2012 TATM Student Interns

During Summer 2012, a total of 91 TATM students experienced the “real world of industry” with valuable internship experiences. Students both undergraduate and graduate were able to experience:

  • Design (Aesthetics, functional, technical, “expressive” – tie to brands)
  • Product development
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing (brand marketing)
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Brand development
  • Marketing Communications and Public Relations
To view student profiles:
Denise AbellDenise Abell, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development & Product Management
Internship Site: Cotton Incorporated, Company Division: Global Supply Chain Marketing, Cary, NC
Title: Intern, Supply Chain Initiatives
This summer I worked as in intern in Hybrid Marketing for Cotton Incorporated. My job responsibilities all revolved around the central model of the department- to identify, validate, and disseminate the latest and greatest technologies in cotton. One of my main projects was to perform an extensive search for new innovations in cotton fiber, evaluate those technologies based on several criteria, and present a deliverable of the top potential opportunities for the company moving forward. I also contributed new ideas, developed presentations, and assisted with marketing pieces for projects that were ongoing. Apart from the projects, I was able to gain a broad experience of corporate life through attending meetings, interacting with business professionals from around the globe, and participating in workshops. Though my concentration is in product development, interning in marketing has helped me see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together to make a successful product. Coming away from this internship I am so thankful for the broad coverage of the FTM degree program, which prepared me for work in all areas of the supply chain. This has been an outstanding opportunity and I would highly recommend Cotton Incorporated to anyone looking for a hands-on experience and chance to work on real things, with real people, who are making a real difference in the world of cotton.
Victoria AdesanmiVictoria Adesanmi, Bachelor in Industrial Design, Minor: Textile Technology
Internship Site: Henri Bendel, Company Division: Product Development/Design, New York, NY
Title: Gifting Design Intern
 I am responsible for designing and implementing new products such as cosmetic bags, stationary, holiday items, and tech accessories. Upon my internship I completed two umbrella designs, a jewelry box, and an iPad case as my final project, which are currently in route for production for the upcoming collections. To complete these projects I was required to do research, meet with merchants, and create the specs to send off to production. Through my internship I was able to fully understand how a product is created from design concept to production. I was also able to grasp how the varying disciplines such as merchandising, finance, public relations, sourcing, and design all work together to create a product.

Throughout my internship, I was able to learn about the other realms in design including jewelry and handbag design. Additionally, I was able to network with the different divisions within Henri Bendel as well as outside Henri Bendel including Victoria’s Secret, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, and Bath and Body Works which all reside under Limited Brands. I was also able to complete a community service project along with the other interns at the Hudson Guild Community Center where I was able to help design T-Shirts with kids. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: My Industrial Design Degree as well as minor in textile technology has allowed me to design gifting and accessory items with a background knowledge of fibers and materials. I was also able to apply my software knowledge that I utilize in school to create CADS and renderings to present my projects.

Ameera AhmadiehAmeera Ahmadieh, Bachelor in Industrial Design, Minor: Textile Technology
Program Concentration: Product Development
Internship Site: Limited Brands, Company Division: La Senza, Columbus, OH
Title: Raw Materials, MAST Global Intern
Aside from the projects that I had to complete during the duration of my internship, I had many responsibilities. It was imperative to always be flexible with my schedule and work quick on my feet. If my opinion was ever requested, it was my responsibility to share my input to benefit the conclusion that was needed. Also, I was thrilled and expected to be able to work with other departments apart from the Raw Materials team. The main responsibility overall was to get involved as much as I could. It was up to me to plan meetings with leaders from different departments if I needed them as a resource for my projects. If I felt that their way of doing something was outdated, it was up to me to speak up, at the appropriate time, to communicate another option.

I was initially assigned four projects at the beginning of my internship. One of my key projects was to assess where the main fabrics for the products were being knitted, dyed, printed, and manufactured. From physically plotting those vendor locations on the map, I was then able to analyze the total process time for one garment to be completely finished. It was my task to see if there would be a more time and cost effective way for any specific fabric or silhouette to be manufactured. Another project I completed was gathering the core fabrics that the brand uses across bras, panties, and sleepwear. I created a board with fabric swatches and basic information that will be used in the future as a tool when various departments discuss fabric options. The La Senza brand uses a lot of neon colors for its garments. Neon pigment isn’t always an option with every fabric choice. I assembled new fabric options that met the right price point for the brand and were possible to dye a neon color. I was able to present this board and options to the Merchants in order for them to switch out an older fabric and replace it with a newer one.

Throughout a regular day at work, I attended meetings, made copies, and showed co-workers samples. I gained a new appreciation for a notebook used to document meetings. It’s important to write down every detail, even if it doesn’t pertain to your department, as you never know when that information will be useful. Another main concept I learned is to stay positive. Being on the Raw Materials team is more difficult than other departments because we have to set the rule. The Design team will tell and show us what they want and its up to us to source the materials that match as closely as possible to what they desire. Finding materials that meet price points and that are appropriate for the brand is tough, especially because travel time is a huge factor with this international business. Instead of telling the Design team, “no, that won’t work”, I’ve learned to answer with, “we will try our best”. Throughout the internship period, we had the honor of listening to Senior VP’s from Limited Brands share their experiences with the enterprise. One of the speakers said, “you’re either wrong or effective”. Ever since he said that, I have kept that in the back of my mind because it couldn’t be truer. There is no such thing as a wrong answer; it’s just not the right one for what you’re searching for. The journeys that got them to where they are today proved that you can control where you want to be if you work hard enough.

Attending meetings with my manager allowed me to meet many people from different departments and learn what their job entitles. I also had the chance to take a Color Calibration test that my Raw Materials team has to take if they want to analyze the colors in prints and patterns. Lastly, the internship alone has been an amazing opportunity. All the interns worked 40-hour weeks at the home office as if we were employees. We all had cubicles right in the midst of the action and were exposed to every possible part of the brand. One of my favorite parts was receiving a badge with my picture and name on it that I used to clock in and clock out.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: The Raw Materials team worked with all the components that go into a single garment. It was our responsibility to reach out to fabric mills and vendors to produce fabrics that the Design team requested. With my knowledge of textile technology and fabric qualities, I was able to express my opinions on suitable fabric options. Also, I analyzed the test results of lab dips to determine if they had optimum end-use performance, whether for functional or aesthetic additions. I applied what I’ve learned thus far at the Wilson College of Textiles, which was a great feeling for my first real world experience.

Courtney AloiaCourtney Aloia, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Marc Jacobs, Company Division: Marc By Marc Jacobs Retail Merchandising, New York, NY
Title: Intern
Major job responsibilities while completing my internship included assisting with market prep and showroom maintenance for appointments, sample orders and distributionand product knowledge training materials. I also helped coordinate special in-store events with our main retailers, was in charge of product knowledge training material distributionand accompanied merchandisers during in-store visits. A key project that I have completed during my internship was being able to independently travel to retail stores in New York City and re-merchandise the given space for Marc Jacobs’ handbags, small leather goods, and tech products.

Some main concepts I leaned over the course of my internship were proper display techniques and how to create a cohesive display by combining different colorings and groupings together. I also learned how important and influential product knowledge is to the retail store each season, as well as how valuable networking and building relationships are with not only the employees you work with every day, but with the people who are in charge of selling the Marc Jacobs brand in the retail stores as well. By being able to intern at Marc Jacobs a second summer in a row, I was given the opportunity to learn about a whole different department and aspect of the company, but still being able to see how each department works closely together to make the brand what it is today. I not only learned new concepts and ideas by working in the retail merchandising department, but was also able to tie in my knowledge of my internship from last year (Marc Jacobs Sales) as well.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: My internship this summer directly related to Ms. Gibson’s FTM 384 Visual Merchandising class. I had taken this class last semester and it was actually the reason why I had wanted to pursue an internship in the retail merchandising department. Retail merchandising revolves around creating a particular display that best represents the products and merchandise by the use of combining creative and technical aspects of fashion. Key terms and display aspects that were highlighted and focused on throughout class were referenced everyday in the work environment, which made the transition of information learned in the classroom and at work very simple.

Kaila AndersonKaila Anderson, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: BCBG MAX AZRIA Group, 1450 Broadway, New York, NY
Title: Pubic Relations Intern
Spending the summer as an intern for BCBG MAX AZRIA Group, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge. Being a PR intern at such a large family run company, I have been fortunate to delve into many different things. On a day to day basis, I focused on pulling samples for publications and stylists, sample trafficking, showroom management, making press kits and searching for credits. During my internship I had the opportunity to help with Resort Fashion Week. During this time I got to help with model casting, backstage operations, model dressing and creating runway boards. I have taken a lot of what I have learned at NC State and used it to my advantage. I have used a lot of the information I have learned in my branding and marketing classes. I have taken a lot of what I’ve learned in my brand development, principles of retailing and consumer behavior classes and applied it to my daily internship responsibilities. I am most excited to take what I’ve learned at my internship and apply it to my schoolwork and term projects. The things I have learned during my internship this summer have given me immense knowledge of the industry. I am thankful for all the opportunity it had given me.
Lisbeth C. AriasLisbeth C. Arias, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Design
Program Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: Maya Traditions Foundation, Panajachel, Guatemala
Title: Design & Product Development Intern
My internship challenge was to design and develop 2-3 finished products that were price point appropriate and enabled access to new markets. I ended my time with two new backpacks, a laptop case, and an ipad case. I was also responsible for finding new color palettes that brighten and added more life to their products. My other responsibility was to assist Elma, the Director of Programs, in facilitating workshops about the international market and finding inspiration using the internet. I also assisted Elma in the community visits where we made sure they were applying the information they learned from the workshops. I also taught them the basic elements and principles of design with an emphasis on color, so they can improve the designs they create. I assisted the artisan women by critiquing their choice of colors in their new products and gave them ideas on new products they could potentially create in order to increase their inventory.

Some of the key projects I completed were designing products that were made out of scraps of fabric. I ended up designing a camera strap, guitar strap, and watch straps. I also designed Christmas Stockings that one of the clients, Novica, asked for. Theses stockings were made using the back-strap weaving technique and embroidery. Some of them contained the traditional Christmas colors while others were made of cool colors. I also designed a new bag where the worry-dolls would be packaged in.

With the creation of new products I learned a little bit about the business side of the organization such as finding the right price for each product. I also learned how to work in a design team. Although I was the only designer, I had to communicate my ideas to the seamstress and the textile designers who were the artisan women. Some of the difficulties were not only communicating with the women but explaining my idea to the translator when I was not sure how to translate the vocabulary into Spanish. I learned how drawing and sketching are essential for communication when words are insufficient.

Guatemala is filled with opportunities. Not only was I given the chance to enhance my design skills and work for an organization that is a helping hand to the community, but I was also able to become more cultural literate. With the staff, I traveled around Lake Atitlan to the communities where the artisan women live. I was invited into their homes where they had one room with only two beds to sleep in. After the workshops, we would eat a light snack and share personal stories with one another. I saw that regardless of their living situations they were the happiest women I had ever seen. They enjoyed back-strap weaving, embroidery, and making pine straw baskets not only because it gave them a chance to be creative but because it allowed them to escape from reality and into their minds; a place that was filled with joy and laughter and not poverty and misery. Guatemala gave me opportunities but the Maya women taught me why one should love the simplicity of life.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: The internship was perfect for my degree because it was similar to my design studio except I was not designing to get a good grade but to attract the attention of a potential client. My authorities were not my professors but my supervisor and the director. Also, I wasn’t doing every part of the design process like I do in my studio. Instead, I was brainstorming ideas, finding the material, choosing the colors, and finding the right dimensions while someone else was making the fabric and another person sewing it all together. It felt strange not making the fabric and sewing it all together but I learned to have in my design team to get the job done well.

Sarah BlaserSarah Blaser, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Apparel Production Inc, Division: Product Development and Manufacturing, 270 W39th St., Garment District New York, NY
Title: Pattern Making and and Product Development Internship
This summer I am interning at Apparel Production Inc. in NYC. Located in the heart of the garment district this company has a pattern room, sample room, and factory all under one roof. This summer I have had the opportunity to shadow Apparel Production’s pattern maker, Larry Petrucci, who has been in the industry for over 50 years, sit in on some fittings and work on some draping and pattern making. Through this experience, I was able to use the material I learned in FTM 315 & FTM 318 to expand my knowledge of pattern making. Another part of my internship is running patterns and samples to different cutting rooms and studios around the city. This is one of the most important parts of my intern experience because it has given me a chance to network with several different companies such as Theory, Zac Posen, Catherine Malandrino, Natori and others. Networking with these companies has made me feel confident about getting a job or paid internship when I graduate.

I work everyday from 9-5pm as the only intern. Everyone who works here is very welcoming and willing to help me with my career aspirations. One piece of advice I can give is to ask lots of questions and tell them exactly what you want to learn. If you are interested in interning with Apparel Production Inc. feel free to email me with questions at sarah.blaser91@gmail.com.

Meghan BlohmMeghan Blohm, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: BPMW Agency, New York, NY
Title: Intern
This past summer I worked for a PR and Trade Show Production Agency. There were two main aspects of the internship. The two aspects were divided into the BPMW PR and Showroom side, as well, and Capsule Show Production & Management side. Each specific area included many important aspects. For BPMW itself I worked on many things. Shadowing editor appointments, magazine sample loans, managing end of the season reports and press hits, maintaining showroom inventory as well as merchandising, updating the database for both retailers and press, and lastly working the trade show events and after parties. The Capsule experience is one of a kind. I first worked Capsule in January of 2012. I have worked a total of four shows, my fifth will be this September. Capsule is a large Trade Show produced by BPMW. My obligations while working these shows were the following: Booth set up and vendor layout, running the show based on floor sections and areas, both guests, press, and vendor services, registration, and of course break down of the show. In fact, I was appointed Floor Manager this past summer, which allowed me to manage an entire section while supervising and assisting other interns and volunteers. Additionally, BPMW was kind enough to bring me to Market Week in Las Vegas to work the show there. Capsule is also a great chance to meet and interact with other companies. I made many great friends and connections working with BPMW. All in all, I had an amazing summer experience in the heart of Chelsea, New York City.
Laura BostianLaura Bostian, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Edge of Urge; Wilmington, NC
Title: Brand Marketing and Development/ Visual Merchandising
This summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern with Edge of Urge, which is an awesome store located near the waterfront in downtown Wilmington, as well as an online retailer, www.edgeofurge.com. As an intern, my responsibilities included assisting with merchandising projects for the store, and working on marketing projects for the webstore. I was also responsible for making and maintaining all signage, the EoU Pinterest website, and working with Polyvore and other social media materials on a daily basis. My long‐term assignment utilized market research and storyboarding in order to identify and create a visual display of the four distinct customers that make up the EoU customer base. The boards I created will continue to be used as tools by the EoU team, as they style photo shoots, predict trends for buying trips, and brainstorm ideas for merchandising in–store.

By attending weekly meetings and working in a creative studio environment every day, I was given the opportunity to see what it is like to work in a fast‐paced, independently run, fashion‐based business. I also had some offsite opportunities like working an Expo sponsored by EoU where local designers had the opportunity to showcase and sell their products. EoU was one of these locally supported companies, with their own clothing and jewelry line handmade by the owner and designer, Jessie Williams as well as jewelry lines made and designed by two other team members at EoU. In my final week, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the planning and execution of a photo shoot that was used for the homepage on the EoU website, and show what I have learned about targeting customers through specific styling. I helped with picking out the clothing that was used, the hair and makeup, and the location of the shoot. I used the market research and moodboards I worked on to select the looks for the shoot and target the Edge of Urge customer. It was such a neat experience and gave me the chance to see what it is like to be a stylist for the day.

A few classes that were particularly helpful in this internship were FTM315, FTM317, and the Fashion Illustration course I took while studying abroad in Italy. From FTM315, the process you go through in order to create a product is what helped me in this internship. Learning the importance of going out and finding your inspiration, then creating a visual from that inspiration, is exactly what I was doing; however instead of creating clothing, I created EoU customer profiles. From FTM317, the experiences I had with trend research and storyboarding were something I used throughout my entire internship. From my fashion illustration course, the drawing skills I acquired, and learning how to create customer profiles helped tremendously with what I was doing at EoU. I am so thankful for my experience here as an intern and feel that everything I learned will help me as I enter my senior year, as well as when I enter the real world!

Chelsea BosworthChelsea Bosworth, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Renfro Corporation, Division: Fruit of the Loom Marketing, Mt. Airy, NC
Title: Marketing Intern
My major project for the summer is to create a Consumer Loyalty Program for the Fruit of the Loom socks brand. The consumer loyalty plan was created to improve brand communication and conversion to repeat purchases. A thorough SWOT analysis was created of the brand’s product, distribution, pricing, and promotion strategies, as well as current communication tools. I also worked with internal and external service providers to detail plans, costs, and the return on investment. I was able to present my program plans to the brand marketing group at the end of the summer. I also worked on a press release for a new product launch and communication strategy while at Renfro. Some major opportunities included interviewing loyalty plan service providers along with the Director of Marketing, attending new product development meetings with cross functional brand team, and presenting my loyalty plan to the Senior VP of Brand Marketing and Merchandising. The Brand Management and Marketing classes, along with the Fashion and Consumer Behaviour class have been really helpful for this internship.
Lindsay BrownLindsay Brown, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Genealogy, Raleigh, NC
Title: Sales and Marketing Intern
My internship focused on marketing and selling formal wear. I personally helped each customer when finding the perfect fit whether it was for a formal event, pageant, prom, military ball, or even weddings. The key project I created was a “Look Book” for the 2012 prom season. I identified the most popular designers, styles, and colors based on the formals each customer purchased. This analysis will be beneficial when they buyers are determining what to purchase for the 2013 prom season. One of the main concepts I learned was management. I helped manage the store and employees. This taught me how to “close out” sales for the day. I also learned about customer service during my selling time. The customer relies on you and wants great service. Some major opportunities were meeting all the people involved in the ownership and management part of the business. This helped me to meet people as well as know how business is conducted. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: Having to personally handle the dresses and customers related to my concentration. In my design classes, we learned about fabrics and shapes that look the best on every body type as well as colors and patterns. This helped when the customer asked what would best suit them and what fabrics would be the best.
Cortney M. CallanCortney M. Callan, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Uvo Luxury, Raleigh, North Carolina
Title: Product Development and Marketing Intern
The major highlights of my job responsibilities revolved around marketing, sales, research, design, and product development. Since Uvo Luxury is new to the luxury accessory market, a lot of my work is focused on making sure the company continues towards positive growth and success by helping out in any way that I can. Some of my daily assignments have included researching information on public relation firms, showrooms, and possible boutiques that may be interested in working with the company. I have worked with marketing the brand on public sites as well as maintaining contact with Fashion Bloggers to keep up to date with the luxury market and promote Uvo. I have also had the honor to work with Uvo on a few trunk shows and launch parties and was able to be involved in the preparation process as well as the event. I have continued to work with designing new ideas for the brand and work with Gigi Karmous-Edwards, the owner and designer of Uvo Luxury, on the creation of new innovative product designs that will be incorporated in the brand for future distribution.

The key projects I have completed while working with Uvo Luxury have been creating promotional flyers for Uvo Luxury launch parties, designing many bag ideas to be incorporated in the line, and working with needlepoint to create a different way of design for the future of Uvo. The project that is in progress involves creating a QR code that will be incorporated somewhere in the line where design and promotion of the company will merge.

Some of the main concepts that I have learned include how much work goes into creating and maintaining a successful venture. I have also learned that in order to grow as a business, the company must be constantly changing and open to new ideas. I feel that I have gained a broader perspective on the different roles that forms a business and have gained knowledge along the way with each role that I have played within the company. By working with Uvo Luxury, it has opened my eyes to how the market and business world operates.

Some of the major opportunities provided during my internship included being involved in Uvo’s new ongoing projects. One of Uvo’s projects could potentially co-brand with Swarovski crystal and Needlpoint.com as well as some non-profit organizations. I feel that working with other companies will be a great benefit for myself as well as Uvo. I was also given the opportunity to take a class to learn a new way of design related to needlepoint that helped broaden my knowledge.

This internship related to my degree/concentration by allowing me to focus on product development and design while incorporating other elements in the fashion career industry, such as marketing. I feel that this internship properly prepared me for a career in the fashion industry, showing me all the key roles that is necessary for a business to function efficiently while giving me a greater understanding of the work that goes in to each position. Although, I have learned a great deal of knowledge from my classes, I feel that it is imperative to get the hands on experience to truly understand this industry.

Annie CleekAnnie Cleek, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Wholesale Division, Birmingham, AL
Title: Retail Development Intern, Menswear and Childrenswear
I worked in the wholesale division of Ralph Lauren, which means I helped make sure Ralph Lauren products were selling through in vendor stores. Under Natalie Bishop and Lori Smith, I worked in several different Belk stores in the Birmingham and Alabama area. We started each day by reviewing sales numbers for the week and season so far. We were able to see how the entire Belk store was doing, how the men’s department was doing, and how Ralph Lauren was performing. From there, we could analyze what items were selling well, and what was not. The rest of the day was spent merchandising clothing based on what the numbers told us. We set up new display tables on the aisles, dressed forms, and moved fixtures. Part of the internship was also management related as we worked with Belk employees and helped them to understand Ralph Lauren’s goals and merchandise standards.

Throughout the duration of my internship, Julie Hardy and I were able to select any kind of project we wanted to work on to present at Ralph Lauren headquarters. Julie and I chose to focus our project on childrenswear. We analyzed sales numbers for the children’s department for three weeks and saw opportunities to increase sales in boys and girls basic stock. After doing a demographic study and trading area analysis, Julie and I proposed two back-to-school promotional events to drive sales at our flagship Belk stores.

Before my internship even started, I was allowed to tour all three Ralph Lauren facilities in Greensboro at orientation. We toured the main clothing and leather goods distribution center in Greensboro, then the online ordering fulfillment center in High Point, and finally, the home goods distribution center at Eagle Hill. Throughout our tours, we met several managers of Ralph Lauren operations who gave us a feel for how such a large corporation is operated. During my internship in Birmingham, I was able to participate in a webinar throughout the Belk Western Division to help all stores prepare for the upcoming Father’s Day holiday. I was also able to meet many leaders of Belk in the Western Division.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: I felt that my degree classes really helped me in my internship. I do not know that I can say I used specific definitions or concepts from class on a daily basis, but all the knowledge I have learned in the classroom provided me with a strong background. I was able to pick up new concepts my employers were teaching me very quickly, and I had a lot of background product knowledge about fibers, yarn, and production.

Meghan CoatsMeghan Coats, Master of Science, Textile Management Technology
Internship Site: Unifi Manufacturing, Inc., Supply Chain Division, Greensboro, NC
Title: Summer Intern
My internship with Unifi this summer was an incredible experience! My primary project was to complete an analysis of the sourcing trends of top apparel brands. I was able to strengthen my knowledge of data cleaning, using Excel, and data analysis. The ability to look at sourcing data by individual company, rather than by product category, allowed me to look at the changes in global trade in a new way. I had several smaller projects as well, such as completing a clean-up of the sales data for Unifi by both the recorded end-use and the required trade agreement certifications. In this project, I had the opportunity to work with the sales team and account managers to learn about the different end markets that Unifi supplies. I also helped with miscellaneous tasks that needed to be completed for the company.

Through each of these projects, I had the opportunity to work with people across all divisions of the company, from sales to supply chain to marketing. Furthermore, I received regular feedback from company executives on how to improve my work and better ways to approach any challenges that I was facing. In addition to working on my projects, I spent a couple of the days touring Unifi’s plants in Reidsville, Madison, and Yadkinville. These tours were an especially cool experience for me because most factory visits that I have been on in the past have been in cotton mills or cut-and-sew factories, so I had not had exposure to nylon and polyester production before.

My internship allowed me to apply several of the skills that I have learned throughout my classes, both as an undergraduate and graduate student. Primarily, the knowledge from my sourcing classes has been the most useful. My familiarity with trade agreements, sourcing terms, and overall trends for the apparel industry have been helpful in understanding the information that I am analyzing, as well as making sense of any problems that I face. I have also been able to apply and improve my analytical skills. I feel that the application of everything I learned in the classroom in a real world setting, focusing on something that I am very interested in, has been an invaluable opportunity for me this summer!

Emily ConserEmily Conser, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Oscar de la Renta, Company Division: Merchandising New York, NY
Title: Merchandising Intern
While working as an intern at Oscar de la Renta, some of my major job responsibilities included updating all of the comp books for the Spring/Resort 2013 Season, and updating and editing all pictures from the Spring/Resort 2013 season. ODLR was switching computer systems, so I had to make new spreadsheets for top selling Bridal gowns, accessories, veils, shoes, and handbags. Each item had a picture, description, style number, and season. I often made copies and distributed new items around the office. Anything the head of merchandising needed done, I was there to assist with. The key projects I worked on included updating the Bridal Sell-In from 07-13 with new pictures, style numbers, and descriptions; a substantial project that took a while. I also updated all of the comp books with new pictures for each style from Resort/Spring ’13, which was another ambitious project.

I have learned a lot about Merchandising, but mainly that it is a collaborative effort with input from many different teams. The Merchandising department works closely with Oscar, the Design team, Sales, and Production. I was able to learn a lot in this internship and one of my favorite experiences was sitting in on some of the Market Week meetings. It was amazing to see all of the clothes up close on the models who were showing the pieces and hearing first hand what the buyers had to say about each piece. I used a lot of knowledge from classes and previous internships this summer. I think that Merchandising opened my eyes more to Brand Management because I learned first-hand that the quality of materials (i.e. the fabrics, knits, leathers) used at ODLR is VERY high. The Merchandising team is responsible for sourcing the best quality materials at the best prices, and when ODLR uses the best of the best, that helps maintain and elevate the brand image.

Caroline CoxCaroline Cox, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Design
Program Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: Michael Kors Special Markets, New York, NY
Title: Special Markets Design Intern
Special Markets is a special division of the Michael Michael Kors (MMK) line that sell to places like TJ Max, Marshalls, and Ross. As a Special Markets Design Intern, I do a lot of prepping for proto reviews, assemble color cards to be sent out to factories, edit prints and flats using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and make spreadsheets in Excel. This has been an incredible experience and I have gained so much. I have learned a lot about the Corporate environment and the process for creating new styles and prints based off new inspiration for each season. All of this while still maintaining the heart of the company. Also, I have learned that there is a lot more to the company than just the design segment, consumer considerations as well as fabric and style pricing are extremely important as well. >Even though this internship is unpaid, there are some benefits in my favor. The company provides “sample sales”. These sales consist of samples that are no longer being used and are sold to employees and especially interns, for a low price. Also, I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to sit in on buyer meetings with the design team. What an enriching experience. >The classes I have taken my freshman year have been a huge help throughout my internship. During my freshman year, studying Fashion and Textile Design, I learned a lot about fabric properties, how to navigate photoshop, target markets, and product development. I have used all of this important knowledge every day of my internship and I’m so lucky for that. I’m looking forward to continuing this learning experience and then using it with my future studies.
Lauren CoxLauren Cox, Bachelor of Science, Textile Technology
Concentration: Design
Internship Site: Glen Raven, Company Division: Custom Fabrics, Glen Raven (Burlington), NC
Title: Design Intern of Custom Fabrics
As a textile design Intern with Glen Raven there have been major highlights throughout my entire experience being here. I attended the ITMA Showtime Market at the Sunbrella showroom in High Point NC during June, and attended the fashion show set up at showtime for students to use furniture fabric to create clothing. I visited the Anderson plant in Anderson South Carolina where solution-dyed yarns are manufactured and fabrics are woven. I also had several chances to sit in on design meetings where the designers often discussed what is crucial to their target market and what types of patterns would fall into certain lines. By sitting in on these meetings I was able to better understand the customer Sunbrella appeals to and the processes in which the designers utilize to cooperate efficiently and successfully. One of the best parts about this internship would have to be all of the amazing people I have met throughout my journey here. I have learned how to work in a design team as well as how to cooperate in a professional atmosphere where the environment is inviting.

The key project I completed was putting together a coordinated set of fabrics to be utilized in the December Showtime. While completing this process I was able to go through the process from cleaning a pattern to having it woven and tested to the standards needed to be put into Showtime this coming December. This experience has taught me skills involved with technology as well as social skills. I have learned how to use the software needed to create a pattern. With the process the design team here uses at Glen Raven I have learned the realistic limitations that there is on supplies and in the industry. I have learned about the different fabric lines that Glen Raven itself has and its wide variety of customers the Sunbrella brand has. I also have a better understanding of the construction in which the fabric is woven in and the limitations that are incorporated with it.

Overall the major opportunities were that I met people within the Industry. By being a part of Glen Raven’s design team for the summer I have been able to attend ITMA Showtime Market and have been able to work first hand on designs using the software the designers introduced me to. The designers spent much time out of their busy days to teach me how to properly use the software and explain the construction of the fabrics that I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with them and that they were willing to better my educational experience.
This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: This internship has related to my degree in every aspect I have learned about since starting classes at the Wilson College of Textiles. It has taught me more about textile design, the fabric constructions, materials, and cooperating with a team. Being involved in the industry has benefited me in that the job directly applied to my major and concentration. To be able to design your own fabric and gaining the knowledge of the construction on the way was an amazing opportunity to further my education where I would not have had the chance to learn through a course at college.

Diana Diana DoDo, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Supply Chain and Retail Management
Internship Site: Kohl’s, Company Division: Sourcing, Milwaukee, WI
Title: Product Management Intern
The major highlights of my job responsibilities were to attend meetings with my manager, update the company on the daily cotton prices, approve new fabrics coming in from Li & Fung, and work on my Impact Project. My key project was called the Impact Project. I was assigned to develop the concept for a Core Fabric Library. This library has been in demand for years, but no one has developed it yet. To complete this project, I met with VPs, directors, product managers, and designers to see what their needs were. I then figured out the organization, check out process, pricing, and design of the library.

One of the main concepts I learned was to be flexible. In the retail world, there are so many changes coming at you, you just need to be able to react quickly to those changes. Another concept I learned was communication. In any work environment, you have to know how to communicate something clearly in order to work well with others and be productive. One of the major opportunities I had was to go meet with very influential people within Kohl’s for my project. Kohl’s also provided a lot of classes for us to learn, such as Retail Math and soft skills lectures. We also had presentations from SVPs where we learned about their field of work and about their career path. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: I work in the sourcing department, which directly relates to supply chain management. I am also working a lot with fabrics, so my textiles background really benefits me. Such as knowing yarn sizes, knowledge of different fabrications, what machines produce what fabrics, etc. Overall, I believe, as do my managers, that NC State really prepared me for my position.

Caitlin DohertyCaitlin Doherty, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management & Marketing
Internship Site: Red F, Company Division: Advertising, Charlotte, NC
Title: Marketing Intern
I Participated in client meetings, conducted client research and analysis, developed change requests/art requests, assisted in developing creative briefs and assisted the production team. In addition, I also attended press checks and routing proofs for approval; created and maintained a list of all vendors, participated in brainstorms and ideations, built presentations and assisted with proposals/pitches. I also planned and organized after work events and worked with other interns to put together a “pitch deck” for a chosen company.

The group intern project, with a complete marketing strategy, highlighted a potential client for Red F. The project involved planning and organizing a social event for the office. I was involved in account management for the TIAA-CREF account, focusing on financial management workshops. I worked with many types of clients, project managers, design layouts of promotional materials, learned how an advertising agency works internally, and conducted client research used in financial workshops and constructed creative briefs.

Lunch and learn meetings every week highlighted a different aspect of the agency, and I enjoyed speaking with VP’s and the CEO about career paths and opportunities. The daily interaction with the TIAA-CREF accounting team included account executives, account supervisors and account directors, being able to see how client and agency relations work in the real world, and working with project deadlines and connections with internal employees as well as clients. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: group work was constant, direct contact with advertising and promotions, project deadlines had to be met and conducting research for companies.

Scott DoleScott Dole, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Company Division: Men’s, Watches, Fine Jewelry Public Relations, New York, NY
Title: Summer Corporate Intern
Assisting with the Men’s Spring 2013 Press Presentation. Last summer and fall I was able to participate in a few fashion presentations and shows with Stella McCartney in New York and Paris, and this year I was able to experience a Men’s press day at Ralph Lauren. These experiences have given me a broad perspective into the fashion industry.

At Ralph Lauren, I was exposed to a broad range of aspects within the Fashion PR industry. I was able to assist with the Spring 2013 Men’s Press Presentation, create PowerPoint decks for Trend Reports and the Avicii video release, create the D&S Holiday Lookbook, and assist with the DMR competitive analysis reports in addition to the daily responsibilities such as overseeing the men’s seasonal press showroom, overseeing the sample tracking system for editorial, advertising, wholesale and PRC sample requests, and contributing to the monthly cataloging of the men’s, watch, and fine jewelry fashion media placements within PoloInfo. I have developed relationships with internal coworkers, especially those abroad who seek samples for foreign publications. Additionally, I learned about how this PR team works to preserve the different labels. Many different publications sent us requests for sample, but we always learned about what the shoot was covering, which other brand were included, and what the nature of the story was. With this information, we determined which labels to send. Not every magazine is suitable for all of the labels. We did this to ensure that the important magazines were able to have access to the labels that they needed. I found Public Relations strategy very interesting and stimulating.

Carly EdmistonCarly Edmiston, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Marketing and Management
Internship Site: Fifi’s Fine Resale and Apparel, Cornelius, NC
Title: Brand Marketing and Advertising Intern
The major highlights of my job included researching men’s and junior’s brands to be carried in the new store, and developing a pricing guide for these brands. I Developed an advertising and marketing campaign that would reach the new target markets of men’s and junior’s. I was also given the responsibility of opening and closing the store a few times a week, in which case I had to do the nightly accounting and locking up. The key projects I completed, as aforementioned, were to research mens’ and junior’s brands to accept and to decline based on the direction of the store. That included creating a pricing guide for the intake specialists. I also developed an advertising and marketing campaign to help the store reach the new men’s and junior’s target markets.

Some of the main concepts I have learned are the way that women tend to shop during a recession, that they still want quality and the name brand items that the mall provides, but they are looking to find these items in a different, more inexpensive way. I have also learned that creating a marketing campaign for certain target markets is completely individualized to the area in which you are setting up the campaign. For example the marketing campaign I set up for cornelius, would be nothing like the campaign I’d set up for Raleigh, NC, etc. Some of the major opportunities provided were that I was entrusted with many responsibilities by the manager because she and the owner were trying to get the new store ready as well as close the old one and prepare the inventory for the move, so most personnel issues were up to me to handle. I was also given the opportunity to help set the tone of the types of clothing and accessories that were accepted for the men’s and junior’s departments. This was a huge opportunity for me because I felt that I was directly involved with branding of the store and helping it move in a better direction.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that it allowed me to see what the current branding of the store was when I started working in May, and then change it into the direction management wanted it to go. The management gave me a general idea of the direction they wanted to move the branding, I saw their vision, and was able to help them move in that direction by adding what I have learned in school as far as how to reach a target market, and what marketing campaigns have been successful and why they will work long term. It also allowed me to see what it take to be in a management position and how many people and detail one has to oversee to make sure the business runs smoothly.

Mary Kathleen FornesMary Kathleen Fornes, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Polo Ralph Lauren, Company Division: Polo Ralph Lauren within Belk, Atlanta, Georgia
Title: Retail Development/Visual Merchandising intern for PRL
Working with Polo Ralph Lauren in Atlanta this summer helped me immensely with understanding visual merchandising as well as the importance of retail in the fashion industry. My job responsibilities included many different things. For example, Mark Clark, our intern supervisor, taught Ashley and I how to understand weekly financial sheets, or “recaps.” From there, it was our job to find out which merchandise or product sales needed improvement. We were able to then reorganize the store and redo visual displays to help increase sales. We learned how to take directives from the PRL office in New York and recreate the displays in store, as well as how to reorganize in order to obtain full profitability for all the merchandise on hand. We did this with both the Childrenswear and Menswear Polo Ralph Lauren shops.

We had the great opportunity to travel to different stores in Georgia and reorganize the different shops to accommodate the merchandise that needed a boost in sales. We also got a chance to participate in a “thank you” fashion show event put on by the Belk in Atlanta. It was in partnership with the Partners Against Domestic Violence fundraising team. We were able to work with the Belk stylist to pull outfits for the models and work backstage at the fashion show. We took a day within the internship and worked with the Lauren brand as well and were able to see the differences between womenswear and menswear. It was great to be able to see all aspects of the industry and created a well-rounded balanced internship.

Since we were able to travel to so many different places, Ashley and I were exposed to many different types of clientele within various parts of Georgia. From here, we realized the demographic differences between each location were substantial, and with each location, there were products that sold well for specific demographic reasons. We were very intrigued by this concept, so we decided to go in depth with the different location demographics and find parallels between each unique location demographic and the products in which sold the best. At the end of the internship, projects from the interns were presented at the Polo Ralph Lauren facility at High Point. Here, we presented in front of many well known staff members from the FTM program, as well as many Polo Ralph Lauren representatives. By presenting, we were able to showcase everything we did, and all the hard work we put forth through this internship.

I was able to learn how to organize a store in order to increase sales and make a larger profit. I was also able to maximize my visual merchandising skills by following directives as well as putting together outfits and display tables that were visually pleasing and would draw customers in to shop and buy the merchandise. Understanding a company’s financial sheet wasn’t an easy task, but after much practice, I was able to understand the different aspects that go into deciphering which items sell well and which need improvement. The opportunities provided from this internship were priceless. The internship itself gave me insight on the retail industry that couldn’t be achieved elsewhere. Living in a different city is a great way to branch out and experience new things, which is a great opportunity. It was also a great chance to network considering we met many people within Ralph Lauren and Belk as well.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: My concentration is in Fashion Development and Product Management, and it is very important to understand all aspects of the fashion industry in order to succeed in your main concentration. The essence of product development is creating something the end consumer will be satisfied with, and working in the retail environment is a must in this concentration in order to understand what a customer really wants and needs. With this internship, I was able to work with every different type of clientele within big cities and small rural areas, and with this I understand now that in order to develop something successfully, you have to understand the consumer you are providing for. Retail is the pulse of the fashion industry. An understanding of the retail industry is a must for being successful in Fashion and Textile Management.

Melvin FrancisMelvin Francis, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Supply Chain Management
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Charlotte NC
Title: Retail Development Retail Development Intern
I had the opportunity to take a tour of the distribution centers in Greensboro and met several Ralph Lauren employees in the industry. Most of the time was spent in Charlotte determining ways to market sell Ralph Lauren Mens wear products. This was through store displays and advertising strategies. I had the opportunity to spend a week in Greensboro at the Distribution Center to come up with store displays concepts for the up and coming season . I learned that it takes more time and effort to make the presentation and image of RL work. Everything is planned and put into consideration with every display of products. All these influence the purchase of the RL clothing. The most important experience was the opportunity to meet and talk to several executive members from Ralph Lauren, who gave me advice on my future career.
Germanee GeraldGermanee Gerald, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Marketing and Management
Internship Site: Kohl’s Department Stores, Company Division: Corporate, Menomonee Falls, WI
Title: Product Development- Fashion Jewelry Intern
My internship included several experiences! Reporting best sellers for each week, working with vendors, approving samples, competitive shopping. Competitive Shopping Analysis, Best Seller Reviews, and a Private Label Brand Impact Analysis. In addition, I was also challenged to find white space opportunities within a brand, research, retail math and communication. Kohl’s provided me with the opportunity to be able to speak with cross functional partners such as buyers, planners, trend analyst, designers, and Senior management to understand their jobs and how each plays a role within the conception of a product until it reaches its designated distribution channels.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: Being able to work within a team collectively as well as individually to strategize and find opportunities to elevate a brand without losing its value or core customer.

Jessica GoffJessica Goff, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Kohl’s Company Division: Management, Apex, NC
Title: Store management intern
Over my 10-week summer internship I was assigned an impact analysis project. I was asked to select an area of the store in which I saw opportunity for improvement. I chose to focus on credit for our particular store specifically looking at credit productivity for the top three sales days of each week.

The exciting part about working in the retail environment was the fact that each day was different. Throughout my internship I managed the Junior’s department by tracking sales, merchandised new freight, and updated strike point mannequins. During my time with the company, we launched the new Princess Vera clothing line. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the entire launch process for a new line.

I used the knowledge from my FTM classes throughout the entire course of my summer internship. Classes such as visual merchandising were very helpful when I was assigned a department to reorganize or given new freight to merchandise out onto the sales floor. It was very exciting to be able to use what I have been taught in the classroom and see it in a real world situation.

Taylor HaleyTaylor Haley, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren Hosiery, A Division of Renfro Corp., Company Division: Design, New York, NY
Title: Assistant to the Design Department Manager
As an intern in the Design Department of Ralph Lauren Hosiery, my major job responsibilities included assisting the Design Department Manager, receiving and checking in samples, pulling and checking Polo colors standards against socks and leggings, fit testing hosiery, attending design and sales meetings, taking notes, attending merchandising of lines under the Ralph Lauren umbrella, and any other tasks that needed to be done. We were working on the Spring 2013 designs. For the most part I worked with Men’s, Children’s and Off Price categories; which include Polo, Ralph Lauren Blue Label, Lauren and Ralph Lauren Boys and Girls. I learned a lot about the way that the company is operated and the products that they design and sell. There was a lot to learn about the different lines and technical properties of the individual socks. I also learned about the process from when the sock is designed to when it is sold at retail. I have had great experiences throughout the course of this internship. The most exciting was having the opportunity to go the Ralph Lauren Corporate office and meet Jerry Lauren. This internship relates to my degree and concentration on many different levels. I have used my knowledge from my TT classes to be able to recognize the technical aspects of the socks and my knowledge from my FTM classes to better understand how the brand and products are created, marketed and sold. All in all this has been a great opportunity and learning experience.
Julie HardyJulie Hardy, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Textile Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Company Division: Wholesale, Birmingham, AL
Title: Ralph Lauren Retail Development Intern
During my four week internship in Birmingham, I had the opportunity to see the daily work of Ralph Lauren Shop Managers Natalie Bishop and Lori Smith. I worked primarily in the men’s and children’s departments of two flagship shops, The Summit and Riverchase Galleria, but still had the opportunity to travel to other Ralph Lauren locations. We visited four other shops around Alabama, ranging in size from flagship to Tier 4. My daily responsibilities included analyzing numbers and trends within the Belk department store with focus on Ralph Lauren, visual and product merchandising, and observing how a large company maintains its brand image. I was able to apply concepts learned from my brand management and marketing background, most specifically visual merchandising, in these daily tasks and projects.A large portion of my time was spent preparing for Father’s Day, which is a critical time for the men’s wear department. This meant we had to be very focused and driven to meet the increased sales plans. I was lucky enough to attend a Webinar training session hosted by the Belk Western Division, which helped successfully organize the company with goals and strategies for Father’s Day. The remainder of our time wasspent in the children’s department where we were able to see opportunities for growth, which prompted ideas for our final project. We created a promotional pitch for the back-to-school season to help drive children’s sales.In order to do this, we conducted a trading area analysis between our two flagship shops, analyzed weeklynumbers for the month, and found market research to help solidify our promotional campaign- all designed to solve the problems we experienced.

My time with Ralph Lauren was certainly well spent and has left me with valuable industry experience! We got the special opportunity to tour the distribution centers in Greensboro and High Point, which opened my eyes to the logistics of a large company and sparked my interest in supply chain processes. Then in Birmingham, my mentors taught me the value of maintaining a brand through wholesale operations. I learned many fundamental skills including (but not limited to) visual merchandising, selling strategy, creative initiative, retail math, trend analysis, and overall professionalism. I will be able to utilize these skills as a foundation for my education and career. This internship has provided me with a better understanding of the industry and has prepared me well for what is to come in the future!

Dorothy HarrisDorothy Harris, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Textile Brand Management and Marketing
Internship site: Scout & Molly’s Boutique 435 Daniels Street Raleigh, NC 27605 Cameron Village
Title: Intern at Scout & Molly’s
I had several job responsibilities during my summer internship. One included updating the online store. As soon as we get new inventory, I put it on the online store which we have through “Shopify”. I made my own description of the item, put the SKU number, the price, brand, and the category. The picture was usually put up later by the owner. My other biggest responsibility was planning Scout & Molly’s 3rd Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser to raise money for the MS Society. This was also my final project for T 493. I worked with the owner to find a venue and called businesses to see if they would donate items to the silent auction that was held at the event. A few other things that I did early on the internship include modeling for the online store, and marketing for the company by handing out coupons at Cameron Village. It was a lot of fun and I got to learn about the way that the company markets. I have also worked some with the customers when it comes to styling or simply offering friendly customer service. I have learned that managing customer relationships is one of the most important things you can do to sustain good business, especially when it comes to a small, high-scale boutique. One of the biggest opportunities that I have had while interning is meeting the vendors. I have met several vendors that sell lines such as Alice & Trixie and Joy Joy. While doing this, I also gave my opinion on the items while the owner did the buying. Networking with the sellers is helping me make connections that I can use later in life. I also met an artist who sells her artwork at Scout & Molly’s. Getting to talk to her was encouraging since I love drawing and painting myself, as my father is an artist, and it is nice to know that art appreciation does still exist. Since I have recently changed my concentration to brand management and marketing, this internship was absolutely perfect. Not only have I got to market for the company myself, but I have gotten the chance to see how the business operates. I have only been in textiles for one semester, but I did get to apply some of what I learned whether it be looking at fabrics and the way they fit (I learned about fabrics in my textile technology class) or about marketing and CRM which I learned in Ms. Gibson’s class. The biggest thing I could apply was what I learned about being professional when it came to talking to other businesses or the way to conduct myself around employees or customers.
Mary Camille HayesMary Camille Hayes, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Supply Chain Management
Internship site: Nation LTD. Los Angeles, CA
Title: Pre-production/ Design Intern
As a Pre-Production/Design intern I worked closely with the designer, assistant designer, design consultant, and technical designer. My main job responsibilities were organizing and presenting the sample lines, preparing marketing materials and samples for send-outs and, accompanying assistant designer on errands. Throughout the summer I saw the entire design process, from concepts to finished garments, and earned a better understanding of knit/woven fabrics and apparel design/manufacturing. I was able to assist a mannequin shoot for the fall’12 clothing line and the Spring’13 photoshoot by styling and organizing. Also the designer, assistant designer, design consultant and I attended a meeting with the Nordstrom rack buyer discussing a potential clothing line. My major taught me fabric quality and fabric testing, which is vital to understand how a company chooses and handles their fabrics. Also the company I worked with manufactures all their clothing in LA so I got to see the different dye houses, cut and sew vendors, fabric vendors and showroom. This helped me gain relationships with vendors and understand the whole supply chain process. Through the internship I learned how to spec garments, make patterns, and use apparel magic software.
Caitlyn HoltCaitlyn Holt, Masters of Science, Textile Management Technology
Program Concentration: (degree received May, 2012) Fashion and Textile Management – Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: International Textile Group, Cone Denim, Company Division: Product Development & Merchandising, Greensboro, NC
Title: Product Development and Merchandising Analysis Intern
My summer has been split between Product Development and Merchandising in the Cone Denim Division at International Textile Group. As a Product Development Intern I have gotten to spend a lot of time at the White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC and have loved every minute of it! Being able to see the manufacturing process on the ground level has really helped me apply my classroom knowledge in a practical manner. Some of the specific projects I have worked on within Product Development include matching yarns to Pantone colors, scanning yarns into the Amsler yarn system to analyze slub pattern and compiling crocking data in order to compare styles and shades to pass industry specifications. I have also been able to attend a mill tour alongside our customers. I have been given the responsibility of facilitating our Global Recycling Standard Certification as we have started using yarn made from recycled bottles in denim.

As a merchandising intern I have exploded the business plan – where sales are predicted by quarter, by customer, by style – into a monthly prediction in order to better forecast yarn usage. In addition I created a sub-format of this file for each member of the sales team to enter their predicted sales for the coming year. I also compiled and analyzed off-quality data for a group of our fabrics. I generated graphs from this data so that our manufacturing team could have a visual representation of the top issues. This data will be used for process improvement. I have also analyzed all of our current styles and facilitated an archiving of ones that are no longer valid.

This summer I have been given a lot of responsibility and am being held accountable for my actions. It is awesome to see how those theories and formulas that you are taught in school impact the real world. That yarn class that I entered every day asking “When will I ever use this?” – I should have been asking is “When will I ever NOT use this?” I feel as though my classes at the Wilson College of Textiles have set me up very well for a successful future. I have never felt unprepared or unqualified for the tasks that I have been asked to perform. I am grateful to all of the people that have provided me with the opportunities to be where I am today.

I love being involved in the construction side of fabric and seeing what goes into the process to make it all happen. Many people do not realize the time, effort and resources it takes to make that favorite pair of jeans. I have fallen in love with textiles and more specifically, denim. This is exactly where I am meant to be!

Elisa HuberElisa Huber, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Textile Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Company Division: Product Presentation, New York, NY
Title: Product Presentation Intern
My internship in NYC with Ralph Lauren opened my eyes to the intricate processes, creative and technical, required to successfully present product in stores nationwide. Throughout my time at the Ralph Lauren headquarters I was given many responsibilities that further exposed me to the fashion industry as well as expanded my knowledge on the creative process within a business driven company. My responsibilities included organizing showroom pictures and identifying key rigs in order to communicate to the stores how new product should be displayed. This applied my knowledge in visual merchandising by figuring out how to communicate to the consumers the vision of the lines as well as please the buyers based on what looks are heavily invested in. I also worked on projects to determine how to display products based on each unique store floor plan and capacities and was able to apply what I learned by helping the active presentation teams accomplish changeovers as new product shipped into the stores in the NYC area. I furthermore participated in all weekly team meetings, showroom walkthroughs and adoptions for new seasons.

Various projects I accomplished throughout my internship included helping complete the Fall Snapshot for all stores to know how to display the incoming product for fall and daily tasks of updating the team global calendar, visual wall and various other duties. I also began a capacities project to reanalyze the amount of product each part of each store can hold for the future, beginning with the west coast stores. I aided in my supervisor’s accessories project for new Asia stores– identifying how much has been bought and therefore how to properly display it. Lastly I spent time working on an individual Creative Project assigned by Ralph Lauren Internship Program where I conceptualized a new store concept for Ralph Lauren and researched what design and product mix would be held at this new store. I presented my project to my team, the Senior VP of Real Estate as well as the Senior VP of Product Presentation.

Through my experience I was able to learn the logistics required in properly communicating with all stores to be on the same page in how to present each new season as well as learn the various steps of getting the product in the store from concept to design to buying to planning to merchandising and presentation. Many opportunities were given to me such as networking with various professionals within the company as well as functions put on by the YMA within NYC and firsthand experience in working in the stores with the merchandising and also in the office focusing on the initial creative process and planning. I had exposure to all aspects that apply to product presentation and any divisions that impact the presentation of the product within Ralph Lauren. My internship applied knowledge of branding and visual communication with the consumer and exposure to the various aspects in the management of a fashion brand and the importance of teamwork and leadership. I was also able to apply the creativity and general design knowledge related to what I learned through classes offered in Art & Design minor during my internship. Overall my experience at Ralph Lauren was amazing and I gained great knowledge of the business of a fashion brand and improved my own creativity.

John JohnsonJohn Johnson, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship site: Burberry Ltd, New York, NY
Title: Public Relations Intern
This internship was extremely enlightening as it was my first internship experience. I became very familiar with Fashion GPS and Excel as they were used to track apparel and non-apparel samples across the US, Canada, and Europe. I worked at Burberry’s headquarters of the Americas in NYC under Aaron Alexander—the PR coordinator of menswear. On a daily basis, I received and sent out samples to various editors, stylists, and publications such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. I was also expected to maintain the sample closet and merchandise the sample showroom. A highlight of my experience was having tea with the president of Burberry—Eugenia Ulasewicz. She was extremely laid back and informative about the company and ways to be successful and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to take tips from someone of that magnitude. Overall, the internship was a one-of-a-kind experience that I was extremely privileged to have the opportunity to undertake.
Kelsey KampfKelsey Kampf, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: General Electric, Company Division: Transportation, Erie, PA
Title: Unit Exchange Asset Management Intern, Supply Chain Division
My weekly job duties included: Running weekly reports for UX Assets and to send them out to the entire team, to keep track of and “police” the clean in-transit report (which shows where each new part is being sent to and from, how old it is, its cost, etc.) and dirty in-transit report (shows the same information except these are old and dirty parts being sent to repair sites to be fixed), and to keep track of receiving errors on items and to receive and scrap the parts into Oracle in order to solve the error. I also had to communicate with the team to keep track of and to locate parts to and from the Customer Support Center’s and Repair Points (which ranged across the US and around the world) and to keep up with the vast amount of emails I sent and received regarding the various parts.

Some of my goals that I successfully completed were to:
-Goal One: To reduce the clean in-transit total, for parts greater than 15 days old, by 30% (When I started: $1.3M, Goal: $.9M)
-Goal Two: To reduce the dirty in-transit total, for parts greater than 15 days old, by 30% (When I started: $2.8M, Goal: $1.9M)
-Goal Three: To work with the cross-functional team (UX Asset Management, Finance, IT) to develop and implement mechanized Intransit Scorecard Reports

Throughout my experience, I learned what supply chain management is all about and how to monitor a supply chain in a real business with real experiences. I learned how to work with others in a corporate and professional setting. I learned how to not take criticism too personally. I also learned how to fully understand the process I was taught in which I was then able to improve certain methods as well as resolving certain complications on my own.

Some major opportunities that were provided for me were being able to attend seminars from very successful people in the business, such as the Vice President of GE Transportation, so that all of us interns could learn how to also become successful one day. Also, the interns (which there were about 400 of us) attended a two day workshop series to learn about key aspects of the business world, such as how to interview, network, function with others, etc. Also, since my job involves me sitting at a desk with a computer all day, I was given the opportunity to go on plant tours several times of all the different manufacturing buildings so I could see how the locomotives were assembled from start to finish, which was really cool. GE is all about getting involved in the community, so there were also great volunteering opportunities, such as joining the Community Service Committee and doing things such as reading to less privileged children during lunch. This summer was full of great opportunities.

Earlier this year I was debating between studying Supply Chain Management or Brand Management and Marketing, so this internship made it clear that I made the right decision. I was a part of was a Management Team, so I got to thoroughly observe how my boss, and others, managed people from GE even at other sites. I also had some experience with managing by “policing” when people would ship and receive their different locomotive parts, and I would communicate with them when it was taking too long until it was resolved. It also made me realize that I definitely want to work in the fashion world though, so I can be just as passionate about my job as the employees at GE are about locomotives.

Courtney KaramCourtney Karam, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion management and Product Development
Internship Site: Stage Stores, South Hill, VA
Title: Merchandising Intern
The major responsibilities for my job is keeping track of E-Commerce website and making sure that everything is up to date with sales and products. Another responsibility an intern has is learning how to track sales and being able to mark-up or mark-down items according to the last weeks sales. I also keyed in Purchase orders into the companies retek system that the buyer has purchased from our vendors. I Kept in contact with them to make sure that they send the products to our distribution center on time so the products can make it to the store when the buyer projected. A special project that I am working on, is Stage Stores Kids Day. This is where employees from the company bring their kids to work. Since I work in the children’s department I was in charge of contacting all of our vendors and asking for items to make a goodies bag for the kids that participate in the event. The main concepts I have learned from working here this summer are tracking previous sales to know if products need to be marked up or down. This is key for a merchandiser especially since that is one of my daily tasks. Major opportunities that I have gotten out of this internship, is the experience working for a major corporation such as Stage Stores. This has potentially opened doors for my future and created many connects upon graduation as well gaining knowledge and a bit of experience in being a merchandiser for a large company. This internship has related to my degree because I am working for a company that sells and distributes clothes to thousands of people across the nation. Merchandising is dealing with the behind the scenes retail experience and is charge of most pricing and promotions for products in the selected retail stores.
Sage KlementSage Klement, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Elaine Turner, Company Division: Design, Houston, TX
Title: Design Intern
My internship provided the opportunity to assist head handbag and shoe designers with designing, rendering and creating colors and prints in flats, creating specs for manufactures, creating line sheets, tech packs and traveling with the lead handbag designer to competitor stores and vintage stores for design inspiration. I created multicolored prints for handbags using Adobe. Trend research using StyleSight, and assisted Elaine Turner and head handbags and shoes designers in archiving handbags and shoes and selecting pieces for sample sale. I also created SKUs for Holiday 2012.

Designed and rendered numerous variations of tortoise resin and metal hardware for shoes. Two designs were approved by Elaine Turner for Spring 2013. Then I created to-scale specs that were sent to manufacture in China to be created. Measurement adjustments were made several times between myself and the manufacturer until exact measurements were agreed upon. I did the same for metal hardware for the toe of a shoe, and a tortoise resin with metal hardware for a handbag as requested by Elaine Turner. A total of four of my designs will be created for the Spring 2013 collections. I also created tech packs for Spring ’13 shoes using Excel and Adobe Illustrator and created line sheets for handbags and SLGs using Adobe Illustrator and created SKUs for Holiday 2012. I learned the importance of communication with manufacturers. How industry materials are sourced and tracked with the tech packs. I also learned the extensive development process from concept to multiple samples, to final product, and I also learned an understanding of the manufacturing process. In addition, I designed hardware that was approved and will be manufactured for the Spring ’13 collections. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: Working for a small company I was able to see many facets of the business. I was able to see the brand completely from product development, to manufacturing, packaging, brand image, wholesale, and retailing. I recently changed my concentration from product development to brand management and marketing, having changed my concentration the second semester of my junior year I had the skills to be a design intern and I also was able to get involved in the marketing strategy.

Hannah KoontzHannah Koontz, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren: Lauren Division, New York, NY
Title: Production Intern
For the first half of my internship, I was involved with the sweater and knit technical product development teams. My daily duties were to check in prototypes that were received from the various manufacturers. I made sure that key measurements on the garments were correct based on the technical package specifications that were originally sent. I was involved in fittings where I learned how to correct fit issues the prototype garment had. I would input correction notes into illustrator flat files to send to manufacturers to visually show the corrections that needed to be done for the second prototype. I was also involved in sample review meetings where executives came to view and decide which pieces would be passed along to the next stage in the line adoption.

For the second half of my internship, I was involved in communicating and challenging cost issues with overseas offices for the factory outlets of the Americas, as well as Europe. I managed costing logs that detailed every aspect that went into the garment that affects cost. I managed any new development as well as reconciled information for those new developments. It was a great experience to be able to first have the technical aspect to physically see modifications in the style, whether it was a change in sleeve length or a new button; and then be able to mathematically calculate how those alterations affected the cost of garments. My studies of fabric types, garment construction, computer-aided design, as well as industry terminology in general were all very vital in the success of my internship.

Amy LaiAmy Lai, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Charlotte, NC
Title: Ralph Lauren Intern
Interning at Ralph Lauren was a great experience in many ways. We had the opportunity to tour the Greensboro Distribution Center and the High Point Direct Center in order to observe behind-the-scenes business operations and procedures. The tours included investigating and learning about the basic supply chain of products, quality checks, embroidery, packaging, and distribution. The tours of the Distribution Center and the Direct Center were a great way to start the internship experience and a fantastic experience for assisting in the understanding of policies and processes needed to interface with the retail store.
I worked mainly at Southpark Mall in Charlotte in men’s wholesale at Belk. I also traveled to two other malls in the area during my internship. Our day-to-day responsibilities included reviewing sales, utilizing visual merchandising techniques to increase sales, planning floor changes, and assisting customers when needed. These hands-on activities brought what I’ve learned in class to reality. Rod Custodio, my supervisor, was extremely welcoming and taught me a lot of merchandise techniques and business practices that I know will help me in the future.
To conclude my internship experience, interns were lucky enough to go to the Eagle Hill Distribution Center to participate in “lab.” We assisted in setting up mock shops of new merchandise for different tiers. These shops were photographed and pictures were sent out as directories for stores to use. Overall, I learned a lot during my experience and have realized how relating work learned in the classroom to my internship was important.
Rima L'AmirRima L’Amir, Master of Textiles
Concentration: Textile Management Technology
Internship Site: Study NY, Company Division: Textile Design, Fashion Design, Brooklyn, NY
Title: Design Intern
My job responsibilities included experimenting with shibori hand-dyeing techniques for one-of-a-kind garments, hand-sewing and dyeing pocket squares for Study NY’s Square Project, adding final touches to garments, meeting with boutique owners, running production errands in the garment district, photographing garments and photo-editing them in CAD, fashion illustration, textile and fabric research, and designing hand-made gifts for buyers.

While assisting with the design stage for Study NY’s Spring/ Summer 2013 collection, I illustrated flat sketches of garments in CAD, Texture-mapped garments, created the line sheets, selected fabric and colorways, and found appropriate notions for garments. During a market research project at boutiques in Brooklyn and New York City, I assembled a workbook on eco-friendly retailers and designers in the areas in which Study NY pieces are sold. I also designed the line sheet and garment flats for one of Brooklyn Denim’s menswear designers.

I was able to engage in most of the phases in the creation of a collection for a sustainable design company- from design, fabric sourcing, production, and the retail market. Through textile and market research, I learned about some of the newer eco-friendly fabrics prevalent in NY’s sustainable fashion community. Because Study NY’s studio was a shared space with Brooklyn Denim, I was able to recognize some of the diversities and overall efficiency in smaller-scale production.

Meeting with people in the garment industry- from pattern-drafters, sample-makers, as well as a representative of Indigo Hand Loom- a fabric manufacturing company that ethically employs hand weavers in India, while focusing on the use of sustainable fabrics and dyeing methods. While working at a sample sale in SoHo, I was able to meet a community of sustainable apparel and jewelry designers in NYC, including Project Runway Winner Gretchen Jones. Sharing the studio space with Brooklyn Denim was a great opportunity to work with other industry professionals.

I also had the opportunity to work at an eco-friendly boutique where Study NY was is sold- introducing me to other designers in the market and their stories, learning the fundamentals of running an eco-friendly boutique, and observing which garments/brands were more successful. Finally, the most major opportunity of all was to live and work in Brooklyn, NY this summer- certainly a milder version of the hustle and bustle of NYC. As part of my internship experience, the head designer and owner of Study NY often assigned projects that encouraged us to explore both cities- allowing me to understand the transportation system, familiarize myself with different neighborhoods, and connect the dots of how a sustainable apparel company designs, produces, and sells each collection in New York.

As a master’s student focusing on sustainable textiles and fashion design, my first instinct was to apply for a design internship in New York with a small-scale sustainable apparel company. Study NY’s business model and design approach contained values and design methods I have been researching during my program. Specifically, the use of sustainable materials, experimental hand-dyeing techniques, local production, high values in social responsibility and great mentorship for interns.

Macaela LeclairMacaela LeClair, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Product Development
Internship Site: Anthropologie, Company Division: Visual Display, Charlotte, NC
Title: Visual Display Intern
Some of my major responsibilities as a visual display intern for Anthropologie included designing and creating the visual display within the concepts of the store using different artistic medias. In order to create the visual display for each concept within the store, the company provides a particular theme or idea and then the visual coordinator of our store and myself, designed and put together a display using that theme or idea based on what we feel would attract our consumers in an appealing way.

The key concepts I completed in my internship were helping in designing and creating visual displays for certain concepts within the store. The purpose of each concept of the store is to create little environments that tell a story. One of the concepts was “Upstairs, Downstairs,” which was one of the home concepts of the store. With Upstairs, Downstairs, the concept was divided into two. Upstairs was designed to look like an attic room, which had a whimsical, feminine, and cozy feel to it. It concentrated on showcasing bedding, pillows, quilts, and mugs. Downstairs was designed to look and feel like a sophisticated coffee shop with a French twist, rather than the generic coffee shop. The concentration on Downstairs was to display home gadgets, aprons, recipe books, and dish towels. More concepts that I am currently working on with Anthropologie include “The Art of (Haute) Living,” which is another home concept and “Meet Hazel,” which is the front of store concept that focuses more on apparel.

One of the main concepts that I learned was the importance of visual display within a store. Visual display is all about presenting the merchandise in the most eye-catching way, and Anthropologie does just that. Anthropologie as a company feels that visual display has the same importance as the retail side of fashion merchandising. With Anthropologie’s welcoming and unique display and its well-known customer service, they create an inviting environment to new and repeat customers, establishing a successful retail company.

One major opportunity I was provided was to learn a completely different side of fashion merchandising through the use of visual display. The visual display of Anthropologie is unlike that of any other retail company, having the same focus in visual display as that of retail. Anther major opportunity I was provided with was to network with personnel in upper management within Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, which can create several job opportunities in the future inside and outside of the company.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: This internship greatly related to my degree and concentration in the understanding of the process of fashion management and development. With Anthropolgie, the visual display captures the attention of the consumer so that they will explore the store letting their imagination go. This develops a welcoming environment, which in turn, creates a connection between the consumer and the store. “By appealing to ‘the imagination’ first and ‘the purse’ second, you might just find wallets opening automatically.”

Emily G. LinEmily G. Lin, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Design
Program Concentration: Fashion Design
Internship Site: Singtex Industrial Company, Xinzhuang District, Taiwan
Title: IFFTI (The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes) Summer Intern
My job responsibilities included, becoming a part of the next generation of textile industry members, meeting industry and growing in relationship with potential future employers and business partners, promoting the company’s name worldwide, participating in classes on production & marketing, factory tours, creating a unique set of garments with the company’s fabrics using all the techniques they taught us. I worked with a partner with different background as me and was able to collaborate (my partner was a Taiwan native, knew English, but very shy about using it). I designed two garments with Singtex fabrics, constructed the pieces and presented our marketing and promotion strategy.

I learned seeing fabric testing (waterproofing test, snag test, dye fastness test, etc), using factory equipment, how fabric is made start to finish in a real factory and social and environmental responsibility companies (ie CSR, BlueSign). The major opportunities provided to me were seeing a garment made start to finish, starting with recycled coffee grounds! Meeting people from all over the world and seeing & experiencing the Taiwan culture and having fully paid cost of living. I have a concentration in fashion design, so creating a garment with fabric with unique functions was what I was familiar. I was unfamiliar with textiles, from functions and fibers and factories, so this opportunity helped me become more familiar with the textile side of fashion. I also learned more about marketing strategy and international relations.

Savannah LloydSavannah Lloyd, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Kayser-Roth Corporation, New York, NY
Title: Team Intern

This summer I interned at Kayser-Roth Corporation’s New York office. Their corporate headquarters are in Greensboro, North Carolina and the New York office houses the creative designers, merchandisers and some of the marketing team. I had the opportunity to work very closely with the intimate’s design team. They worked mainly on the brand Hue but some projects were for the Sam’s club brand June & Daisy. The other intern was from ECU and worked in the leg-wear department. KR’s leg-wear brands are Hue, Calvin Klein, Simply Vera for Kohl’s, No-Nonsense, and JKY by Jockey. I was lucky enough to attend important meetings with both departments, attend a working meeting with the buyers from Belk, and showcase my design concepts and Computer Aided Designs made in Adobe Illustator to the intimates department. Another perk of the job was when two of the designers took me on a shopping trip to Lord and Taylor to shop the competition and look for inspiration in other departments. Some of my responsibilities and work included helping the Merchandisers prepare for Market Week, attending the Market Meeting, helping intimate’s match colors, selecting fabrications from manufacturers, entered data into their PLM system, helped organize retired prints, and much more. This internship really gave me a good representation of the responsibilities a Vice President of Design, Director of Intimates Design, Director of Intimates Development, Director of Print and Color, Senior Textile Designer, Assistant Designer, Textile Designer, Senior Merchandise Manager and Assistant Merchandiser. I now know that being a designer is what I really want and I have Kayser-Roth and the Wilson College of Textiles to thank for all of the things they’ve taught me about the Fashion Industry to be prepared for my dream career!

Christopher Aaron LuckChristopher Aaron Luck, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Smart Apparel US, Company Division: Design/ Planning and Production, New York, NY
Title: Design /Production and Planning Team Intern
This summer I interned with Smart Apparel US. Smart is a menswear manufacturer that works with a multitude of highly known brands. This first half of the summer I worked with the Design Team and with the Planning and Production team second.

With the Design Team I was fortunate enough to sit in on meetings with designers from PVH, Calvin Klein, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Brooks Brothers. I also got to help prepare presentation boards for L.L.Bean, Dillard’s, and Brooks Brothers using CAD Samples and theme inspired photos. At the end of the summer I got to give a Knits presentation to Brooks Brothers designers at their headquarters.

While working with the Planning and Production Team I helped create a PowerPoint presentation to give to Ralph Lauren Polo strategizing the way Smart sells products to them. I helped maintain a Bloomingdales By-Size report to help track inventory and stock levels. I also ran weekly Allocation and Open Order reports to monitor distribution levels based on production time periods.

This summer taught me so much. Concept designing, where you take a theme and then mold it into an entire line of products with fabric samples, yarn samples, and past production samples was fascinating. It opened my eyes to the design side of the business that I had not preciously been exposed to. Also, I gained a lot of insight into the production side of manufacturing through the incorporation of retail math and spreadsheets. Most importantly, getting to work with all of the very talented employees at Smart Apparel was an invaluable chance.
This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: TT105 allowed for me to already know a lot about the fabrics and the fibers that I worked with. I also used merchandising skills gained in FTM 382 when I helped to remerchandise one of our showrooms. Having made presentation boards for all of my FTM classes reinforced my abilities to correctly and neatly assemble them.

Brittany ManleyBrittany Manley, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: bevello, Wilmington, NC
Title: Sales and Marketing Intern
The opportunity to intern at bevello has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to enhance my professional interest and knowledge within the fashion industry. My daily job responsibilities included providing an interactive shopping experience with the customers to promote the brand, implementing visual displays, and maintaining social networking sites to expand market communication. The broader objectives I was responsible for over the duration of the internship included analyzing business and market research to create a more transparent portfolio of the target consumer’s wants and needs. Furthermore, the internship provided me with numerous opportunities. One opportunity, in particular was a chance to speak with the assistant buyers at the corporate office when they came down to the Wilmington location. I found this to be very interesting because I was able to engage with the buyers about vendor relations, negotiating, etc., which is something I think I would like to pursue in my future endeavors. Also, I was very fortunate to work with such a great team that made this internship an awesome learning experience. Over the duration of the internship, I often found myself relating back to material that I had previously learned in my Textile class; whether it be resorting back to the principles of visual merchandising or statistical methods for collecting business data. All in all, I am grateful for this internship because I feel that it has given me a sense of direction as to what field I want to pursue when I graduate in December of 2012.
Bonnie MccurryBonnie McCurry, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration:Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Hanesbrands, Inc., Company Division: Supply Chain, Winston-Salem, NC
Title: Technical Design Intern
As a Tech Design Intern in Innerwear for Hanesbrands, Inc., my job responsibilities consisted of analyzing competitive samples, taking part in weekly fit sessions, evaluating pattern grading and implementing recommended changes, measuring garment samples, working on patterns in Lectra, sewing samples, completing specification sheets, and gaining insight into cost savings opportunities. The project I completed included the male underwear boxer brief grade review, in which I reviewed Hanes’ current Best Fit Boxer Brief fit for relevance in today’s market against competitive garments at Mass. After much analysis, a recommended grade was determined for consistent fit across a size range with actual samples sewn and fit. The cost impact of implementing the suggested changes and any saving opportunities were identified. In addition to my main project, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the tasks of what a temporary worker would do if hired, which included measuring garments before and after wash as well as inspecting pattern, construction, and sew sequence.

Among the wealth of information I learned through both the execution of my project and temp work, much of what I was taught in school was strengthened through my internship experience. The basic concepts that were reinforced included pattern work, grading, CAD programs (such as Lectra and Adobe Illustrator), marketing, merchandising, financial management, and product development. I was privileged to be exposed to so much of the industry that extends far beyond the classroom walls. Some of the major opportunities I was lucky to take part in were ‘Lunch and Learn’ events with executive management and corporate employees, meetings and roundtables with company executives, showroom and distribution tours, seasonal line reviews, CAD review handoffs, spec reviews and handoffs, fit sessions with design, margin reviews, and PD meetings. I was also able to partake in other events related to work, including mix and mingles, baseball game with managers and young leaders, and focus groups.

As a Fashion and Textile Management (FTM) major, this internship directly complimented my course of study in fashion by exploring the design and development of an apparel product. The thorough background of scientific, technological, and management principles I have learned at the Wilson College of Textiles has been supported by my internship at Hanesbrands Inc. I’ve gained a broad perspective into the industry and have truly learned just how interrelated the textile field is. This internship has allowed me to explore further in depth the effects of fashion development and product management as well as gain an understanding from a supply chain standpoint of the fashion industry in terms of technical design. By having a more hands on learning experience that the FTM major does not provide, I’ve been offered a more extensive set of skills true to the design and development of fashion.

Jazsalyn McneilJazsalyn McNeil, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship site: Ralph Lauren Corporation, Various Locations
Title: Intern for Third Party Logistic (3PL) Operations
Interning for Ralph Lauren is the ultimate experience any student can have! I was able to travel with the 3PL team to the 2012 US Open golf tournament in San Francisco, to administrate inventory and sales of an on-site Ralph Lauren store.

Concluding the successful US Open event, I produced/ presented the US Open recap presentation for the President of Ralph Lauren Global Supply Chain. The remainder of my internship entailed similar tasks with to daily 3PL Operations, specific to the New York executive team.

The group projects and case studies from my FTM courses prepared me to interact with my 3PL team. I was able to delegate roles to particular team members to achieve assigned tasks.

Gwendolyn MejiaGwendolyn Mejia, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Marie Claire Magazine, Fashion Department, New York, NY
Title: Fashion Closet Intern
As a fashion department at Marie Claire, I have a lot of different responsibilities. These include, checking –in and returning samples, making story boards for editors, packing and unpacking for photo shoots, and running around the amazing city to get samples from designers and showrooms. Some of the places I’ve visited are Milk Studios, Oscar de la Renta, YSL, Prabal Gurung, and many others. The design studios are amazing! I even had the opportunity to shop for a segment that Zanna Roberts Rassi, our Senior Fashion Editor, was doing on the Today Show. It was rewarding to watch the show and see the items that I CHOSE being featured!! It’s also been a great experience doing work for Project Runway with Nina Garcia’s assistant and have even exchanged a few words with our Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles. I am also one of the few interns that helps with still-life photography preparation. Many times, I’ve had to describe the garments to PR companies or our editors and my major really gave me an advantage as I was familiar with so many textile materials. My knowledge of brands also made it easier for me to understand designers and their PR companies. It has been such a great experience and I’ve had the opportunity network with many editors and people valuable to the fashion industry.
Dustin MinerDustin Miner, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Retail and Supply Chain Management
Internship Site: Ingersoll-Rand, Company Division: Industrial Technologies, Southern Pines, NC
Title: Lean Team Operations Intern
My internship provided an opportunity to drive LEAN transformation throughout the facility by eliminating waste, reducing lot sizes, increasing transaction velocity, and transitioning batch processes into a continuous “flow” with the use of LEAN tools and problem solving. Examples include establishing process cycle time baselines, developing and implementing standard work procedures, balancing production line activity, creating visual management systems, establishing TAKT rates, conducting root cause analyses.

Initial workings of a plant-wide plan for every part (PFEP) to manage and control the flow of materials through the facility from the moment of receipt of raw materials to the shipping date of finished goods. Areas stressed were receiving, warehousing/inventory reduction , and shop floor replenishment cycles. Also headed a formal rapid improvement event (RIE) of the Engine Starting Systems (ESS) line in order to eliminate waste, establish TAKT, convert to one piece flow, and reduce cycle time to coincide with the established TAKT by eliminating waste, employing standard work and visual management. Other informal improvement events were conducted throughout the facility such as simple 5S work place organization and revision of current standard work procedures and visual management strategies.

Kalyn ParkerKalyn Parker, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Peebles, a Division of Stage Stores, Inc., South Hill, VA
Title: Merchandising Intern, Men’s Collections
During my internship at Stage Stores, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Buyer and Assistant Buyer in the Men’s Collections department. Some of my responsibilities included assisting with and completing Monday morning reports, such as Weekly Sell-Thru, tracking shipment of purchase orders to the distribution center, organizing and compiling CADs for each monthly assortment, and preparing spreadsheets, samples, and photography for e-commerce. I was able to sit in on several meetings, such as a holiday advertising meeting and a company update meeting. I also had the opportunity to get an in-store experience and better understand the customer base by working for two days in a Peebles department store, and to attend educational workshops, such as Excel training, retail math, and Monday morning reports. This internship allowed me to apply the concepts I have learned in my Retail Buying and Brand Management courses, and gave me a better understanding of the buying and merchandising functions. The retail math and six-month planning process I became familiar with in my Retail Buying course was frequently used in my department and allowed me to learn more quickly on the job. There was also a strong emphasis placed on company image and understanding the Peebles customer base, concepts that are strongly emphasized in my Brand Management courses.
Kendall PierceKendall Pierce, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Product Development
Internship Site: One Day You’re In, Raleigh, NC
Title: Marketing Developer and Fashion Shoot Assistant Producer
I managed social media for the company, assisting in photo shoots and portfolio building of emerging designers, as well as sketching, and speaking to local groups about the company. I created a dress, of which we held a fashion shoot for to promote one of our contests. I learned how to manage and market the company through social media and attending events throughout Raleigh. I spoke to the STEP program students about One Day in an effort to market the company.

I learned how important it is to take advantage of all marketing opportunities when starting a business. I aided in managing social media, and through that I was realized how important it is to be connected and involved in the social media world, especially in the fashion industry. I was able to put to use my design skills when sketching and designing for the company, but I also was able to learn the business and marketing side of starting a new company.

Through One Day I was able to expand my design skills and use what I have learned through my classes in my actual job, with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator sketches, patternmaking skills, and hand sketching skills. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: I was able to take something I have learned from every class I have taken and actually put it to use, especially what I have learned from my textiles classes. One Day has given me an exciting opportunity to help actually begin a business, which not many students my age have been able to do. Aiding in the development of a company has taught me so much and is a continuous learning process. I have been able to show my design skills I have learned in my Product Development classes, well as learning and applying marketing techniques I have learned through my Brand Management classes to this company.

Claibourne PoindexterClaibourne Poindexter, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Nicholas Varney Jewels, New York, NY
Title: Product Development Coordinator
During my internship at Nicholas Varney Jewels, I was able to experience all aspects of a fashion based business in a small environment. I was fortunate enough to head up the product development sector of the company and gain hands on experience from initial conception of a piece of jewelry, to the design and fabrication process, and finally being able to see the final product and then presenting it to both buyers of major retailers such as Neiman Marcus as well as experience interest from major press outlets on new pieces being produced. Being able to interact with the Studio Director of the firm as well as Nicholas Varney himself on a daily basis and having them be able to show me the inner workings of one of the most respected contemporary jewelry houses is simply an experience which I could not have enjoyed or appreciated more. As well as being able to interact with all parts of the industry in helping to produce pieces for the company, I also got to reorganize the archives of Mr. Varney’s renderings for pieces of jewelry, as well begin to reorganize and archive the mold library of all of Mr. Varney’s work, which was a unique and exciting experience in and of itself. Overall, the internship tied into my concentration through being able to see how the supply chain of goods are processed, as well as being able to be more on the product development side of the company, which was an experience which taught me more in two months than I could have possibly imagined.
Ashley PopeAshley Pope, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management & Marketing
Internship Site: Polo Ralph Lauren, Retail Development (Wholesale side), Atlanta, GA
Title: Intern
The main focus of this internship was learning about visual merchandising, retail development, and the importance of visual display. Responsibilities included dressing “rigs” (dress forms), following directives to display merchandise, and keeping the Polo Ralph Lauren shop clean and aesthetically apealing. The final project we presented was focused on “Store Comparisons & Demographics.” Opportunities included: meeting multiple Belk and Polo Ralph Lauren employees/supervisors, working with Jamie Adcock to execute a “thank you” fashion show event at Belk for Partners Against Domestic Violence, visited four other PRL shops around Atlanta and visited three distribution centers in Greensboro and High Point. This internship encompassed all of my FTM knowledge. It focused on multiple merchandising techniques that I learned in class to draw the customer in.
Mallory RobinsonMallory Robinson, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: LINDA HARTMAN Intimates, LLC, Raleigh, NC
Title: Technical Design and Product Development Assistant
My major responsibilities included updating style numbers, reorganizing and updating the LINDA HARTMAN color system. I also work with Linda to develop the patterns for new designs. I have created several patterns that will be used in the production of samples for the upcoming trade show, Curves New York. LINDA HARTMAN does all design in house and outsources production. When a shipment comes in, we unpack and count the merchandise. Then we count it out to fill orders, which we then ship out to our customers. Linda began her company 1997 and she is the back bone of the company. Her assistant designer is responsible for creating CADS and flats, as well as the specification information. While I am comfortable developing patterns from a sloper, I have had the opportunity to create patterns from specifications, something that I did not learn in class. However, I know that FTM 315, Fashion Product Design adequately prepared me for this task. This internship has been a great experience for me and since it is local, I have been offered to continue until I graduate.
Jessica RussellJessica Russell, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Hanky Panky, Company Division: Merchandising, New York, NY
Title: Merchandising Intern
My internship experience included updating weekly merchandising plans for the upcoming seasons, grouping Cutups and Fall Outs out of leftover fabric to sell for Off-Price, assisting the Planning team prepare for the annual audit and attending Design and Sales meetings. I assisted the Planning team in finding the actualized cost and WIP of finished goods for the audit, updated the planning forecast for Fall 2012, made Cutups and Fall Outs and updating and proofing Line Sheets.

I learned the importance of Merchandising Plans and Line Sheets, every department overlaps, Excel, Simparel Database and production forecasting. Learning from working with upper level management, working on the annual audit, creative freedom on making Cutups and Fall Outs, having weekly duties, learning new databases and improving Excel skills. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that I applied fabric knowledge, product merchandising knowledge and accounting skills.

Erin SchefkeErin Schefke, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Kohl’s, Company Division: Product Development, Menomonee Falls, WI
Title: Product Development Intern- Production
My internship experience helped me learn how a retail company works at the corporate level, competitive shopping analysis, 10 Week long Impact Project, and attending a week long Vendor Fair. I did a competitive shopping project focusing on mostly on sweaters. I compared styles, prices, yarn constructions and any other key selling features. I created a core yarn list for all brands in order to help each individual brand get a chance to see what other prices/yarn contents etc the company as a whole was ordering. I also learned the the history of the Kohl’s corporation, the supply chain of a Kohl’s product, the major roles of sourcing and production and how many different roles are present when creating a product.

I attended a weeklong vendor fair, where I was able to shadow/meet with many different people within the company and better understand their role, furthering my knowledge of textiles, outside of work trips and events to get a taste of the Milwaukee area. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that I was able to see an idea be processed and become a product –this included all of the steps along the way and I dealt closely with fabric construction/fabric content which was an extension of my knowledge gained in my Textile Technology courses.

Afaf SeyamAfaf Seyam, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Product Development
Internship Site: Ruyi Design and Manufacturing, Company Division: Design, New York, NY
Title: Associate Designer
I designed accessories and created specifications sheets using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also assisted in setting up the showroom, trend research, and consumer research. I designed spring 2013 accessories and conducted fall 2013 trend research. 1. The key to being a good designer is knowing your target consumer. 2. Using technology and the necessary CAD software is key to being a good designer.

I was able to receive one-on-one training to better learn Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Because of the company’s smaller size my supervisor was able to act more as a mentor while guiding me through important tasks as compared to having interned at larger companies in which I was usually given less responsibility and guidance. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: I needed an understanding of textile/materials, production, garment construction, CAD, and terminology; which I have learned through courses in my degree.

Laura ShingletonLaura Shingleton, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Menswear and Childrenswear, Raleigh, NC
Title: Retail Development Intern
Our internship was based around Father’s Day and Menswear and Childrenswear. We had the great opportunity to shadow Cynthia Rivera, a Sales Coordinator for Ralph Lauren. Every day we would go over the sales with Cynthia and the Polo Ralph Lauren specialists within Belk, and we would make adjustments to the shop according to how products were doing compared to the previous day year-to-date, the previous week year-to-date, the previous month year-to-date, the previous season year-to-date, and the previous year year-to-date. All of these numbers allowed us to analyze what was happening with sales and take action accordingly. We would go between the Belk stores in Crabtree, Southpoint, Cary Towne Center, and Triangle Town Center. We also worked with Childrenswear, attempting to make order of all the different size ranges that are found in the children’s department. Sizing and recovery were also a part of our daily routine, always making sure the shop was in its best condition.

As a group, the other interns and I analyzed men’s accessory trends in the Triangle area. By distributing a survey in-store and online, we gathered some very interesting data about the general target market. We also completed a competitor analysis on three other brands to see what they were doing as far as mobile marketing and social media activity goes. Since Ralph Lauren is very up-to-date on their marketing strategies, it was difficult to find suggestions for them but we managed to do so, suggesting a smart phone application for easy impulse shopping. The project gave us a huge insight to what the men of the Triangle area really want in accessories, and we were happy to distribute that information to Ralph Lauren.

This was my first retail experience, so I was very lucky to get to work with such great people. Getting to see what the inner workings of a department store like Belk are like, while also seeing the Ralph Lauren side was very interesting; they both have so much in common yet are so different at the same time. I learned how important it is to maintain a good relationship with those you have to work with – whether or not you are both working for the same company. It makes for a positive workplace environment, and comes in handy when problems have to be solved. I learned a lot about Ralph Lauren’s high standards for their stores, with the paper folding of clothes and specific guidelines that they go by for their displays. It says a lot about the company and I really appreciated that.

The main opportunity provided was working with Cynthia Rivera, she taught us so much about the company itself and her daily responsibilities and how they all tie together. She showed us the importance in everything, while always making our days interesting and eventful. Another opportunity we were given was the chance to go to Lab in Greensboro, which was at the Eagle Hill Distribution Facility. We got to meet some other directors from places such as Chicago, New York City, and Miami, and helped them put together the upcoming deliveries in the showroom. It was amazing to see that side of everything, while also getting to have fun and meet all the other directors.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: We used the marketing and sales concentration when we would look at the numbers every day to see what all we needed to do to the shop to increase sales. We then used visual merchandising when we would rearrange the merchandise and dress the mannequins. We would do these things every day, so this gave us great experience in these departments, which I find very important.

Hannah SloateHannah Sloate, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Product Development
Internship Site: Endless Possibilities, Company Division: Sustainable design division of the Outer Banks Hotline, Manteo, NC
Title: Assistant Director
Endless Possibilities is a nonprofit, volunteer-based recycled weaving project that supports the Outer Banks Hotline domestic violence shelter, a 24-hour crisis line, and victims of domestic and sexual violence. As an intern, I conducted several operations cutting fabric, care and conditioning of the looms, designing and making merchandise, warping looms, setting up looms, removing weaving projects, completing daily reports, working with consignors, answering phones, helping shoppers with selections and special orders, open and close the store, and visual merchandising for the store and showroom.

The key projects that I accomplished were warping looms, producing a recycled line, fixing loom issues, introducing a way of weaving round rugs, and finding creative ways to use ties for a repurposed tie line. Some of the main concepts I have learned were: how the nonprofit retail business operates, the importance of material selection and cost reduction, completing projects from beginning to end and learning the process that it entails, and how to work with employees, volunteers, and consigners. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: Endless possibilities have related to my degree because it is a weaving project that revolves exclusively around various and unique textiles. I have learned the ins and outs of the retail process, as well as, effective marketing concepts.

Katherine SousaKatherine Sousa, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Cornerstone Therapeutics, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Cary, NC
Title: Marketing Intern
This summer I had the privilege of working for one of most recognized Pharmaceutical Companies in North Carolina, Cornerstone Therapeutics, Inc. I worked directly within the Sales and Marketing department as an Intern for our Senior Marketing Director. Within my position I spent a great degree of time researching new and upcoming products that could be potential drugs for our company, revising data that was necessary for specific research on current drugs, formed several presentations that would be helpful for the company in the future. We currently have two products within the company, one that is used within the NICU for Respiratory Distress Syndrome for premature babies; the other we took on over the summer when we integrated with another company, this product is a pre-mixed solution for emergency Stroke patients. I was able to spend a lot of time researching both products and learn just how important these products are within the field. In addition, I also had the privilege to see Cornerstone integrate another BioPharma company called EKR into ours. It was an amazing experience to see first hand how the transition worked and I was able to meet several individuals that now work directly for Cornerstone. After our integration, I spent a great deal of time working on our National Sales Meeting that was put on during the beginning of August. It was a great experience to work behind the scenes with our administrative executives to create the meeting for our sales representatives that will be spending their time in the field promoting our drugs. I truly had such an amazing summer and learned more than I ever thought I could. While my internship wasn’t Textile related, I feel that it opened my eyes to help me understand exactly what I am looking for in a career and knowing that will guide me through my senior year and job opportunities that come along.
Lee Stalcup, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: The Art of Style, Company Division: Merchandising/Visual Merchandising/Promotions
Brier Creek and Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC
Title: Merchandising/Visual Merchandising/Promotional Events Intern

While working for The Art of Style, some of my job responsibilities include assisting the store owner with merchandising decisions, including visual merchandising of garments, accessories, and props; both in store and in window spaces. I organize and execute in-store cultural/cocktail events, fashion shows, and photo shoots, in addition to working the sales floor as needed. I assisted the store owner with decisions pre-empting and surrounding the opening of a second location in Cameron Village and assisted with the move-in and set-up process. I assist the store owner with decisions involving marketing/advertising (where, how, and when).
I organized and executed two bi-annual charity fashion shows to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; assisted the store owner with sourcing decisions on new men’s clothing lines; and organized and executed a photo shoot which provided large poster sized marketing materials for the outside of the store.

I have learned how to implement and target effective merchandising/visual merchandising for two different locations (Brier Creek vs. Cameron Village). Brand awareness was built through the use of effective promotional strategies such as cultural/cocktail events and fashion shows. Through this internship, I was able to put into action my educational knowledge of merchandising/visual merchandising as well as to further practice my working knowledge of wardrobe styling and promotional events production/management.

Alexey StepankovAlexey Stepankov, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Product Development
Internship Site: Aeffe, USA Inc. Company Division: Jean Paul Gaultier, Manhattan, New York, NY
Title: Jean Paul Gaultier Sales Intern
Daily duties for my internship included trafficking samples from our office to our clients for photoshoots, events, and other marketing purposes. I also coordinated the showroom before client appointments and worked on sales invoices and orders on the new collections, dressed models in the model closet during appointments and assisted my boss during important meetings/appointments/ and product knowledge seminars. I addition, I worked on Excel spreadsheets for various projects directed by my boss.

I re-organized the model closet and the showroom for our market appointments and re merchandised the archive collections. I worked on shooting the look book for upcoming 2013 Cruise and Spring collections. I assisted one of our new designers, Cedric Charlier, in the company on his visit to America on his new collection at Vogue and Style.com as well as assisting shooting his look book and marketing his collection. Working with the different designers that our company houses such as Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Cacharel, Pollini, Fuzzi apart from Jean Paul Gaultier and working on any tasks that needed to be completed for the new collections. I learned about the different facets and careers that the fashion industry can provide. I learned different sales techniques and ways to market the collections apart from just media use but more hands-on approaches. I have improved my conversational people skills and knowledge of the industry as well as the brands we carry and the image and style that they each convey.

The chance to be a part of creating the line-ups for the 2013 collections as well as shooting look books for those collections was most exciting. I enjoyed having a chance to be picked to work with Cedric Charlier a new up and coming Parisian designer and unpacking, marketing, shooting his collection and assisting with client appointments. I also went on an appointments at Vogue with Anna Wintour, as well as working with Style.com, a site that I visit daily personally. I have been invited to go work Paris Fashion week this coming fall with the company. I liked being able to work with my boss with client appointments and being able to learn firsthand about the industry pertaining to sales.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: All of my major fashion classes concepts’ have had a share in teaching me about the industry and have definitely provided a good basic knowledge of what I needed to know. The business classes I have taken have helped me a lot with knowledge of how sales industry works. Using Excel and Photoshop in my textiles classes have given me a great advantage in my daily duties at my office with different invoices, spreadsheets and edits I would always make.

Nadia TharesNadia Thares, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Cynthia Rowley, New York, NY
Title: Marketing/ Sales Intern
I was a marketing and sales intern at Cynthia Rowley in New York City three days a week for two months this summer. During my internship I worked closely with sales associates, the VP of sales, and, to my advantage, Cynthia Rowley herself on a daily basis. Along with two other interns in my department, I wrote and summarized reports on daily, weekly, and monthly sales. We received fully organized, sorted, and packaged orders going to retail and department stores. I researched and contacted area specific retail locations for product placement; specifically, a line of high fashion wetsuits that created a great deal of media attention. I assisted at a trade show and a seminar with Macy’s. Along with preparing the showroom for private appointments with buyers to ensure the best presentation possible, I assisted in a buying appointment at Bergdorf Goodman. This irreplaceable experience gave me more insight into the fashion industry than I could have asked for.
Will TaylorWill Taylor, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Supply Chain Management
Internship Site: Various Belk Stores, Polo Ralph Lauren, Company Division: Retail Development, Raleigh, NC
Title: Retail Development Intern
During my internship, I changed out and stylized mannequins, visual merchandising of new items, checking sales percentages and how to improve them and tracking trends of products. I also merchandised the beach gear line, selecting certain merchandise to move to increase sales and in turn increasing sales of that product and updating mannequins frequently. Also, I learned how the sales percentages influence the overall trend of the company, moving floor pieces to change atmosphere of the floor can help sales and merchandising items the same was as the directive. I met numerous Ralph Lauren employees, and saw all sides of the company from production to sales and viewing distribution and photo production centers in Greensboro. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: It was textile fashion based and showed Ralph Lauren from production to sales.
Brittany TurucBrittany Turuc, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Fashion Development and Product Management
Internship Site: Khirma Eliazov Handbags, Company Division: Design Team, New York, NY
Title: Design Intern
Khirma Eliazov is a luxury handbag company based in New York City. Their products are sold through high end boutiques and at Bergdorf Goodman. I had the opportunity to work directly with the design team on the Pre-Collection and Spring 2013 lines. I assisted in the development of new styles and colorways, and participated in meetings with the design and production teams to decide which bags will be produced in the line. I also created tech packs, updated line sheets, and made story boards. One of my other responsibilities was going to fabric suppliers to source new fabrics and exotic skins and doing trend research for the new collection. I really enjoyed working for a handbag company, it was a completely new experience for me since I had never worked on accessories or with exotic skins before.

During my time with Khirma Eliazov, I gained a wealth of knowledge about how the design team develops and organizes the styles for a new collection and how to coordinate with the production team. I had the opportunity to see products go from concept all the way to receiving the samples from the factory. I also learned how to more easily create different colorways and how to make tech packs from scratch. Since Khirma Eliazov is a smaller company, I had the opportunity to have greater responsibilities on the design team, work directly with Khirma and the other designers, and see my contributions on a daily basis. This internship taught me very valuable lessons about how a design team works, and how to develop the documents necessary for products to be produced. My experience at Khirma Eliazov was incredible and will help me immensely in the development of my own designs in the future.

Gina VaccaroGina Vaccaro, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Ralph Lauren, Company Division: Menswear and Childrenswear Wholesale within Belk, Raleigh, NC
Title: Intern
I had the pleasure of working under Cynthia Rivera in the Menswear and Childrenswear wholesale department in several Belk’s in the RTP area. We were taught how to read sales numbers of a certain location we were visiting that day (Crabtree, Southpark, Cary Towne Center, Triangle Town Center). From there, we were asked to consider the items that were not selling as well as others and we reconfigured the sales floor to increase sales. This was a great experience because our efforts were visible through the next week’s sales figures. We were fortunate enough to peek into the inner workings of Belk. We sat in on Webinars, Customer Excellence meetings, and saw a behind the scenes look at the “ROCC the Dock” system which Belk created to improve the process of getting merchandise off of trucks and on the sales floor. Another experience was going to lab in Greensboro. There, we met RL Regional Directors from NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and more! We helped set up July delivery directives, preparing the merchandise to be photographed and sent out to every Ralph Lauren Wholesale shop in the US (Macy’s, Belk, Bloomingdales…etc.) During this internship my group members, Laura Shingleton and Will Taylor, and I conducted a survey on the use of Men’s Accessories. We analyzed the information and made marketing recommendations to Ralph Lauren when we presented our project. This internship really helped me pull together all of the things I learned from CoT — from fiber properties to proper fitting to giving a successful presentation.
Emily WalchEmily~Rose Walch, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: Limited Brands (MAST), Victoria Secret PINK, Columbus, OH
Title: PINK Production & Sourcing Intern
During my ten weeks, my main responsibilities were related to creating, reformatting, and improving communication documents throughout our division. A large amount of my time was allocated to compiling data for internal use, as well as for our international sourcing partners. I also participated in cross functional meetings with merchandising and planning, and had the opportunity to meet with several members of upper level management of PINK.

My key projects included a competitive analysis from a production and sourcing standpoint, the reformatting of documents regarding unused raw materials, and developing calendars for both PINK apparel and intimates timelines. Throughout my ten weeks I was exposed to an incredible amount. I became familiar with the language used at Limited Brands as a whole, and specifically in the production and sourcing division. I learned the entire process of an assortment from design concept to markdown, including how the company reacts to testing and sales in terms of ordering units. At Limited Brands, I had the opportunity to not only learn about the company, the production and sourcing division, and hear from upper level management, but I also had the opportunity to experience the company’s commitment to giving back. As an intern, I spent two afternoons participating in community service in Columbus, as well as participated in several fundraisers for Pelotonia – a bike tour dedicated to raising funds for cancer research.

This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: In my position, I was really able to utilize my COT education in raw materials (both fibers and fabric construction) to understand the differences in producing different products in our assortment. Additionally, I was able to apply my knowledge of global trade and sourcing to the PINK ordering process. Because of our sourcing offices in southern and eastern Asia, my study abroad experience in Hong Kong was also very helpful in understanding cultural communication differences.

Emily WeberEmily Weber, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: DIESEL Kids, 220 W 19th St New York, NY
Title: Intern
During my 8-week internship with DIESEL, I learned how to make spreadsheets for the collection, compile and check orders, and assist in appointments with buyers. I also made line sheets, unpacked boxes, and sent out samples. I learned how pricing works and worked with the iPad to color code the entire Spring/Summer 2013 kids collection. I was also responsible for updates with the collection such as style and color cancellations. I would keep track of these on a spreadsheet and pull the items of the racks in the showroom. I worked in the kids showroom as a wholesale intern alongside the head of sales for DIESEL Kids. My supervisor was Maddie Lazo, who was very helpful and taught me a lot about the industry. I was able to use a lot of the skills I learned here at NC State for this internship and had an excellent experience. Everyone at DIESEL is very professional but fun and positive at the same time. This internship was very hands-on and educational. It gave me a lot of insight into what I want to do with my fashion career when I graduate.
Brittany WhealonBrittany Whealon, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Product Management and Fashion Development
Internship Site: Marc Jacobs Intl., Company Division: Design, New York, NY
Title: Production Intern
During my internship, I helped out with sample room needs and organized documents pertaining to production. Other responsibilities included assembly of line list sheets, hand sew jewels and buttons on garments, copy, scan and organize purchase orders, cutting tickets, and combo sheets, preparing label packages for manufacturers, pick up and deliver items from factories in mid-town and the office, make zippers and fray patches for a dress from Fall ‘12 line.

I also advanced my hand sewing skills, production processes and the many aspects of creating a collection from concept to development. I enjoyed hands on activities like hand sewing, fabric fraying and making zippers, got to see the Resort ‘13 photo shoot and I got to witness the factories where all the garments are made. This internship related to my degree/concentration in that: it is in the production/product development field, I get to see patterns and pattern making that I learned in class, I get to see actual cutting tickets that I learned about in class and I got to go to factories like the ones I learned about in class.

Ashton YorkAshton York, Bachelor of Science, Fashion and Textile Management
Program Concentration: Brand Management and Marketing
Internship Site: BCBG MAX AZRIA Group, 1450 Broadway, New York, NY
Title:Sales Intern – Sportswear and Runway Division
As an intern in the sales division at BCBG Max Azria I have many responsibilities and have learned a lot. Every morning I use a program called ACS to track the ship log, meaning that I track the shipments to department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, etc, to make sure that they arrive before the cancel dates. I often sit in on appointments with buyers from large department stores and assist my advisor by keeping the delivery being presented organized, writing down the items the buyer selects, and making sure that the merchandise is presented in the correct order. I also often create packets for buyers who are not able to make it into the showroom. In making the packets, I choose items that I feel will fit well into the buyers store and then decide out how many units of each item to suggest so that the plan is met.

I have gotten many opportunities to interact with buyers from major department stores when I sit into appointments. I have gotten to go to in-store events in which we presented merchandise to sales associates and gave insensitive for them to suggest BCBG products to consumers over other brands. I have also had the opportunity to sit in on many company meetings including a “best sellers” meeting once a week and a “design and inspiration meeting” in which Lubov Azria, the creative director, explained her thought behind her resort line so that account executives know how to explain the line to their buyers.

The internship is relative to the Fashion and Textile Management concentration because it requires me to apply many of the skills I learned in my classes such as retail buying to successfully complete assignments for my supervisor.