaborative environment and how everyone’s input is valued has been an invaluable learning experience.

This internship directly relates to my concentration of Fashion Design in that I’m always working on some area of the design process with any given project I’m assigned. I have sketched garments, worked with recoloring textile print designs, learned how my teammates analyze garment and fabric samples for fit, construction, and color correctness, done research for upcoming seasons, learned how styles and fabrics are chosen to move forward to production, and so much more. I have done all of these things on some level in every project I’ve completed for my classes. The course experience that has helped me the most is a having really solid grasp on Photoshop and Illustrator, building a great knowledge of different fabrics, lots of exposure to CAD for working with textile designs, and creating presentation boards, which has helped me develop a strong eye for visual aesthetics.

Monica Mayer, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: The Buckle Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Division: Creative Image Team, Kearney, NE
Title: Style Internship
Monica Mayer (right)

Some of my major job responsibilities as a style intern included assembling and styling outfits from the online store to update the Shop by Outfit page on buckle.com. I also had weekly projects with the creative image team to create new and relevant content for online and social media use. These projects included pulling the necessary items to be featured, styling outfits, coordinating models, photographers, and locations, and lastly, making sure my vision is executed. Some of my other responsibilities as an intern creating brand booths and product displays for Manager Meetings, a periodic event in which managers and vendors come together for the purposes of educating leaders on new product and company direction.

Two key projects I completed outside my daily responsibilities were a fashion show and a focus group. I worked alongside the other corporate interns to host a focus group composed of college-aged females to get feedback on new fall product as well as general style trends and social media. I was also responsible for putting on a fashion show for the 500+ Buckle managers. I styled all the outfits, chose the music, assigned models, and helped to execute the final show.

One of the main concepts I learned during my internship was that it takes everyone working together to ensure that the product and the overall direction of the company are being clearly communicated to the customer. It is also pertinent that content is cohesive and relevant. Some major opportunities that I had during my internship included working along my supervisor on a music video shoot for the Talbot Brothers. I also had the opportunity to run the company snapchat for a week alongside the other corporate interns. My internship related to my major in that I used my creative, technical, and teamwork skills to effectively communicate ideas to consumers through visual content.

Langley Mills, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: La Maison-North Hills, Division: Interior Design, Raleigh, NC
Title: Interior Design Intern
Ms. Mills
Langley Mills

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the interior design department at La Maison, and I appreciated the learning aspects that I performed first hand. I cherish the opportunities, including learning and assisting show rooms from start to finish. As an intern, I also assisted daily customers in the retail store with projects to help freshen up their style. Every client and customer at La Maison is assisted with the main goal in mind “where style meets home.” The most effective and highlights of my job included assisting clients with the remodeling of an entire space in their home. I would start by taking notes of the needed material, client preference and budget information. From these steps, I would assist the designer with fabric choices, prices, and ordering. All the steps included in designing a room were detailed and extensive in order to captivate every detail and satisfy customers. Daily tasks included working with clients, satisfy needs, and assisting their services with ordering fabric, shipping furniture, and placing orders for future designs. The courses I took at NC State allowed me to understand customer satisfaction and marketing concepts. I was able to promote textiles by applying the details of various fabrics and knowing their strengths and purpose. Combining the knowledge I learned in class along with the skills I gained as an intern, I have the experience needed for future career goals.

Mariah Parker, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Kohl’s, Division: Product Development, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Title: Product Management Intern
Ms. Parker
Mariah Parker

As a Product Management Intern at Kohl’s, almost everyday is different. Two of my main responsibilities were to communicate with vendors via email and look at sales reports. My team worked with several vendors so they gave me a task to “own”. I was responsible for retrieving that information from vendors and relaying their responses back to my team. Another important aspect of the internship was collaboration with different teams. The three teams Product Development works with the closet are buying, design and tech design with variations between offices and needs. My biggest project this summer was to create a competitive analysis. I looked at various aspects of the business from overall experience of the store to product assortment and price.

One of my favorite things about this internship is that Kohl’s gives interns face time with upper leadership in the company. Executive Officer speaks to all of the interns over the course of the internship.




Rebecca Risalvato, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site:  JCPenney, Division: Men’s Activewear team, Plano, Texas
Title: Planning and Allocation Intern
Rebecca Risalvato (center)

The internship is a hybrid program that has classes integrated into the program. The internship lasts 10 weeks where the first 5 weeks are on the buying side and the second 5 weeks are with the planning and allocation side of the company. During the internship there are 3 major presentations including a financial presentation and a case study surrounding the division of the company the intern is placed in. Throughout the program there have been multiple opportunities to become involved within the company including philanthropy events, store visits, and meetings with the executive board. Knowledge of retail math and excel were the most widely used information throughout my internship.


Rysa Ruth, BS, FTD
Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: SPANX, Division: Product Development, Atlanta, GA
Title: Creative Bra Design Intern
Ms. Ruth
Rysa Ruth

I assist the bra design team working on sketches, fabric selection, samples, and fittings. Most of the time I am working in Adobe Illustrator updating bra and pantie sketches as the designs and fabrics change. Throughout my time I have been exposed to each department of the company with “Lunch and Learns” as well as one-on-ones within my department. As interns we are each given a mentor which has given me a chance to learn about bra and pantie design in depth. Visual presentation along with Adobe skills have been the most valuable since the majority of my work is making CAD flats.






Anna Frazier Sandlin, BS, FTM
Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Elizabeth and James, Division: Production, New York, NY
Product Development/ Fabric Research & Development Intern
Ms. Sandlin
Anna Sandlin

Some of the major highlights of my internship have been updating and creating line sheets and color standard, sitting in on fabric meetings, organizing the upcoming Pre-Fall/Fall 2016 sample sale, updating cost sheets for production and assisting my supervisors with researching and developing the fabrics for our Summer and Pre-Fall 2017 line.

For a project I’ve been helping one of my supervisors by helping her create repeats in Photoshop for future fabric development. Other projects have included organizing the upcoming sample sales. The process involved in creating and finishing new lines for each season and how each department works together throughout the process. My department was a mixture of creative and technical, so often I was able to see how we working with design to see if the fabrics they chose actually work and then working with production to check costs and quantities. Everyone works much more closely together than I thought!

Some of the major opportunities were being able to see many different fabric and apparel companies when picking up fabrics and other things for my supervisors, my favorite was going to the Empire State building just to pick up lining and seeing one of the best views of the city I’ll ever see! This internship related to my degree/concentration in that my concentration is Fashion Development and Product management, so lots of my internship has learning about the product development process and partly learning about using CAD for textiles in fabric research.

Caroline Segal, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Nordstrom, Durham, NC
Title: Retail Management Intern
Ms. Segal
Caroline Segal

During my internship with Nordstrom, I worked in a retail store to learn about managerial responsibilities and leadership techniques in a commission sales environment. Although the internship was a brief 8-week program, the major highlight of my responsibilities was assisting in the execution of Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale occurs once a year and the anticipation around the sale is high. The sale offers brand new fall merchandise at a discounted price of up to 40% off. As an intern, I was directly involved with the preparation, setting up, and merchandising. Because Nordstrom places a huge emphasis on customer service, the internship introduced me to the Nordstrom culture and how to service a customer on their terms. For this reason, selling merchandise was a large portion of experience.

As part of the program, I worked in a team to develop a cost savings plan for Nordstrom to implement within their stores. This project consisted on a PowerPoint that was presented to the upper management team at the store and then judged.

This internship provided many opportunities for hands on experience in a retail store setting. By interning for Nordstrom, I was able to learn about both full line Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom Rack stores and their operations. Spending a day at Nordstrom Rack allowed me to see the difference between off price retailers and full line department stores. Interns also participated in an Intern Switch Day in which we switched departments with another intern. This opportunity provided more product knowledge and information about various reporting tools that our original department may not use.

Interning with Nordstrom stresses the importance of being an excellent sales person while providing exceptional customer service. Other concepts that were focused on included the merchandising standards of departments as well as understand the management aspect of retail. After the internship, the idea is to be promoted to a management position so it teaches proper communicative techniques as well.

Fashion and Textile Management taught me the math behind the statistics that we analyze every morning to determine the success of our department. I was also able to implement key merchandising strategies that are discussed in class in a real-world setting. By working for Nordstrom, I experience an environment that operates across the country and developed my understanding for appealing to the masses rather than a specific target market.

Jacqueline Sewell, BS, FTD
Concentration: Textile Design
Internship Site: Rotex, Cape Town, South Africa
Title: Design Intern
Jacqueline Sewell
Jacqueline Sewell

This summer I spent interning with Rotex. It is a textile manufacturing company located in Cape Town, South Africa. The company is a knit design and fabric production company. They have a clothing line in which they supply to, Reliance, as well as supplying to a vast quantity of other local companies. Rotex is a fully equipped knit manufacturing facility with brand new knitting machines, the most Eco efficient dye machines, brand new stenters, and more. Rotex also has extensive testing and dye labs along with brushing and sueding machines. Spending the summer in another country is wonderful, but working in another country was truly a great learning experience. Although I learned quite a bit at work, I learned just as much learning to get around and live in another country, from driving, to culture, to language, to music, and more. I had some great opportunities at work, as the company was tight knit, I got to spend time with the manager of each department which gave me a overview of not only how a large company works together but also how each part of the textile process connects. I spent time with buyers in Reliance Clothing along with fabric suppliers and merchandisers of Rotex. I got to work with the textile designer of Rotex and created new fabrics after trend reports received from customers. In the final weeks of my internship I got a chance to design some digital textiles for the company, including a metallic digital print and a laser cut fabric. The internship as a whole supplemented my theoretical knowledge as it hit every part of what I have learned from trend research to design and testing to production and more.

Ellen Shook, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Mignonne Gavigan in New York, NY
Title: Retail Management Intern
Ms. Shook
Ellen Shook

This past summer I worked for Mignonne Gavigan in New York, NY. Mignonne is a fashion jewelry designer based out of New York. She is a Charlotte, NC native and her largest clientele is in the South. Mignonne is a luxury jewelry designer and sells her pieces via trunk shows and is stores as such as Bergorf Goodman, Gena Chandler(in Raleigh) and other upscale boutiques across the country. Her hand beaded pieces are made in India between two different factories. Some of the general work I did for her included packaging online orders, composing line sheets for the fall collection, and preparing for FW16 collection in inventory. I assisted with a photoshoot for her new website and fall collection. I mailed a few pieces to celebrities including: Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, and Claire Danes. I often ran errands in the garment district where I would send pieces out to be repaired or pick up hardware and fabric. Over the summer Mignonne held her annual sample sale at her apartment in TriBeCa, which was hectic, but very fun. I worked to add retailers to her business throughout the Tri-State area and along the west coast. Overall the experience was incredible and I would recommend to any COT student to do internships early and often in their college career.

It was such an amazing experience and I would love to share about it with COT members or have her come speak(she come’s to NC often)! So grateful to COT for making experiences like these possible.

Brooke Stoll, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Kohl’s Corporate Headquarters, Division: Product Development, Milwaukee, WI
Titile: Product Management Intern
Ms. Stoll
Brooke Stoll

As a Product Management Intern my day looked different every day, but was always exciting. One of the key parts of my job as an intern was to foster communication between the buying offices and the design offices to ensure we were delivering the right product at the right cost. I also fostered world wide vendor communication to ensure our costs were aligned with our end goals. I worked on several different projects at Kohl’s including competitive shopping, costing, pricing, and even developed my own eco-friendly line extension that I was able to present to upper management. Something that I really enjoyed about my internship was the visibility I was given to upper management. I had several one on one development meetings with my director and even got to hear Kevin Mansell speak while at Kohl’s. This internship related to my degree in several different ways. I found myself applying my education most during my presentations and projects. Altogether my time at Kohl’s taught me so much about the industry and I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given.



Melanie Sumrall, BS, FTM
Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Peter Millar, Production Division, Raleigh, NC
Title: Photoshoot Production Intern
Ms. Sumrall
Melanie Sumrall

As a photo-shoot production intern at Peter Millar, my job responsibilities were helping make the Spring/Summer 2017 line book, which includes all clothing and accessories Peter Millar offers for that season. I worked alongside the photographer and helped edit every picture that was shot. My major project during this internship was editing all photos using Photoshop to remove any pins, dust particles, and make the product professionally presentable.

From this internship, I learned how much work goes into making a line book and how important it is to make sure every article of clothing has been checked in and archived after being shot. As well as working with the photographer, I also worked closely with the stylist and was able to learn different styling techniques depending on the article of clothing. I improved my Photoshop skills and also learned new ones.

Some opportunities this internship provided was being able to make connections with employees in different departments of the company including design, marketing, production, and e-commerce. I was also able to sit in on a sales meeting, which included the designers presenting the Spring/Summer 2017 products and line book to the sales reps.

Not only did I get the chance to see every product in the spring ’17 line before becoming available to the public, but I also had the opportunity to be a part of a marketing meeting. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that I was able to see the processes of what takes place in an apparel company. Peter Millar has provided me with hands on experience in the apparel industry, which is important as a brand management and marketing student.

Jacqueline Victoria Wallace, BS, FTM (internship site 1)
Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management concentration
Internship site: diptyque, Division: Retail and Wholesale Marketing and Merchandising, New York, NY
Title: Marketing Intern
Ms. Wallace
Jacqueline Wallace

Highlights of working at diptyque included working the largest US event for diptyque at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn which showcased the 34 collection of merchandise to be released this fall. My job at the event was to introduce editors and celebrities alike of archival curiosities from the original 34 Saint Germain Store. I also was able to shadow the current managing director of the company. Other highlights would include visiting all the current New York boutiques independently.

I was also able to showcase some of my own independent design work for stores in the New York area including a flyer for Grand Central Station and the Columbus Circle store. Other national work included flyers in Atlanta and San Francisco.

Other information that was utilized over the course of my internship was my ability to tie core characteristics of the brand into developing my own designs. For example, the Grand Central flyer incorporated all of the five colors of the 300 gram candle available at diptyque. In order to stay on brand, but still creative, I was able to mentally draw people to those particular colors once they were welcomed in the store. I think that this creative part of the job was largely in part to my product development background and recreating the generic concept of a flyer. In addition, making sure I followed these concepts required the ability to understand what “on brand” truly means when your voice is being heard.

Jacqueline Victoria Wallace, BS, FTM (internship site 2)
Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management concentration
Internship site: BPCM, Division: Men’s and Women’s Luxury Apparel and Accessories, New York, NY
Title: Men’s and Women’s Fashion PR Intern

My job responsibilities included a variety of tasks that showcase the everyday activities that occur in a public relations environment. Specifically, I spent much of my time doing sample trafficking and staying up to date on press related loans. In addition to keeping samples organized, I also would add collections into GPS and do minor pitching for publications such as GQ, Esquire, InStyle and Vogue. When I wasn’t completing sample trafficking, I ran errands such as picking up samples from models or preparing samples for send-outs.

Opportunities that I was thankful to be a part of were various. I spent time doing a dual internship from both spectrums of PR. Handling sampling of different accounts was very interesting concept I had not yet familiarized myself with. PR really helped me understand another facet of the fashion industry.

This internship specifically to my major helped me understand another entity of the supply chain of fashion. Once a garment is made, we often think it just stands in a showroom, but to make those clothes memorable and fascinating, often PR really helps assist those kinds of exposure. My brand management classes really were effective in helping me understand the core entities of a brands development in an industry specifically in New York City.

Emma Caroline Wang, BS, FTD
Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: The Children’s Place, Design Department-Accessory Design, Secaucus, NJ
Title: Accessory Design Intern
Ms. Wang
Emma Wang

My internship with the Children’s Place taught me many skills that are applicable to the retail industry and to design in general. During my time there I had learned new software and improved my understanding of other programs I knew the basics of. I spent significant time in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator where I worked on different information sheets for the products in my department. Once I felt comfortable using these programs and when I had a solid grasp on the products the Children’s Place creates, I had the chance to start using Photoshop and Illustrator to design accessories. This allowed me to learn more about the push for quantity and quality of designs that is hard to learn in the classroom when only one product is expected. The internship program I participated in set up various meetings with executives within the company so that my peers and I could learn even more about the corporate side of retail. I attended many meetings within my department and took notes so that I could learn the language of the industry and how each department connects to one another. As the only design intern I felt that I had significant time with my team and a busy schedule that maximized my time at the Children’s Place.

The Children’s Place provided many opportunities while I interned there. I met many of the executives and had time to talk with them and ask lots of questions. I had the opportunity to speak with the CEO where she gave me advice and insight into what steps she took to rise to the office she holds. Those conversations helped me to grow in my understanding of the industry and provided the drive I needed to keep pushing myself as a designer. I found the entire environment to be an encouraging place to work and learn.

This internship related to my concentration by helping me connect the design foundation that I have from NC State with the business and organization side that I learned at this internship. My project during my internship provided an opportunity to design products that did not just have aesthetic appeal and functionality, but that also fit into the business plan.

Julie Weigand, Master of Science – Textiles
Internship Site: Kohl’s, Milwaukee, WI
Title: Product Development Coordinator Intern
Ms. Weigand
Julie Weigand

In the Summer of 2016 I had the opportunity to intern with Kohl’s. I applied and was chosen as a product development coordinator intern. Kohl’s offers positions in other areas such as IT, E-commerce, Merchandising, Design, etc. The program is a ten week paid internship with both housing and transportation provided. Kohl’s program offers interns to take developmental classes, panels of former interns are set up that give the interns the opportunity to ask about anything, and two different speaker series were set up for the interns that allowed them to gain exposure to the upper management including Kevin Mansell, CEO of Kohl’s. As a PDC intern I had the opportunity to learn and manage a PDC role. I attended meetings, managed emails, ran and reported Monday reports, etc., all with the help of my coach. An intern is assigned a manager, a coach, and a mentor. Each person plays a crucial role in the interns’ development. Also, interns have the opportunity to volunteer with Kohl’s AIA (Associates in Action) and help the Milwaukee community. In order to show what Milwaukee has to offer events in and around the city are planned including, and subject to change, Jazz in the Park, Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, a day at Six Flags, etc. This summer Kohl’s developed a new project titled “Shark Tank.” Shark Tank was a short project, only lasting a couple of days, and each team had to develop and present a product according to the rules and regulations provided. Each team presented their ideas to a panel of judges giving them additional exposure to important figures on Kohl’s team. Their goal with this short project was to allow interns to learn and manage the role they were assigned to allowing the intern to understand and make an informed decision about whether or not this job is something they would be interested in. Kohl’s is a very diverse company offering an endless amount of opportunities and I highly recommend any student to seriously consider Kohl’s. I would suggest attending the info-session they host. This session happens during the Fall semester CoT career fair.

Hannah Wilkinson, BS, FTM
Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management Concentration
Internship Site: Aeropostale Headquarters,  Division: Knitwear Design, New York City, NY
Title: Women’s Knitwear Design Intern
Ms. Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson (bottom row, second from left)

During my team at Aeropostale, I learned so many different things that furthered my growth in the fashion industry. I worked with a team of Knitwear Designers and reported to my Design Director. Throughout my experience, I learned how to create ideas for each season, better sketches, contact sheets, technical packages, and PLM software. I was included in Line Review meetings, High Level Edits, and Investment Reviews for each new season. I aided in fittings and designing each knitwear piece that went into Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and the beginning of Fall 2017. Working at this company gave me any opportunity to live in New York City for the summer and learn exactly what it takes to design for such a large company and customer base. I completed a personal project given by my design director that essentially encompassed my own Aero collection. Everyone I worked with was incredibly helpful and kind and the culture of the company is just that. There were 10 other interns in different areas of design, social media, and visual merchandising. (The photo is of myself and 4 interns doing a company scavenger hunt). My knowledge of the industry of both design and management helped me a lot during my internship. Working in mass production deals a lot in problem solving and understanding the business, as well as knowing how to design a line and come up with ideas for a specific customer base. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is looking for a place to work that is going to teach you plenty but also someone who is willing to put in the effort.

Ting-Yu (Eleanor) Yeh, BS, FTD
Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: Cotton Incorporated, Division: Product Development, Cary, NC
Title: Product Development Intern

Ms. eleanor yehI assisted the Product Development Manager directly in cutting and creating samples, creating textile design prints and patterns for experimentation in various methods (laser etch/cut, burn out, digital printing), and experimented with the Jeanologia laser with various knit fabrics. I also assisted in fabric surface design, dyeing and finishing, and contributed my own fabric innovations into the semi-annual Fabricast Collection.