2011 TATM Student Interns

During Summer 2011, many TATM students experienced the “real world of industry” with valuable internship experiences. Students both undergraduate and graduate were able to experience:

  • Design (Aesthetics, functional, technical, “expressive” – tie to brands)
  • Product development
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing (brand marketing)
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Brand development
  • Marketing Communications and Public Relations
Collin Allison, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Brand Management and Marketing
Internship site: Polo Ralph Lauren, I was stationed in Charlotte, NC
Title: Polo Ralph Lauren Intern

This internship was incredibly fulfilling and gave me such an in-depth look into the industry which was extremely rewarding. My boss was Tony Henderson, He is a regional co-ordinator for Polo Ralph Lauren. My job responsibilities were to make sure each store was set to the right Polo Ralph Lauren directive and to make sure the stores all had an even flow. I also was able to talk to and hear from people from all parts of the industry. The major highlight of the internship was the visit from the Polo Ralph Lauren corporate office and hearing from them that the visit went extremely well. We also had the rare opportunity to go to the Greensboro distribution center and help set the directives for all of Polo Ralph Lauren, we even got to choose which collegiate collections to showcase and of course we picked N.C. State, which was very exciting. The whole internship was such a good experience for me and I am truly honored to have had this opportunity.

Courtney Aloia and Kristen KlotzCourtney Aloia, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management: Brand Management
Internship site: Marc by Marc Jacobs, New York, NY
Title: Intern for Sales Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories
Photo of Courtney at work with her supervisor, Kristen Klotz, who provided guidance during Courtney’s summer internship.

My FTM classes have helped me immensely. I was able to use my knowledge and resources from my consumer behavior, brand development, the textile industry, and the principles of retailing and supply chain management. I was most excited about using the knowledge about Marc Jacobs at my job that I had found when doing research for a previous class I was in.

Major Job Responsibilities:
Sample Management Tracking
Working in the Sample Closet – merchandising the showroom
Assisting with PR Tools
Sales data entry
Developing the Resort 2011 Lookbook
Assisting with Resort 2011 Market Week

Meghan Blohm, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship site: Isaac Mizrahi, 475 10th Avenue New York, NY
Title: Production, management and sales

In this internship we had plenty of different tasks and jobs set for me. I learned a lot about different fabrics, how to purchase them from a large textile mill, and which goes best for which designs. I also learned how to trace out patterns and present production layouts. On the sales side of things, I met with buyers and personal shoppers for large stores such as Bergdorf Goodmans for fittings, personal styling, and sales. It was very interesting to see the other side of the buying aspect. I worked along the sides of all different people in positions of the company. Another awesome concept was the consultant working with the company this summer. I assisted her as well and got to see the job responsibilities of a consultant company as well. The really interesting parts were working with the President and Design Assistant. I was able to help create look books, style boards, flats with fabric swatches. I was preparing the spring line for this upcoming season along side of the employees. They just started a Bridal line as well and held a huge Trunk Show for many socialites along with The Aisle. This was a great opportunity to help set up and prepare for big marketing and sales promotional events. I also helped the PR division on some basic things such as sending cloths out to magazines, and helping find celebrities to wear/present new designs on covers and runways. Plenty of the terms and ideas I have learned in my FTM classes truly assisted me in this internship. I knew how the sales and brand aspect of the company needed to be presented to the public. I also took FTM 219 as an elective and am very thankful for that now. I was able to help assist with the pattern making, and also identify certain stitch types for the designers.

Emily BrinkEmily Brink, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship site: URBN Incorporated, Home Office- Anthropologie, Navy Yard, Philadelphia PA
Title: Product Information Intern
Working for at the Anthropologie Home Office has been a treat. I’m involved in Product Information (PI), which means I get to bounce around and work with all of the different departments here. We are the team that relays information between the in-house buyers and designers to all 160 of the Anthropologie stores. The most valuable skill I’ve learned working for PI is communication. I’ve learned to communicate the information that a designer shares to the rest of the teams who need it.

As an intern, I’ve brunched with the Co-presidents, spent the day on Fashion Avenue doing Anthro crafts and decorating a showroom, visited the distribution center to understand the ins and outs of product, and gained hands-on experience of working in the URBN Corporate world. I also got a job offer as a sales associate at an URBN store here in Raleigh!

I’ve really been able to put to use the things I’ve learned in various Textiles classes. Trend forecasting is used on a daily basis, Photoshop has saved my life, and I hate to say it, but math is a NECESSITY. Since we work so closely with products and record information about them, knowledge about fabrics has also proven incredibly valuable. I helped edit a binder that was sent to every store with details about all of the products for the Holiday season. Each product had a section about care instructions, and often, the buyer wasn’t sure how a fabric should be treated. Knowing the difference between polyester, cotton, and mohair is imperative.

I now feel like I have a foot in the door to my dream job. Thanks to being an intern, I have gained knowledge, tips, experience and have a huge advantage when it will come down to applying for jobs after graduation. Overall, my experience with URBN was life changing, and one that has truly shaped and prepared me for the professional world, and my future career in the fashion.

Ella Brooks, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Textiles Management
Internship site: Li Sashay, Raleigh, NC
Title: Intern and Designer

The major highlight of working at Li Sashay is that every day is different I have had the opportunity to work on things from kites for renewable energy, purses, hats, laser cutting leather and fur, and creating and editing preexisting patterns, to cutting out labels, business cards, and hang tags.  While working with Li Sashay, I have had the opportunity to work with Durham Scrap exchange, Maker fair, NC State, UNC, Windlift, and other companies. Additionally,  the opportunity to keep working with Dara at Li Sashay in the future is one that I look forward to. This internship is closely related to my major in that I am applying computer, sewing, and pattern drafting skills that I have learned at North Carolina State to the technology used in the work done at Li Sashay.

Trim the Waste and math lectures that we filmed the first for a TV competition and the 2nd for NCSU to send to local high schools, my boss Dara is the prominent speaker in the second one.

Bryan BullardBryan Bullard, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Textile Management: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship site: Ariela-Alpha International, 19 W 34th St. New York, NY
Titile: Technical Design Intern
While at Ariela-Alpha International I had the opportunity to be a technical design intern. In this position I was able to modify patterns, contact factories, create specification packets and participate in fittings.

During the first part of my internship I was able to work with pattern makers to improve my skills with Lectra Modaris and Vigiprint. During this time period I was tasked with creating a size study for the company which was presented to all department heads and the company’s vice president.

In the second half of my internship I acted as an extra specification technician: creating, editing and sending specification packets. This also involved me sitting in on fittings at every stage of the product development process. Throughout my time at Ariela-Alpha I acted as the liaison to factories for costing purposes. This enabled me to contact factories across the world in regards to costing prototype patterns that would be put into production.

This internship helped to develop my knowledge of the product design processes and to fully understand the daily task of industry technical designers. My skills with Lectra Modaris were also improved with the everyday use at Ariela-Alpha.

Brittany CarideoBrittany Carideo, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship site: Merchandise Presentation Division, Target Corporation, 10000 Nicolett Mall, Minneapolis, MN
Title: Merchandise Presentation Business Analyst
Over my 10 week summer internship I was assigned a project in the entertainment and electronics department of merchandise presentation. I was asked to find ways to improve a weekly process of revisions. Revisions in entertainment happen on a weekly basis because of street dated items. These products are constantly being put out onto the floor causing a shift of product throughout the entire floor pad. I was asked to find ways to make that process more efficient ranging from headquarters workload to store workload/processes. I learned many different things about this process but overall i learned about the corporate culture and what and how to be a Target employee.

I attended many different training sessions to learn about the company and about different programs used within the company. I also learned about many different roles not just the area I was interning. I had the freedom to set up meetings with people in all areas of Target to learn about what they do and their Target experience.

I used many of my brand management and visual merchandising classes towards my internship. These classes gave me the background knowledge I needed to understand the retail industry. I learned many additional thinks once working in the industry that could not be taught in a classroom but the information I took away from classes in the Wilson College of Textiles, was put to good use.

Brittani ChirichellaBrittani Chirichella, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship site: Belk locations in Atlanta, GA and SC
Title: Polo Ralph Lauren Intern
During the internship with Polo Ralph Lauren, Aaron and I learned how to read data spreadsheets, such as Weekly Recaps and BSR Penetration reports, visited several different stores targeting many different market segments, and worked with a number of Polo brands. Specifically, we worked with Polo at various Belk locations in Atlanta, GA and South Carolina and for one day at Macy’s.

Our day began with reviewing and analyzing the Weekly Recap Sheet for the store where we would be working. Our supervisor, Mark Clark, would then ask us, based on the analysis of the Weekly Recap, where we could improve and what we could change. We were able to see how wholesale (Polo Ralph Lauren) and retail (Belk) companies build a partnership to accomplish the same goals of increased sales and profits by providing excellent customer service and a variety of merchandise for the target consumer. Also, we were able to see how the two companies differ in their merchandising philosophy and requirements. For two days we worked with the Lauren brand in Belk and in Bloomingdales. By the end of our internship, we gained experience in merchandising two different brands, in three different department store environments.

Our final project was based on the different trade areas we visited throughout the internship and how it affected class sales. We used our Weekly Recap reports and performed market segment and trade area analyses for all the stores we visited. Our project showed how the geodemographics, store location, population, traffic patterns, and other factors affected class sales. In the end we learned how the brands differ, how competitive stores differ, and how we could use our newly developed knowledge of merchandising to impact future sales.

Meghan CoatsMeghan Coats, Master of Science student, Textile, Management and Technology
Program Concentration (undergraduate): Fashion and Textile Management – Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Cotton Incorporated, Global Supply Chain Marketing Department 6399 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC
Title: Supply Chain Initiatives Intern
Supply Chain Initiatives Intern My Internship Experience: At Cotton Incorporated this summer, I had several opportunities for different projects to work on. Primarily, my focus was on creating a catalog of new cotton technologies that exist in the marketplace. In doing so, Cotton Incorporated can better understand what companies want and need and can therefore further promote the use of cotton. I was also able to help in the development of marketing materials and in preparing for several trade shows, including Outdoor Retailer, MAGIC, and Premier Vision. I traveled to Central Michigan University to help conduct a performance evaluation of cotton t-shirts, attended a trend presentation given by one of the employees from the New York office, and participated in a Knit Fabric Analysis Workshop where I was able to network with not only Cotton Incorporated employees, but with people from throughout the industry as well. Finally, I conducted a quantitative study to examine the relationship between cotton, yarn, and polyester prices over a four-year period. Throughout my experience, I used knowledge from several of my classes on a daily basis. The information that I learned in my Textile Technology courses was probably most useful on a daily basis because it helped in my understanding of the different technologies that have been developed. However, my Brand Management and Marketing courses were useful as well, particularly in the development of marketing materials and understanding how to present the technical information in a way that both excites and informs retailers and consumers.
Carter DavisCarter Davis, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management – Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Raleigh & Charlotte, NC
Title: Polo Ralph Lauren Intern
I worked with Cynthia Rivera, who is one of the Sales Coordinators, of the men’s Polo Ralph Lauren sector. I was in Raleigh, NC for four weeks in four different Belk locations: Crabtree Valley Mall, Triangle Town Center, Cary Towne Center, and South Point Mall. This gave me the chance to work in each of the Polo shops of different tiers (flagship – tier 2).

As a Brand Management and Marketing student in the Fashion and Textile Management degree, I was able to use my skills and knowledge of maintaining a brand, merchandising product, and observing the happenings within a major retail store.

Before starting this internship, I had experience with working in small, single-store boutiques but had never investigated the wholesale/retail link of the supply chain.  I enjoyed this internship because I gained knowledge of how a major branded label operates, especially within a retailer/vendor partnership in a large department store such as Belk. Each week, I got to observe and learn very different types of polices, procedures and job responsibilities of the daily operations within the Ralph Lauren Company. During my time interning, I helped in remodeling two Polo shops, helped in preparing stores for Father’s Day weekend, and helped in re-merchandising displays in the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Department. With the remodeling, I got to see both a regular men’s Polo store as well as a Big and Tall Polo store being created. I also was able to learn what duties and job responsibilities Cynthia Rivera and the other sales coordinators have to perform on a week to week basis. We reviewed the sales figures that she, along with her sales team, attempt to reach in each Polo shop, and I learned how all of these figures impact the merchandising of each Shop. Cynthia explained how each of the figures was analyzed in order to provide a variety of different product to target individual customers shopping in each of the different shop tiers. Additionally, I was invited to participate in a monthly phone conference with several sales coordinators; and, I had the privilege to re-merchandise two Polo shops in Charlotte, NC for an important company walk through. One of those shops is one of the top selling Polo Ralph Lauren Shops in the Belk Stores! (The Shop is located in the Belk Store in South Park Mall.)

All of my experiences in this internship have been amazing! Throughout the internship, I used my skills and knowledge that I have gained from the Wilson College of Textiles. I specifically used many of my brand analysis skills and visual merchandising skills. During this time, I have gained a better understanding of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand. This learning opportunity has given me so many opportunities to grow as a student. Also, meeting so many of the great employees of Polo Ralph Lauren has given me a chance to expand my networking skills for future employment. I feel as though this internship has better prepared me for what I can expect in the retail world when I graduate.

Claire DavisClaire Davis, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management concentration
Internship Site: Product Development Intern in Trims and Beading Department, Yumi Kim, New York, NY
Title: Design Intern
While at Yumi Kim, I completed projects including making excel sheets of all project styles for present and past seasons, composing line sheets, making a press book, and making flats in Illustrator. For one day of the internship, we were sent to work at the showroom that represents Yumi Kim where we got experience making cold calls. I was able to use the CAD skills that I learned in class to complete the flats, as well as make line sheets.

At Tibi, I kept notebooks of dips, trim approvals, and samples from manufacturers organized, created color standards for buttons, copied flat patterns to be sent to production. I also ran errands locally to pick up and deliver samples of buckles, buttons, and other trims. I was also responsible for keeping the development wall updated with what lines/items were approved/dropped. Having previous knowledge of pattern drafting was very beneficial when it came to copying patterns because they didn’t have to explain to me what all the marks meant, and my efficiency was higher than someone that would not have had any experience with drafting.

Taylor DillonTaylor Dillon, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management – Brand Management & Marketing
Internship Site: Public Relations Department, Burberry 444 Madison Ave. New York, NY
Title: Public Relations Intern
While at Burberry I got the pleasure of presenting to Eugenia Ulasewicz, president of Burberry Americas on the interns use of social media, trends in purchasing, the effectiveness of Burberry’s social media projects. Compiled a list of V.I.P. athletes for the public relations department in developing a strategy for getting new VIP clients. Helped the Public Relations director in developing a regional strategy for further saturation of current markets as well as expansion into new markets through various media outlets. This included compiling lists of regional magazine; there circulation rates in targeted areas, and contacts at said magazines. My time in FTM 282, 382, and 385 was very helpful in my success in the internship, the concepts perfected in these courses was very helpful in understanding brand strategy and maintenance.



Scott DoleScott Dole, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship Site: Public Relations, Stella McCartney, New York, NY
Title: Public Relations Intern
During my time at Stella McCartney, I was able to see how a fashion company manages their public image. I was responsible for corresponding with publications and stylists in regards to samples. I was also responsible for special events such as our Spring 2012 presentation, and our upcoming Dallas Store opening celebration. I was lucky, and joined Stella McCartney, a few weeks before the Spring 2012 presentation. In preparation for this event, we had to prepare the showroom for the new collection. The event had already been planned, but the looks needed to be put together in the NYC showroom. Stella, herself, was there so we had to make sure everything was perfect. Shooting the Look Book while she was in New York was a lot of fun to watch especially with Stella directing. The presentation, which was set up as a garden party, was so much fun. This internship was related to my concentration because it showed me how a company maintains its public image and how it is achieved through periodicals as well as through celebrities wearing the clothing. It also showed me how a Look Book and fashion show are created.
Camden DrashCamden Drash, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site:Kohl’s, Milwaukee, WI Corporate Office and New York, NY
Title: Intern – Men’s Technical Design
Kohl’s has a highly developed internship program where they focus on four main components: your professionalism, your connection, your company, and your impact. Professionalism focuses on development and effectively managing your workday. Your connection is having meet and greets, job shadowing, touch-bases, department specific training, and “interns in action”, which is where interns will be volunteering in the local community. Your company focuses on learning and implementing Kohl’s core values. Lastly, your impact is where each intern will be putting together a project and presentation for upper management. In addition to all of the personal development training HR has set up I was performing the day to day tasks of a technical designer. These tasks involved but are not limited to measuring fit samples, writing fit comments, dress form fittings and model fittings with cross functional teams, design hand-offs, communication with overseas vendors, and lastly setting up tech packs in WebPDM software. While in Milwaukee I mainly worked on knit and woven tops for Kohl’s brands Apt. 9, Helix, Tony Hawk, Urban Pipeline, Sonoma, Croft & Barrow, Marc Anthony, and Rock and Republic. I gave presentations not only in the Kohl’s corporate office in Menomenee Falls, WI but also in the design office located in NYC. One of the brands that I am working on throughout my internship is designed solely in New York so I spent a week there working with designers for Rock and Republic and doing day to day tech design tasks for the Jennifer Lopez brand. My project is focused on developing the fit for a new Kohl’s brand Rock and Republic recently acquired from VF. The new base fit I worked on was for the Rock and Republic brand’s men’s woven and knit tops. I conducted an aspirational analysis on what’s out in the market and proposed a fit direction based on those findings.
Allison DuncanAllison Duncan, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Sears Holdings Corporation, Sears Full Line Store-Triangle Town Center Mall, Raleigh, NC
Title: Field Intern
During my internship at Sears I spent the summer completing rotations where I shadowed the different managers in the store. I spent time shadowing Human Resources, Loss Prevention, Operations, Brand Central, Softlines, and Hardlines. While completing my rotations I learned in depth what is required of different managers to insure that the store runs smoothly. While shadowing the different managers I got to assist in completing business analysis, the inventory process, analyzing sales, coaching associates, and setting plan-o-grams.

In addition to completing rotations I had to complete an Operational Analysis on Sears’s Shop Your Way Rewards Program (SYWR). While completing the analysis on the SYWR program I looked at the program’s enrollment rate, how associates pitch the program to customers, why customers decline to enroll in the program, how the store can improve enrollment rates, and how the SYWR Team at Sears Corporate offices could improve the marketing and SYWR website. At the conclusion of my internship I had to present my findings and recommendations on the SYWR program to the store management team. The projects I had to complete in previous classes at the College of Textile helped me immensely in putting together the operational analysis which was required of all summer interns.

My favorite part of the internship was getting to go to an Intern conference at Sears Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL. At the two day conference the interns got to hear from Senior Executives and Vice Presidents of the different business units and the CEO. My favorite speaker was John Goodman who is the Executive Vice President of Apparel and Home. When he spoke to the interns he discussed the launch of the Kardashian collection and the work his team did to make sure the line will be successful in stores.  At the conclusion of the internship we also got to take a tour of the corporate offices which was another highlight of my trip to IL.  Overall, this internship made me more knowledgeable about what is required of managers to insure retail stores runs smoothly.

Emily EbyEmily Eby, Bachelor of Science, Textile Technology
Program Concentration: Textile Technology with Concentration in Design, Minor in Business
Internship Site: Custom Fabrics Division, Glen Raven, Burlington, NC
Title: Textile Design Intern
As a textile design intern with Glen Raven I had many wonderful experiences that have been extremely valuable for my future career as a designer. I had the opportunity to attend and assist with at the Sunbrella showroom in High Point during the June ITMA Showtime market. I also had the pleasure of traveling to Anderson, SC to visit the manufacturing plant where yarns are manufactured and fabrics are woven. One of the best parts of my internship this summer was meeting great people and learning to work in a design team. The Custom Fabrics design team was very inviting and seemed to enjoy teaching me their process as much as I enjoyed learning it. We worked side by side as I learned about the different fabric lines they produce each year. I had the opportunity to become quite involved in the process of designing a handful of fabrics for various lines, some of which included the contract market and the Showtime line that will be presented in December in High Point. I learned a lot about the design software Glen Raven uses as well as the realistic limitations that supplies as well as the industry have on the creative process. It really is difficult to put into words everything that I have learned working with Glen Raven. My education thus far at NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles prepared me very well for my experiences, but there is an undeniable truth that this “on the job” experience has taught me more about textile design, materials, working in a team, and the industry itself than any classroom setting ever could. Since my major and concentration go hand in hand with my experience at Glen Raven this internship undoubtedly paralleled everything I have been learning at the Wilson College of Textiles, especially the classes where I designed my own fabric and learned about the technical aspects of fabric design. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience as a textile designer!

Major job responsibilities: Assist Designers, Cut & Label Color Trials Requests, Prepare Customer Shipments, Cut Sample Blankets, Submit Colorwork Trials, Edit & Clean up Artwork, Organize Fabric Archives, Participate in Weekly Design Meetings, Participate in Line Development Meetings, Prepare Artwork Color Variations, Simulate Patterns, Organize Tested Fabric Samples, Design Coordinate Fabric for Sunbrella Showtime Line, Tidy Up Design Showroom, Assist at Showtime Fabric Market in High Point, NC

Sarah GiovanniniSarah Giovannini, Master of Science student, Textile, Management and Technology
Program Concentration (undergraduate): Fashion and Textile Management
Internship Site: Saks Fifth Avenue, Merchandising, Raleigh, NC
Titile: Merchandising Intern
This internship opportunity was an enriching, well-rounded experience.  As the merchandising intern, my major job responsibilities were helping to create and arrange visual displays within the store including women’s, men’s and children’s apparel as well as cosmetics, purses, and other accessories.  Pulling together key colors, styles, and statement pieces, I was given the freedom to independently choose the outfits that the mannequins would wear.  I learned how to arrange displays in a way that they followed the guidelines set forth by corporate, yet while still adding a touch of my own personal style.  I also assisted the marketing director with events as needed.  I helped pull styles for fashion shows, worked at fashion shows, and got an insight into the responsibilities that come with planning consumer and charity events.

The internship was an educational experience as it was my first hands-on experience with merchandising.  My past experiences are marketing related, and while I learned about merchandising in a classroom setting, I had never before had the chance to gain insight into the day-to-day tasks of a visual merchandiser.  I learned about all the extra tasks that go into perfecting a visual display within a store including flower arrangements, lighting, and angles that “make or break” a visual masterpiece.

Elizabeth Holcombe, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Online Marketing and Analysis Concentration
Internship Site: Marketing Division, Shawlsmith London, Raleigh, NC
Title: Business to Business Market and Business Development Associate

Collaborated with graphics department to create email main panes and images for advertisement material
Researched, created, and implemented ongoing email marketing strategy for all B2B weekly email advertisements
Analyzed and organized company’s indirect and direct market competitors into company’s competitor database
Interpreted feedback statistics for all email advertisements and directed sales team towards potential sales and account leads
Participated with Sales, PR, and design teams to brainstorm and execute promotional events and marketing materials

Traveled with Sales Team on business trip through North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Gained experience in understanding our customers and store types, received feedback from buyers concerning the current level of marketing within the company, improvements they felt needed to be made and qualities that they liked about the existing marketing strategies. While with the Sales and Public Relations Teams we were able to discuss new ideas for promotional activities and events that needed to be created.

Connection to Major:
My internship with Shawlsmith London allowed me to dive into a small web based company. In school I have traditionally learned of companies who have store fronts and are established in their brand and or service. My internship gave me insight of how to complete a marketing strategy through the exclusive use of web based marketing. I was given the freedom to design ads and marketing materials as long as costs were kept low. I learned the importance of a budget along with the challenges of working with many different teams, each having their own agenda, yet needing to meet a community deadline. I also gained analytical skills that became necessary when working to understand competitors and statistics related to previously published marketing materials. I also was given the opportunity to master online marketing tools such as Exact Target, Salesforce, and QuickBooks.

Elisa HuberElisa Huber, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management- Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Anthropologie, Division-Visual Displays, Durham, NC
Title: Visual Display Intern
My visual display internship at Anthropologie has enabled me to apply my knowledge of consumer behavior with my passion for art. I was exposed to different mediums of art and experimented with using found objects, such as envelopes and other paper products, to create displays that inspire the consumer. Along with helping create visual displays, I was given additional responsibilities in designing and creating signage to help “push” the sale of a variety of product classifications. I also had the opportunity to observe and to help execute the procedures in order to complete the annual inventory of the store. This exposure helped me expand my knowledge in both the display and management sides of the company. I applied various segments of knowledge taken from my FTM Brand Marketing classes to understand how best to attract and appeal to the target consumer through the use of visual displays. This externship has increased my artistic abilities, expanded my knowledge of retail and inspired me to strive for similar and more challenging experiences in the future.
Nicole KligermanNicole Kligerman, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, concentration in Fashion Development
Internship Site: Urban Women’s Design, Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia, PA
Title: Knit Design Intern
This summer was an incredible learning opportunity at the URBN Home Office in Philadelphia. Some of my job responsibilities included assisting the knit designers, creating embellishment layouts, organization of samples and trims, setting up design books, working with overseas vendors, and attending clothing set-ups and fittings. Interning at Urban Outfitters led to many great opportunities such as lunches and receptions with the executives of URBN and tours and trips teaching about the different brands in URBN: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, and BHLDN. Many of the classes I took at the Wilson College of Textiles prepared me for this internship. Being able to identify fibers, sewing skills, the ability to use Photoshop, and even basic business skills prepared me for interning in the design department.


Amber KnightAmber Knight, Bachelor of Science, Textile Technology
Program Concentration: Textile Design
Internship Site: Microfibres Inc., Winston Salem, NC
Title: Microfibres Inc. Intern
This summer I interned at Microfibres Inc. with Karen Nehlsen. The company is in the home furnishings market and mainly produces flocked fabrics and printed fabrics here in North Carolina. Their company in China focuses on printed fabrics specifically for home furnishings and the clothing market.

Microfibres works with many big patterns along with flowered motifs for their upholstery fabrics. This summer I had the chance to work closely with the design team viewing original artwork, CAD drawings, and fabric samples. I worked closely with Karen commenting on designs, drawings, and colorings to send back to China to be remade. I also had the chance to alter original artwork and participate in the engraving roller sheet process. I helped organize the art studio and use SOFIS software to make a color story for an original Microfibre pattern. I worked with samples of fabrics as well as standards for each fabric used in the company. I learned about flock fabrics, engraved fabrics, and printed fabrics. I was able to tour the plant and physically learn about the entire flocking process and dyeing process in Winston Salem.

This was an amazing opportunity because I was able to interact in the actual design market at a real company working twice a week. I was able to understand the realism of working as a textile designer and all the work put into creating fabrics. This was a great experience that was not learned through textbooks or in class but in the real world. This helped my studies impeccably because it finalized my decision of wanting to be in home furnishings and my interest to design upholstery fabrics upon graduating. This internship opened my eyes and fully described the role of a “textile designer”.

Deborah (Debbie) LambethDeborah (Debbie) Lambeth, Master of Textiles, Textile, Management and Technology
Program Concentration: Master of Textiles – Branding and Marketing
Internship Site: Clairemont Communications, Raleigh, NC
Title: (Clairemont) PR and Marketing Strategy Intern
Clairemont Communications:
For those who have not yet been familiarized with Clairemont, it is a PR and communications firm that specializes in taking a tactic agnostics approach toward determining PR and marketing strategy. Whether it is through the use of traditional or emerging tools, Clairemont strives to deliver quality service that advances the client, as well as the industry as a whole. The Clairemont team is led by the wonderful and talented Dana Hughens. As CEO, Dana is the vision behind this fabulous company. With her admirable experience, hard work and dedication she can not only provide any young professional with the foundation and motivation to do well but also, she has created a working environment at Clairemont that is fun and exciting.

My job responsibilities during my time there included, but were not limited to, writing copy for clients, such as Drexel Heritage and Thomasville Furniture, planning and conducting research for upcoming events, working heavily with social media platforms, being involved in advertisement brainstorming and strategy creation.

My experience at Clairemont tied all of my learnings from the past 5 years (of my Bachelors in Branding and Marketing and now my Masters in Global Business) together and brought to my attention the strong correlation between the PR, marketing, branding and strategy worlds. I feel as though this position created a threshold for me to measure potential companies I would like to work for in the future. I gained more than I can ever repay to Dana and the Clairemont team, it was truly career changing.

Uvo Luxury:
Upon first sitting down to interview with the owner and designer of Uvo Luxury, Gigi Karmous-Edwards, I was hooked. Gigi is a research scientist turned handbag entrepreneur. She has leveraged her engineering mindset with her creative skills in order to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and of high quality. It takes no more than a few minutes of speaking with her to find her truly inspirational and endearing.

During my time at Uvo, I worked as a Brand Development and Marketing intern, however, I also had the opportunity to merge the skills I gained from Clairemont with Uvo and therefore create the perfect summer experience. I took on projects such as writing the copy for the season’s lookbook, writing slogans and designing hangtags for bags, contributing in the launch of a new prototype, interfacing/ marketing on behalf of the company via social networking, assisting in the creation of a marketing media kit, as well as the creation and success of landing a marketing pitch with press. I also had the opportunity to travel with the other interns to New York City to attend the International Designer Handbag Awards hosted by InStyle magazine where I was able to network with the accessories buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue and the editor in chief of InStyle, among others. I was also exposed to Uvo’s supplier interactions and given the opportunity to help make decisions regarding the buying and manufacturing process of the bags.

Overall, I was able to discover a very different side of the industry while interning at Uvo. I was shown the ins-and-outs of starting a business, the risks and results a designer must take in this industry, and the different ways branding and marketing can play a roll in a handbag company versus a marketing firm. I really enjoyed my time at Uvo and hope to continue to have some involvement in the company as it grows.

Macaela LeClair, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Anthropologie – Urban Outfitters, Inc. Southpark Mall, Charlotte, NC
Title: Visual Display Intern
I was incredibly lucky to get this job as a visual display intern with Anthropologie. Throughout the internship, I took part in designing and putting together the major Spring concepts within the store. These included the home department concept display, the lounge department display, the front apparel display, two apparel concept displays, and most importantly the window display, which was made using over 30,000 corks. With each concept, every store is given an idea or theme and each store creates and implements their own concept off of that. The major opportunity that I am most grateful is how my boss, Katie Godwin, allowed me to see and work with all of the aspects of Anthropologie. She not only showed me the visual display aspect of Anthropologie, but she also showed me the fashion and merchandising side of the store. After I completed my internship, I was offered a great opportunity to be a salesperson for them, which I loved just as much. This internship related to my degree in the way that I was able to see how much of an effect the visual display had on how the clothing can appeal to the customer. Anthropologie has such a large focus on the visual display, unlike many other stores, which make them such a unique and successful company. Their displays invite people into the store and leave the customer with a welcoming and happy environment. Some classes that we talked about this in were FTM 282 with Ms. Fay Gibson and FTM 217 with Mrs. Leslie Hatch. In both of these classes we talked about the set-up of a store, and the importance of how clothing should be displayed to attract a customer. Overall, I had so much fun with this internship and I gained so much experience in every aspect of a retail company. I love this company and I am so grateful to them for allowing me all of this experience with them. I am very hopeful to remain a part of the Anthropologie in the near and far future.

Because I finished my internship about a month ago, I do not have a picture of me “on the job” but this is a picture of the logo with a design that I completed on the job. The design was made by layered tissue paper, glue, a finishing gloss, and an exacto-knife to cut out the design.

Elizabeth Lee, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship Site: HL Group, Fashion/Celebrity, Los Angeles, CA
Titile: Dept. Intern

Major opportunities included researching/helping out with a story for one of our clients, ThisNext.com (which recently partnered up with Lucky Magazine), to get a mention in major press outlets through a “Who Wore It Best” story featuring Jessica Alba & Helen Mirren (Jessica Alba was the host at the ThisNext.com/Lucky Magazine party which my company did press for). The story got picked up by major blogs including Styleist.com and major media outlets such as LATimes.com, People.com, OKMag.com, etc. Also, got to put together a lot of celebrity gifting provided by our clients such as David Yurman and Miriam Haskell. The most useful information learned from the COT was just knowing about brands and brand management and how it can be publicized/marketed to the general markets.

Jay LeeJay Lee, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Product Development
Internship Site: Stanton James, 600 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA
Title: Intern
The company is a small and growing in men’s and women’s clothing. My job responsibilities included many various duties such as basic intern duties such as getting coffee, sending and retrieving packages, and etc. I also had the opportunity to look at blogs and build a database of potential clients/customers for the company. I also had responsibilities of everything a retail store would have to do such as stocking merchandise, listing new inventory, and visually merchandise the items better.

Major opportunities that were given to me through this internship were meeting new people that are in the industry. Our company held a live photo-shoot social party at the W Hotel located in Hollywood. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with advertisers, marketers, promoters, entrepreneurs, producers for famous musicians and even Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) stopped by. I also met the head marketer for Nudie Jeans for N. America and he gave me free jeans. I met a lot of great people and through this internship; my bosses were cool enough where I can keep a good relationship with them.

The internship wasn’t related to product development but more of the business side of starting a clothing company, which is what I am planning to do. All of my business/marketing classes that I have taken helped me fulfill some duties.

Jessica Leslie, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Supply Chain and Marketing, Unifi Manufacturing, Inc.; Greensboro, NC
Title: Intern

Over the course of my internship, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects within the supply chain and marketing departments.  Two of my major marketing projects included determining the graphical direction and messaging for the newly launched Repreve Textile Takeback Program as well as developing the Repreve Eco Assessment.  Working on these projects gave me the opportunity to work with both the marketing and downstream sales team as well as presenting my ideas to members of the executive team.  I also the had opportunity to work with multiple outside agencies and international contacts.

My major project with the supply chain department was developing and organizing a database to track apparel imports using the OTEXA and International Trade Commission websites.  The database will be used to track import trends to help determine the direction of the apparel market.

Brielle LombardiBrielle Lombardi, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship Site:  Nordstrom, Columbia, MD
Title:  Retail Management Internship
I participated in a Retail Management Internship at Nordstrom in Columbia, MD which took place from June 1 to July 31.  I worked in sales in the children’s shoes department, and learned about selling and merchandising.  While working on the sales floor I was able to learn about excellent customer service.  I was also able to shadow my department manager and learn about managing a team.  I learned about the daily tasks that a department manager must accomplish such as scheduling and delegating tasks to employees.  Not only did I work on the sales floor, but I also went to many managerial meetings which involved discussions about leadership and other Nordstrom policies.  These meetings involved hearing speeches from many of the leading executives within the company.  Some of the major topics that we covered while at these meetings were: culture and role transition; sell more, make more; identifying the best talent; coaching overview; and career growth and compensation.  Apart from meetings and selling, I was also able to shadow many different managing figures within the store (for example: human resources, visual merchandising, department managers, loss prevention, and customer service).  Throughout the internship, I was able to go to many exciting fashion events.  My favorite event included going to a fashion preview for an up and coming designer, Vince.  Overall this internship was an extremely positive experience.  I was able to meet many inspiring and interesting people, while getting an excellent taste of what the fashion industry is really like.
Christopher "Aaron" LuckChristopher “Aaron” Luck, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Atlanta, GA
Interning at Ralph Lauren has been beneficial in so many ways. Not only did I get to tour the Distribution Center in Greensboro, but the High Point Direct Center as well. I learned more about the brand, the consumer, and about procedures to do business in both the retail and wholesale environment. I was able to work with a Lauren Coordinator and in multiple department stores such as Macy’s, Belk, and Bloomingdales. Many of the concepts used in classes were evident in my internship, especially ones learned in marketing/merchandising classes. When with my immediate supervisor, Mark Clark (Polo Shop Coordinator for the Atlanta area) we would go through weekly class sales analysis, competitive analysis, and market segment analysis; merchandising product and placement in order to drive business and increase sales. As a final project the other intern and I looked at micro markets, and how psychographics and trade areas affect certain markets. Through this we took an in depth look at each stores consumer via age and income, and also the stores competition within the mall and in neighboring areas.


Monica MatthaiMonica Matthai, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Lilly Pulitzer®; King of Prussia, PA
Title: Product Development and Production Intern
The purpose of my internship at Lilly Putlizer® is to assist Madhu Thyagarajan, Manager of Product Development and Production for Knit Design, in controlling the production of garments from the initial components through the final delivery. This entails developing fabric and trim, tracking costs and profit margins, production deliveries, and quality control.  Some of my daily duties consist of sourcing fabric for the design team, attending fit sessions to note changes begin made in garment construction, and tracking samples. I work closely with the Apparel Design Department and the Technical Design Department to ensure that Lilly Putlizer® is being innovative while maintaining appeal to their target consumer.

My other responsibility at Lilly Putlizer® is to complete an intern project with my fellow interns. With each of us reporting to a different department within the company, we have been asked to combine our specialties to propose an idea for the brand to use in the future. Throughout the summer, we have developed an event specific clothing line that Lilly Putlizer® will use to target their Whitney consumer, who is similar in demographic to the majority of interns. At the end of our time at Lilly Putlizer®, we will present this line to the CEO and President of the company and our corresponding managers.

Between developing this line and working closely in product development, I feel I have gained a vast amount of knowledge that will enhance my degree program upon return to NC State. I have learned a lot about fabric quality and its relevance within the industry. I have also learned about the production calendar, costing, and quality importance. All of these tools will be applicable when entering the industry next year.

Whitney MedlinWhitney Medlin, Master of Textiles, Textile, Management and Technology
Program Concentration: Master of Textiles – Global Textile Business
Internship Site: The Richards Group – Dallas, TX
Title: Brand Management Intern
The best part about the brand management team is the ability to work so closely with every other division of the agency. I attended meetings with creative directors, public relations, and digital production. Through these experiences I was able to gain a better understanding of how all departments work together and the important role that brand managers play in regards to timing and establishing a cohesive strategy for the client. I prepared materials for focus groups, collected and cataloged products for video shoots, and was fortunate enough to work directly with various publications regarding merchandising opportunities. I even attended a print shoot for a new ad campaign. Seminars were also conducted weekly to engage the interns and expose us to different roles within the company. Although the internship was more heavily focused on advertising than my studies, my concentration within the Wilson College of Textiles prepared me for my time at The Richards Group. I was knowledgable about the branding terms and principles and was able to actively contribute to my group.


Mallorie MooreMallorie Moore, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship Site: Dilly Dally @ Oh Baby! 4209-108 Lassiter Mill Rd., Raleigh, NC
Title: Visual Merchandising and Marketing Intern
While interning at Dilly Dally @ Oh Baby! I was able to gain much experience within the textile industry. As an intern, I worked with a number of different linen and furniture companies and learned the steps it takes to place orders for a company’s floor stock as well as for customers’ custom orders. In placing each custom order, I was able to work with customers to design their dream nursery or big kid room. Knowledge from the classroom regarding fabric choices and design concepts were very helpful in suggesting quality combinations for a lasting room design. Another aspect of my internship was the ability to create visually appealing floor and window displays showing customers the diverse merchandise offered. Experience from the classroom and from visual merchandising projects was very helpful in creating successful displays. As an intern, I was also able to give back to the business by introducing new marketing strategies to promote and expand the business. Suggesting how to market for this specific type of business started to become more apparent as time went on allowing me to observe what works best for a specialized textile boutique. The major strategies for marketing that I was able to propose were concepts learned in the classroom through the many marketing projects I have been able to complete.

There were two parts to my internship project. First I completed a visual merchandising project and a marketing project which combined helped me develop visual merchandising and marketing skills for operating a locally owned textile retail business. The visual merchandising section of the project required me to arrange two displays in order to show customers different ways in which they can create their dream room. Creating these displays required careful planning as we have a very wide variety of bedding to select from. The marketing section of the project required me to create a list of new marketing strategies to promote and expand the business. Once completed, I professionally proposed them to the store owner. Completing the entire project gave me visual merchandising and marketing experience that I will be able to relate to my work in the classroom and will be lifelong skills that I will be able to take with me into the industry.

Manisha PatelManisha Patel, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Textile Management- Brand Management and Marketing
Internship site: Saks Fifth Avenue, Triangle Town Center Mall, Raleigh, NC
Title: Visual Merchandising Intern
As an intern at Saks Fifth Avenue I worked with the Visual Merchandising team at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Raleigh, NC.  The focus of my internship was with the cosmetics department and the visual merchandising department.  I worked directly with the Marketing Director of the Saks store and analyzed each cosmetics counter that was offered. The end result of my internship was a project compiled for the cosmetics department that included each counters (Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Trish McEvoy, etc.) analysis which included some background information, the top sellers for each, a marketing analysis for each, and the target market for each. Through the compilation of the individual analysis for each counter, I compiled a list of top marketing needs (specifically for the Triangle Town Center mall Saks) for the cosmetics department as a whole as well as a SWOT analysis. I also did some “undercover” work and went to some of the major cosmetics competitors of Saks Fifth Avenue such as Belk’s at Crabtree and Sephora providing a thorough competitive analysis for the store.

Although the focus of my internship was cosmetics and the analysis for the department, I worked with the visual merchandising team for not only cosmetics but also apparel. My main day-to-day task was to work under the leadership of the Visual Merchandising directors.  Typically every Monday begins with changing the visuals in cosmetics.  The cosmetics visuals are fairly standardized but it is interesting to see the marketing and unique touches of each brand.  Not only did I learn the visuals of cosmetics, I was also able to help put together visuals in children’s, helped incorporate dress shirts in a tie table in the men’s department, and worked with women’s apparel.

Most of my internship experience directly correlated to my FTM 384 Visual Merchandising coursework with Ms. Gibson as well as my brand management classes such as FTM 282 and FTM 382.  . Both my coursework and internship experience reinforced the importance of all visuals needing a direct focal point usually the center of the visual and the idea that visuals typically are in the shape of a pyramid with the tallest object in the middle and shorter objects on both sides.  It is enriching to see coursework knowledge translates to industry application.

Meredith Pugh, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Textile Management
Internship site: Polo Ralph Lauren shop at South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC
Title: Intern

This summer Collin Allison and I worked with Tony Henderson, the coordinator at the Polo Ralph Lauren shop at South Park Mall in Charlotte.  During the course of the internship, Collin and I learned to read and interpret revenue reports, merchandize inventory, and execute floor moves.  Some of our daily activities included, dressing mannequins, merchandizing inventory to maximize sell thru, and scanning merchandise for mark downs. Although we spent the majority of the internship working at South Park Mall, we also had the chance to work in Greensboro, Hickory, and Asheville Polo shops.  Additionally, Collin Allison, Carter Davis, Allison Sherrod, and I got the opportunity to visit the Polo Distribution Center in Greensboro towards the end of the internship.  We were able to work with other coordinators from around the U.S. in the lab, setting up the merchandise for the fall directives. During that time, Carter Davis and I visited Eagle Hill to view the new Ralph Lauren denim lines which will be available in Macy’s in the near future.  While we were interning, Collin Allison and I kept a record of our daily activities in our blog: http://charlottepolointerns.blogspot.com. We were also required to give a power point presentation at the end of the internship. We were asked to present on something we felt Polo Ralph Lauren could improve upon or something we were interested in.  During the course of the internship we noticed customers trying on Polo Ralph Lauren’s chinos, but not very many would purchase them. Therefore, we conducted a survey and competitive analysis to understand what the customer wants in terms of fit in a pair of chinos.

Joelle PurifoyJoelle Purifoy, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development & Product Management
Internship Site: T.R. Designs, Inc. [owned by fashion designer Tracy Reese], Design division
Title: Design Intern
My major highlights of this internship was helping out with the Resort 2012 photo shoot for Style.com, sending off clothes for one of Mrs. Obama’s magazine photo shoots, and the series of parties celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Tracy Reese’s flagship store, at which I met my favorite celebrity stylist, June Ambrose, and celebrity makeup artist, Mally Roncal.

The 3 parties, I feel, were my biggest opportunities because I got to network with so many different people in the industry. I was also invited to come back in September to assist with Tracy’s NY Fashion Week show.

My internship was completely related to what I want to do and I learned so much. I got an inside view of what it’s like to run a company , how things worked, I learned my way around NYC, including all of the places I can source different trims and fabrics. Things I learned in class were made a lot more clear to me, like how the whole design process works.


Tatum ReesTatum Rees, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Tuscarora Yarns, Mt. Pleasant, NC
Title: Intern, Merchandising, Marketing and Manufacturing Divisions

Photo: Left  – Michael Span, Tuscarora Yarns Sales Representative; Right – Tatum Rees, North Carolina State University, Wilson College of Textiles Student Intern
(Photo taken during Tuscarora Yarns meeting with Textile Unlimited in Los Angeles, CA. showroom during the Summer, 2011.)

Highlights: During my internship at Tuscarora Yarns, I was responsible for learning as much as possible about fibers and yarn production. I began by conducting personal research and then spent time throughout the summer working in each of Tuscarora Yarn’s three mills in Oakboro, NC, China Grove, NC and Clover, SC. I worked alongside employees who taught me their duties at each stage of production: opening, carding, drawing, open end and ring spun spinning, winding and shipping. One of my major projects was creating a new yarn containing a small percentage of wool that could be used for the junior knits market.

Opportunities:  I was given the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, CA, to meet with customers, primarily knitters, and watch my supervisor, Dee Dee Harris, VP of Merchandising and Marketing, present Tuscarora Yarn’s latest yarn developments to clients with a wide range of end consumers. In New York City, I attended Texworld USA, an international textile tradeshow, largely sponsored by Lenzing Fibers. I was assigned to create an updated brochure to distribute to current and potential clients. Attendance at this show gave me great networking opportunities with American and international textile companies. In addition, I attended seminars conducted by renowned industry professionals on topics such as Material Innovations and Fall/Winter ’12 Megatrends and Materials.  During the fall of 2011, Tuscarora Yarns is providing a third opportunity, my attendance at ITMA the world’s largest textile machinery tradeshow in Barcelona, Spain.

How internship relates to your degree/concentration: At the beginning of this experience, I thought this internship would revolve around learning the tasks and responsibilities of the VP of Merchandising and Marketing, as my focus in school is Brand Management and Marketing. However, Tuscarora Yarns places a significant emphasis on knowing how the textile product is manufactured before employees advance in the industry. Therefore, the classes that I found to be most useful were my Textile Technology classes. I now place a high value on thoroughly understanding each stage of the supply chain, and am thankful that these classes serve as a foundation of that knowledge. Furthermore, in New York, I was challenged by a representative from Buhler Quality Yarns on how to brand the textile companies within the supply chain that often are not recognized by the end consumer. The Brand Management classes that I have taken thus far strongly facilitated my ability to converse and expand upon this topic. I feel fortunate to have received all the challenges and opportunities that Tuscarora Yarns provided during this internship.

Stephanie Reiss, Master of Textiles, Textile, Management and Technology
Program Concentration (undergraduate): Fashion and Textile Management Concentration, Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Saks Fifth Avenue, 7700 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC
Title: Marketing Assistant/Intern

Major highlights of job responsibilities and experiences:
I was able to assist the Marketing Director with multiple store and community fashion shows and also aided in creating proposals to submit to corporate headquarters for upcoming events and public appearances. Not only did I help prepare for, set-up, and attend events, but I also collaborated with the Marketing Director to implement and prepare specific marketing strategies for upcoming events. A major aspect of my internship was ongoing market research through a competitive analysis. I conducted weekly market research on local competitors to identify which brands and product offerings Saks had exclusivity to or was lacking in. After compiling all of the information, the company was able to determine which product offerings or departments they should market and advertise more throughout the year. Having this market analysis, the company will be able to determine what type of special event the store should hold and which target market to advertise to as well. Included in this research was a demographic trend report as well as a trading area analysis report, to determine which consumers are shopping where, and why they may choose a specific geographic region.

Major opportunities provided for you by your company:
Major networking opportunities were provided to me throughout the internship. I attended many event meetings with organizations and businesses throughout our local community and was able to experience professional interaction with those individuals and companies. As a representative of Saks Fifth Avenue, I was seen as a professional individual with many personal and professional abilities, aspects that would be able to take me far in my career path! Saks Fifth Avenue is a very well-known and very reputable company to work for and I recommend it highly to anyone! Not only are they consumer friendly and focused, but also community and outreach oriented as well. I have become a huge advocate for them because of my amazing experience throughout the summer!

How the internship related to your degree/concentration including what knowledge from classes taken were most helpful and how information was utilized:
The internship related directly to my degree because I was able to experience direct brand management and marketing experience. I was able to easily conduct demographic trend and trading area analysis reports due to what I have learned in many of my textile classes. FTM282, FTM382, FTM482, FTM385, FTM420, and FTM 416 especially contributed to my success throughout my internship.

Dnyanada SatamDnyanada Satam, Ph.D. Candidate, Textile Technology Management
Program Concentration: Textile Technology Management
Internship site: Cotton Incorporated, Cary, NC
Title: Global Supply Chain Marketing Intern
My area of research focuses on understanding the effect of sustainability initiatives by different companies on consumers. This internship gave me an opportunity to study the current state of progress in the area of sustainability in the textile and apparel industry. My primary responsibility was to develop projects related to Strategic Marketing of Cotton products and to understand Sustainability initiatives of textile and apparel companies.  I assessed the relative attributes of companies’ strategies and provided recommendations on how Cotton could be marketed more competitively.

I also got wonderful opportunities of visiting the Levis, Nike and L.L. Bean headquarters and conducting research interviews with the company people. I attended the division meetings which helped me understand the department goals, strategy and vision.

This internship experience has been very helpful in providing me a holistic perspective on various corporate sustainability initiatives and has helped me gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of opportunities and risks involved in pursuing sustainability initiatives in Textile and Apparel Industry.

Allison SherrodAllison Sherrod, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship site: Belk at the Streets of Southpoint, Cary Towne Center, Triangle Town Center, and Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC
Title: Polo Ralph Lauren Summer Intern specializing in Merchandising
This summer I had the opportunity to intern for Polo Ralph Lauren in Raleigh, NC.  Through my internship I was able to experience store floor moves, merchandising of product, and gaining an overall knowledge of how the wholesale end of retail is managed.  While organizing store floor moves, my intern partner and I would maneuver fixtures around the Polo Ralph Lauren shop based on sales from the previous day/week.  For example, if jeans had not sold as planned on a Monday, we would move the jean fixture to an aisle position in order for more observation by customers walking past the shop.  Merchandising product was also a key facet of the internship.  We gained knowledge in selling strategy based on where the merchandise would be placed.  An example of this would be to know that fashion items, which are seasonal, work best on fixtures facing the aisle.  The basic stock replenishment work best in a neat and organized “mesh wall” usually near the rear of the shop.  I was able to travel to Charlotte, NC to assist two other interns in a store visit from Polo Ralph Lauren executives from New York.  It was such a learning experience to visit another shop and gain even more retail and merchandising knowledge.  I feel this internship relates to my degree in the sense that I can utilize each piece of textile knowledge I have gained in each class I have taken to use in the industry.  I can value the business side due to branding and marketing classes and I can use my fabric knowledge in order to assist customers in choosing the right type of fabric for each occasion.  Overall, this experience has helped not only in networking with all types of Belk and Polo employees but it has taught me the importance of hard work and organization in the retail sector and industry.
Brooke ShoaffBrooke Shoaff, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Brand Management and Marketing concentration
Internship site: Michel of Hong Kong/Gauge by Design, global sourcing and design division, New York, NY
Title: Intern
MOHK is a knitwear manufacturer and wholesaler, whose clients include American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor loft and many others . I was able to gain access to both the design and sourcing aspects of the knitwear industry. My main responsibility and project was to catalog the collection of more than 4,500 samples. I focused on photographing samples and organizing them in the internal computer system. I was responsible for loading the new files onto the company iPad so that the iPad could be used in client meetings. My other responsibilities included trend research for clients. I also specked garments and compiled tech packs.
I had the opportunity to attend client meetings at Ann Taylor Loft and New York & Company. I also was able to attend the Premier Vision textile workshop that showcased fall 2012 color trends, a large selection of fabrics and trimming collections and access to international mills.

I also attended the Spin Expo, a yarn and fiber exhibition that fiber promoters , spinners and knitwear manufactures and designers attend. I was given the opportunity to go on several buying trips for inspirational pieces for clients. At the end of the internship I was provided with a color palette and theme ideas and went on two buying trips on my own. I met with my boss and went over the client costing chart to understand the sourcing aspects and where the final cost comes from.

I used the knowledge from my textile technology courses to understand gauge and yarn count and how it relates to the weight and look of knitwear. I also used many of the concepts from my global trade and sourcing course to understand trade laws, duties and the many other factors that affect product cost and eventually profit.

Stephanie WelletStephanie Wellet, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship site: Ariela-Alpha International, 19 W 34th St. New York, NY
Title: Design Intern
Over the summer I did an internship at Ariela-Alpha which is a global manufacturer of branded and private label intimate apparel. Some of the brands include l.e.i., Fruit of the Loom, Material Girl, So for Kohl’s, and the company’s own in house design label Smart & Sexy.

During my internship I mainly worked with Lucille Poirier, Director of Design and Diana Fanelli, Associate Designer. Amazingly, Ariela-Alpha has their own sewing room where samples are made for design and fitting purposes. This is a great advantage because the designers can actually see the garment before having it mass produced overseas. I would help the designers put in samples requests, organize the fabric closet and trim drawers during the first half of my internship. Other job responsibilities included store returns and making color cards. All of the interns had daily lessons for about two weeks. These included how to make fabric patterns on illustrator, sketching using CAD, the importance of color and fabric selection, trend research, and the rolls of the product development and technical design departments. The second half of my internship composed of trend research, re-coloring intimate apparel and pattern designs on illustrator and helping designers meet tight deadlines. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the fashion industry and to be in New York City.

Some of the most helpful classes for my design internship position were Ftm 271, 315, 317, and 318. In these courses you learn how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and Gerber programs which are what the designers at Ariela-Alpha used as well. It is also very important to understand garment construction. I think the biggest thing to learn however, is time management because if deadlines are not met within the design department then it will alter other departments goals.

Caroline WingetCaroline Winget, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management
Internship site: The Textile Center-Gaston College, Belmont NC
Title: Intern
I learned so much from my internship at The Textile Center. I worked in the Analytical Chemistry lab where I assisted in finish analyses and in preparation of samples for the ICP. I also spent some time in the Physical Testing Lab. In this lab I analyzed samples using the Uster Rotor ring for fiber to fiber to metal cohesion. I also learned how to use the Favimat to analyze staple fiber samples. Textile Technology classes through The Wilson College of Textiles at NC State really helped me know what was going on in each lab, I was able to jump in and assist because of the basic knowledge from my Textile Technology courses. This internship helped me understand the more technical aspects of quality control and defects. Even though I am going into the marketing side of the industry it is important to understand these different processes. While at The Textile Center I met many member from all different parts of the textile industry. I feel that my time spent at The Textile Center has given me many opportunities for the future.


Joanna WittmerJoanna Wittmer, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion and Textile Management, Product Development
Internship Site: Polo Ralph Lauren, Embroidery Department, Distribution Center, Greensboro, NC
Title: Intern, worked as a Color Coordinator and Digitizer
For the summer here at Ralph Lauren, I have been mainly doing the work of a color coordinator. A color coordinator uses information given from company salesmen to put together order forms to be sent to the embroidery machine operators. These order forms include what garment styles will be embroidered, logo(s) to be embroidered, color selections for the logo(s), and where the logo(s) will be placed on the garments. I have also been helping as an assistant and underwriter to the digitizer. A digitizer takes a photo, picture, or logo and uses software to input stitches for the embroidery machine to read. I have been running samples, helping out with paperwork, and even spending some time doing my own digitizing. This job relates to my concentration because I have to use my knowledge of fabrics to understand how the stitching will react on each garment and adjust accordingly. I also have to have some knowledge of design when working as a color coordinator because I have to know how to assign colors to the logo that will look best with the garment.
Kimberly ZapkoKimberly Zapko, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Raleigh Denim – Downtown Raleigh, NC
During my summer internship at Raleigh Denim, I had the opportunity to experience the day to day workings of a production company and participate in various aspects of the company’s marketing.  In the workshop, I assisted with production tasks such as ironing, snipping, inspecting, and prepping the products for shipping.  I also assisted the sample maker with the development, laying out, and cutting of the patterns. Along with these production projects, I assisted with some clerical duties, including the compilation of Raleigh Denim’s business contacts into an organized spreadsheet.

In addition to these production tasks, I also participated in various marketing tasks.  I assisted with the visual merchandising of items in their store, including set up, layout, and organization of the products.  I assisted with various photo shoots by organizing a style setup for the store products as well as for the male model involved in photographs for upcoming sales displays.  As an added bonus, I served as a “fit model” for the women’s jeans and also modeled for the “2011 Holiday Lookbook” which will be distributed to some of Raleigh Denim’s clients.

The internship at Raleigh Denim has been a valuable experience that has given me insight into the workings of a production company.  Not only did I have the opportunity to see production of a product first hand, but I also got to see how the product is developed, marketed, and distributed.