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Changing Degrees/Programs
Graduate Plan of Work
Graduate Minors
Thesis Defense and Graduation
Master’s Program Timeline of Key Requirements
TATM Graduate Handbook 2021-2022 (pdf)

Course Registration:
Registration Policy:
Changing Degrees / Programs:
  • Students must remain in their original degree program for one semester before they can switch curriculums. See full guidelines:
  • Students must submit a degree change form to his/her home department’s Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) for approval.
  • In cases where the student requests a departmental change, DGP’s for each department must approve the degree change form.
  • Changing from a Thesis (Master of Science) to Non-thesis (Master of Textiles Option-B) student in the same degree program, requires only single DGP approval.
  • Students must be in good academic standing (have a 3.0 GPA or above, have met all provisions, etc.).
  • Students must be registered for the semester in which they are requesting the degree change.
  • If you have already submitted a plan of work for the current degree program, a new work plan must be created for the new degree program.
  • International students should review immigration policies concerning changing degree programs:
Graduate Plan of Work:
Graduate Minor Information
  • Master of Science students have the option to declare a minor on their plan of work. When a student selects a minor, the advisory committee must include a representative from the minor field. The minor credits on the Plan of Graduate Work must be approved by the graduate advisory committee member representing the minor, and, in some cases, the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) from the minor program. For more information on minors, see:
Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships:
  • Funded students should adhere to their Terms and Conditions contract. You will sign this form in the department and acknowledge its policies if/when you are appointed.
  • Funded students should also be aware of their benefits (tuition, health insurance, etc.) eligibility through the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP):
  • Max. 20 hours/week on Teaching/Research.
  • Half-time Appointment: 10 hours/week on Teaching/Research.
  • Monthly research update reports (see adviser).
  • Make progress towards graduation.
  • Assist with teaching/research as requested.
  • Full-time enrollment 9 or 10 credit hours/semester (min/max).
  • Students are responsible for paying their own university fees.
  • Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of your contract may result in termination of your assistantship and possibly your graduate program.
Thesis Defense and Graduation:

Master’s Program Timeline of Key Requirements

TATM Graduate Program Acceptance

Complete online acceptance
Deadline: ASAP upon receipt
Who Initiates: Student
How: in SLATE, post acceptance

NC State Arrival and Pre-Fall Semester

Make an appointment online to visit the Office of International Services (OIS) with Passport and I-20
Deadline: Immediately upon arrival at NC State
Who Initiates: International students only

Submit hard copy proof of immunizations
Deadline: Within 30 days of your acceptance at NC State University
Who Initiates: International students only
Submit to: Immunizations Department

Attend OIS Orientation, Graduate School Orientation, TATM Graduate Student Orientation
Deadline: Typically, the week before classes start in the fall semester. Spring orientation is conducted online. Students will receive date, time, location information via email.
Who Initiates: The Graduate School and TATM Director of Graduate Programs

For U.S. students only: Complete residency requirements (but do not submit residency requirement form until end of second semester).
Deadline: IMPORTANT! Within the first 10 days of classes
Who Initiates: Students who are U.S. Citizens or have permanent resident status
Submit to: After completing the requirements, contact to ensure your application will be accepted

First Year of Graduate School

Students whose previous degree programs were not complete at the time of application are required to submit official transcripts showing degree(s) awarded and date(s).
Deadline: Before the end of first semester of registration
Who Initiates: Student
Submit to: Graduate School Liaison

Submit Graduate Plan of Work in MyPack Portal
Deadline: By the end of the second semester
Who Initiates: Student

Establish Advisory Committee and Submit Plan of Work form online (via MyPack Portal)
Deadline: Before end of second semester of coursework
Who Initiates: Student and Advisor

IMPORTANT! Submit North Carolina Residency application.
Deadline: Between 14 and 75 days prior to the beginning of the student’s third semester of classes
Who Initiates: Student
Submit to: The Graduate School Residency Officer

Attend Graduate School Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Workshop
Deadline: By the end of Year 1
Who Initiates: Student

Second Year of Graduate School

Check that your Plan of Work is approved and submit a “Request to Graduate” (M.S. and M.T.) via MyPack Portal
Deadline: Fourth Semester. Due dates for each semester are posted on the ETD Deadlines page
Who Initiates: Student

Submit thesis draft to Advisory Committee (M.S. Plan of Work)
Deadline: At least two weeks prior to final oral exam (M.S.)
Who Initiates: Student
Submit to: Advisory Committee

Schedule final oral exam with Advisory Committee (M.S.)
Deadline: Semester of expected graduation, at least 14 working days prior to proposed exam date (M.S.)
Who Initiates: Student
Submit to: Graduate Services Coordinator

Electronically submit draft of thesis for review (M.S.)
Deadline: Within 24 hours of passing the final oral exam (M.S.)
Who Initiates: Student
Submit to:

Revise thesis per Advisory Committee requirements and submit final thesis (M.S.)
Deadline: Due dates for each semester are posted on the ETD Deadlines page
Who Initiates: Student
Submit to: ETD Website

If you have more questions, please contact the TATM department:

Dr. Lisa Chapman
Director of Graduate Programs, TATM
Room 3255, Wilson College of Textiles
(919) 513-4020


Mr. Robert Cooper
Graduate Services Coordinator
Room 3250A, Wilson College of Textiles
(919) 515-6632