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Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management is a leader in connecting students with industry partners for experiential learning opportunities. Students utilize their applied learnings to demonstrate their value-add to employers through internships.

Kohl's Interns

2016 Summer Interns at Kohl’s Corporate Headquarters, Milwaukee, WI

Completing an internship is part of the student experience at the College of Textiles. Students are highly encouraged to complete an internship and realize the many benefits including enhanced professional skills, expanded networking, and preparation for launching full-time career possibilities.

TATM students planning to complete a summer internship, please complete the online form by Monday, April 16. If your internship search is still pending beyond that date, please contact Kristy Ruiz.

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If students have any questions regarding internships, need help developing resumes, portfolios, and cover letters, and want to learn more about internship opportunities, contact Kristy Ruiz.