Meet Our Graduate Students

Student Last Names Ending in:

Carmen Sofia Alcala

Nice to meet you! My name is Carmen Sofia. I was born in Mexico and textiles have always been part of my life. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in December 2019 from ITESM with my bachelor in Business Management and Innovation. I am certified internationally in Innovation, B2B Strategy and Sustainable Business strategies. I am currently Customer Success Manager of one of Mexico´s most important textile companies in tricot, spacer and raschel. I look forward working with the faculty and fellow students and find new ways in which textiles can impact positively in the environment and our daily lives.

Kyler Arnold

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. My interest in fashion design began with an instinctual, childhood fascination for taking things apart and putting them back together again in various ways. I followed this passion and pursued my undergraduate education at Georgia Southern University, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design. While there, I presented research in sustainable apparel design, worked as a Teaching Assistant, and competed in the Emerging Designer Competition at Greensboro Fashion Week, where I was awarded an apprenticeship with Wrangler. Afterwards, I relocated to the state of North Carolina to work as an Apparel Designer for a local brand and Visual Merchandiser for a major retailer. I am now a Master of Science in Textiles candidate at North Carolina State University. I plan to focus my courses in Apparel and Textile Design with a thesis on the afterlife of apparel, mass production paradigms for upcycling, and environmentally conscious entrepreneurship. My ultimate aspiration is to earn my PhD and assume the role of a professor of fashion design.

Armaan Arora

I was born in Mumbai, India and I am currently pursuing an online Masters in Textiles degree at North Carolina State University. I previously attended Georgetown University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Finance. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I also took courses in Philosophy, Economics and Government. My internships span a wide variety of industries – investment banking, textile manufacturing and digital consulting. Post graduating from Georgetown, I worked as an Associate at Boston Consulting Group for 2 years. I am currently a manager in the Business Excellence team at D’Decor Home Fabrics, the world’s largest mill in curtain and upholstery fabric. I look forward to developing deep knowledge about textile technology through my Masters program at North Carolina State.

Dakota Batch
tatm grad

I am originally from Austin, TX – the live music capitol of the world! I received my Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel Design from The University of Texas at Austin, “Hook ‘em Horns!” The most impactful experiences of my undergraduate career came from traveling across various regions of India and receiving a first-hand look into textile industry. While abroad, my perspective widened beyond the racks of brands like H&M and fast fashion, to the global reach that the fashion and textile industry has. Upon my return to the States, I shifted the focus of my coursework to reflect my broader perspective. I began promoting companies and business practices that highlighted sustainability, environmentally conscious textile applications and corporate social responsibility. I am BEYOND excited to join the Textiles program at North Carolina State University. During my time here, I will partake in a wide range of courses that promote ethics-focused innovation in all aspects of industry. I am excited to learn and grow in an environment and eventually work for a textile firm that aligns with my goals of promoting sustainability and social responsibility to all.

Sydney Beckner

Hi! My name is Sydney Beckner and I am from Winston-Salem, NC. I recently graduated from the Wilson College of Textiles in May 2020 with my B.S. in Textile Technology. I am currently pursuing my Master of Textiles as an online part-time student while simultaneously working a full-time Product Development job at Kohl’s Corporate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I became passionate about textiles at a young age and am now excited to start my career within the industry! Throughout my undergraduate career, I was fortunate to have an interdisciplinary approach to my degree and understanding of the industry and I am hopeful this program will be able to further my personal development as a student and employee. The Wilson College of Textiles has offered me so many different experiences that have prepared me for my future and I am excited to see where this opportunity will take me next!

Lonny Carter
Ms. Carter

I am a 2008 graduate of the Wilson College of Textiles with a B.S. in Textile and Apparel Management, concentrating in Brand Management and Marketing. Since graduation, I have been a buyer for Stage Stores and Variety Wholesalers and a Product Manager for Advanced Sports Enterprises. I am currently working for Bob Barker Company where I am the Product Manager for inmate uniforms, clothing, and suicide prevention products. The corrections industry requires an in-depth textile knowledge for safety and comfort, which is why I would like to learn more about the fibers, fabric processing, and nonwovens areas of textiles. In my current role, I am challenged to bring new, innovative products to this specialized industry that solve problems and increase safety in America’s jails, prisons, and mental institutions. I am excited to further develop my textile knowledge in the Textile Technology Management Ph.D. program.

Jeanine Fry

From Chicago, Illinois – My experience includes theatrical costume design, textile installation, and custom apparel design.  Prior to moving to Raleigh to pursue my M.S. in Textiles, I managed the tailor shop for a high-end custom suit business in downtown Chicago.  The focus of my research is advancements in textile and apparel production to reduce waste in manufacturing.  I envision a future where access to custom eclipses the excess of mass production.

Mars Harvey

Hi y’all! I’m in the M.S. program, and my research is in 3D printed, fiber-integrated composites for footwear. I love combining my technical textile knowledge and artistic instincts to tell stories and solve problems. The best products do both!

That’s exactly what drew me to the Wilson College of Textiles while still in high school. With help from the North Carolina Textile Foundation I fell in love with the process of creating art that people interact with in intimate ways – whether in apparel, home, or technical applications.

I graduated from NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles in 2019, with a B.S. in Fashion and Textile Design, with a concentration in Textile Design. I minored in both Spanish and Textile Technology. I took some time to work in the hosiery industry, and now I have come full circle back to the Wilson College of Textiles. It feels great to be “home” again at NC State. I’ve always sought a life standing at the intersection of art and science, and I’ve found it here.

Mario Hernandez
Mr. Hernandez

My name is Mario Hernandez and I am from El Salvador, Central America. I did my undergraduate in Business and Economics at ESEN, El Salvador. I worked 4 years at a textile mill, focused on weft circular knitting for end-use products such as active wear, in the product development department. After being involved in such a technical and specialized environment, I decided to pursue the Ph.D. degree in Textile Technology Management, so I can continue learning about the textile field and the innovations in the processes of production and management. I aspire to work in the product development field innovating in sustainable process of production and using eco-friendly products.

Uikyung Jung
grad student

My name is Uikyung Jung, I am a Ph.D. student in Textile Technology Management. I am from South Korea, and I studied Clothing and Textiles and Business Administration at Ewha Womans University. With a concentration in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, I have work experience in apparel manufacturing company and luxury brand, which stimulated my curiosity about material. At NC State University, I aspire to build a fiber and polymer science background and seek an interdisciplinary approach to biomaterials and sustainable fashion industry.

Karinn Kasbekar

My name is Karinn Kasbekar and I am from Raleigh, NC. I am pursuing a Masters of Textiles here at Wilson College of Textiles and recently finished my undergraduate degree in Fashion and Textile Management and minor in Business Administration. My interests are in marketing and merchandising and I have worked as a merchandising intern at JCPenney in Plano, Texas. I am also interested in learning more about data analytics and consumer marketing. As an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to work at the Consumer Behavior Lab at Poole College of Management.

Bailey Knight

My name is Bailey, and I am currently working as a Studio and Lab Technician for TATM, and graduated from North Carolina State University’s College of Design with a Bachelor of Art and Design in May of 2017. I recently started pursuing a Masters of Textiles to apply my creativity to and learn more about the technical processes behind textile design. Being practical yet fun, I create work that is both quirky and respectful to the earth, and pride myself in my natural materials, natural processes, and accepting heart. I find and reinterpret natural awe and beauty through my work in forms of wearables, wall pieces, garments, and soft products.

Eric Lawrence

Originally from the snow country of Buffalo, NY, I moved to Wilmington with my family for High School. Being sick of the beach I decided to move inland and attend NC State, graduating in 2011 with a degree in Textile Technology. Working in Industry for 2 years, I missed NC State so much that I came back and began work here at the Wilson College of Textiles for the Nonwovens Institute. Currently managing the Fiber Science Lab, I have decided to foster my knowledge base and continue my education pursuing my graduate degree as a Masters of Textiles. I am excited to be both a full time employee and an official part of the Graduate Program here at my Alma mater!

Sara Lewis Hood

I am originally from Goldsboro, North Carolina, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in May 2019 from NC State University with my B.S. in Fashion and Textile Management: Brand Management and Marketing and minors in Business Administration and Sociology. During my time as an undergraduate student at NC State, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, and to complete internships with VF Corporation and Cotton Incorporated. I served in the Krispy Kreme Challenge organization for four years and started the Pillowcase Project at NC State during my freshman year, a service project that has donated more than 2,000 handmade pillowcases, cut and sewn by NC State student volunteers, to the patients at UNC Children’s Hospital. I am so thrilled to be returning to NC State to pursue my Ph.D in Textile Technology Management and look forward to working with and learning from the incredible faculty and staff of the Wilson College of Textiles in the years to come. Go Wolfpack!

Maddy Lyon

I am an artist and apparel designer based in Echo Park, Los Angeles. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where winters were rough, and summers teemed with life. The fleeting beauty and fragility of the natural world are what drives me to create. I explore sustainable and renewable practices through deconstruction, manipulation, and reconstruction with all the mediums I work in. I love to sew, paint, draw, pattern, create dyes, experiment with upcycled materials, etc. I graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Fashion Design and then went on to work as a designer at Kohl’s Corporate. Currently, I am a full-time textile designer producing prints for limited-time offer collections for Target, such as the most recent announcement of collections with Sandy Liang, Victor Glemaud, Nili Lotan, and Rachel Comey. 

I look forward to growing my technical knowledge of textiles and connecting with faculty and other students who share similar interests. My passion lies in problem-solving and I would like to work in a space within the industry that is looking forward towards better, conscious ways of producing. My primary reason for pursuing a master’s degree in Textiles is to learn more about material development and use my creative skills as a designer to do interdisciplinary work. As I understand more about the processes needed to produce textiles, I hope that I can contribute positively to the growing need for professionals equipped to handle the issues of sustainability and climate change in the worldwide supply chain. Guided by the current methods used for textile production, I want to study circularity and how designers can plan the end life of the product in the beginning.

Alyssa McNamara

I am a North Carolina native and I have been enamoured with textiles for most of my life. I graduated from NC State as an Anni Albers Scholar in 2011, with a double major in Textile Technology from the College of Textiles and Art & Design from the College of Design. Since graduation, I have worked in the Research and Development department at a digital textile printing company in Durham, NC. Through my career, I have been able to see advancements in technology first hand as well as improvements that are making textile production more sustainable. I enrolled in graduate school at the Wilson College of Textiles in order to deepen my knowledge of sustainable practices and to affect change in the industry.

Shelby Miller

Hello my name is Shelby Miller, I am attending North Carolina State University to obtain a Master’s degree in Textiles. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandise – Apparel with a minor in Business from East Carolina. My career goal is to work in the apparel industry doing research. Interests include: coloring,  watching Youtube, listening to music, eating, and spending time with my family.

Cecilia Monge

Hi there, I am Cecilia Monge, I am from Miami, Florida and recently graduated with my Bachelors in Retail Entrepreneurship from Florida State University. I am an incoming graduate student in the Masters of Science in Textiles program. I have had internships in marketing and e-commerce and while I love data analysis, I am looking for an opportunity to incorporate my creative interests into my education and future career goals. Last year I worked with the ANDI thermal manikin to measure sweat rates of different PPE along with running live wear trials for face mask comfortability. I have recently completed a design internship with Kohl’s and found solutions oriented design to be my primary passion. I am so excited to be starting my journey here at the Wilson College of Textiles where I will be able to learn all the skills I need to be successful in the fashion industry. I am ready to take advantage of all of the resources at our fingertips and delve deep into the world of textiles!

Ana Alves Musialak

I am a Textile Engineer born and raised in Brazil.  I have obtained a wealth knowledge and experience during the course of my academic career including studying at both domestic and international Universities and  several publications at different international textile conferences/papers.

In addition to my academic background, I have experience working professionally in the private sector of the textile industry. I have gained valuable experience working for a start-up and two multinational textile companies. My experience includes market research, production, sustainability, quality control, lean manufacturing and in my most recent position I was at a technical support team, visiting customers and managing a textile laboratory.

As a next step in my textile journey, I am now enrolled at the Master of Science in Textiles at the Wilson College of Textiles. I am incredibly inspired by the academic environment and the quality of research that is produced at NC State University and I am excited to be part of it!

Zoë Newman

My name is Zoe Newman. I am a Ph.D. student particularly interested in knit programming and sustainability. I attended NC State University for both my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion and Textile Design and my Master of Science degree, where I developed and honed my skills in knitting and technical fabric design. Since a young age, I have always been interested in textiles and materials, getting my hands on everything I could. I am excited to continue my studies at the Wilson College of Textiles, as I am eager to contribute to new innovations impacting the textile industry.

Sneha Rani

Intricate designs, fine weaving, delicate textures, beautiful colors and rich patterns have never failed to fascinate me. My passion for art and engineering led me to pursue my bachelors in Fashion and Apparel engineering from the Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences, Bhiwani, India. I was able to grasp the technical and creative aspects of the textile industry along with the downstream retailing and marketing. I gained an understanding of other disciplines with their applications in textiles encompassing basics of physics, chemistry, electrical, mechanical and programming. My journey from Bhiwani, a small town in India, to Mumbai, a metropolitan city; was eventful. I had the opportunity to work in apparel, home linen manufacturing and export industries catering majorly to US markets. Working for the past 5 years, I have learned a lot of basic sourcing, through the final dispatch. This made me grow not just professionally but also as a person. My dream of studying in the United States and being part of the first world where research and development are more advanced than most countries, especially in the field of textile and fashion; has motivated me to venture into the of Master of Science in Textiles degree. I have only begun to explore my potential and will delve deeper to continue to strive for excellence.

Dorota Szlek

I was born in Warsaw, Poland, but grew up and spent majority of my life in New York, and after earning a B.S. and M.S. in non-textile disciplines, I returned to school to study fashion. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an A.S. In Accessories Design, and my Graduate Student Exhibition won 1st place for Headwear Design. My work was also featured at FIT’s 1st Sustainability Conference. I spent the last 13 years in various design and materials management roles in acccessories, and later garment categories, in fashion. I was exposed to some of the most brilliant Wilson Colllege of Textiles’ faculty and alumni through work at such innovative companies, as Calvin Klein and PVH Corp., and I knew I had to join the best to be the best! I believe you never stop learning, so when I was accepted to the Master of Textiles program at NC State, I was thrilled, and have made it my goal to take advantage of and maximize each and every day of this journey. Additionally, my interests in circular systems and biobased product development influenced me to simultaneously pursue a second Master in Forest Biomaterials. I believe both industries, Textiles and Forest Biomaterials, will be closely interrelated in the future, and I plan to continue to focus my study on current market trends, industry innovation, business developments, and economic, social and environmental impacts on these industries to understand how the future bioeconomy of textiles could be shaped and eventually integrated into our lives.