Areas of Expertise

Product, Design, Development, Textile Technology

Fashion and Textile Design (including aesthetic, functional, technical, “expressive”)
Innovation and Creativity – Products, Markets, Services
Surface Modification
Digital Printing
Computer Aided Design
Body Scanning
Product Development (from fiber — to end use products)
Transportation Textiles
Technical Textiles
History of Costume & Textile Industries
Clothing for Health & Well-Being

Management, Marketing, Supply Chain, Competitiveness, Trade

Textile Brand Management and Marketing, Brand Equity and Brand Loyalty
Luxury Brand Management
Merchandising – Product, Wholesale, Retail
Niche Markets — Products, Markets, Services
Product Brand Management (including private label)
Supply Chain Management, Sourcing (component, plus full package)
Product Scheduling
Economic Competitiveness, Value Chain Analysis
Global Trade and Dynamics
Quality and Quality Management, Process Improvement
Market Dynamics, Market Development, Market Research
Consumer Behavior
Analytics, Business Visualization, Applied Statistics
Manufacturing Management
Cost Management, Cost Price Relations
Strategic Planning
Program Education, Textile Education

TATM Labs/Studios

Digital Design Center
Fashion Studio
Textile Design Studios
TATM Testing (#1311)
3-D Weaving/Composites (TATM and Wilson College of Textiles)
Textile Management Science Laboratory
Fiber Extrusion (#1102)
FTD First Year Studio
TATM Specialty Computer Lab (#4411A)