Meet Our Graduate Students

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Muhammad Hammad Abbasi

abassiMy name is Muhammad Hammad Abbasi and I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I did my undergraduate degree in Textile Engineering from National Textile University, and then did my Dual Masters in Global Innovation Management jointly offered by Aix Marseilles Graduate School of Management and Poole College of Management, NC State. Why NC State? I want to be a part of the world’s best textiles college. What do I hope to accomplish? I want to promote the applicability of big data in textile complex by focusing on how a big data can be utilized in a best possible way to solve complex issues in Textile complex. I also want to learn all the necessary skills to help College of Textiles in building big data capability.


Kristin Adejuwon

scottI was born in Richmond, Virginia, and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Textile Technology Management at North Carolina State University. I previously attended Virginia State University, where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising Management. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I was ranked as a top 20 finalists in the nation in the Cotton University 24 Hour Runway Show Design Competition. Also, I interned and worked as a Textiles instructor for the Richmond City Growing 4-H Science Institute where I helped promote sustainable practices around campus. However, at NC State I plan to continue to work towards my goal of becoming a textile and apparel designer. I look forward to utilizing the technology that the College of Textiles provides and I remain optimistic in all of my endeavors.

Dakota Batch

tatm grad

I am originally from Austin, TX – the live music capitol of the world! I received my Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel Design from The University of Texas at Austin, “Hook ‘em Horns!” The most impactful experiences of my undergraduate career came from traveling across various regions of India and receiving a first-hand look into textile industry. While abroad, my perspective widened beyond the racks of brands like H&M and fast fashion, to the global reach that the fashion and textile industry has. Upon my return to the States, I shifted the focus of my coursework to reflect my broader perspective. I began promoting companies and business practices that highlighted sustainability, environmentally conscious textile applications and corporate social responsibility. I am BEYOND excited to join the Textiles program at North Carolina State University. During my time here, I will partake in a wide range of courses that promote ethics-focused innovation in all aspects of industry. I am excited to learn and grow in an environment and eventually work for a textile firm that aligns with my goals of promoting sustainability and social responsibility to all.

Lisa Bledsoe

Ms. BledsoeI come from a theater background with a BA from Appalachian State University in theater design and an MFA from the UNC School of the Arts in stage properties. Over the years I’ve worked for theaters across the country. Along the way I’ve encountered a wide variety of materials and learned many different fabrication techniques. However working with fabric was always my preference, so textile design was a natural choice when I decided to change careers. I grew up in North Carolina, and with a long family legacy at NC State, I’ve always been aware of the reputation of the textiles program. I look forward to learning more about the industry as I work towards my MS in textiles.



Brittany Buckner

tatm gradOriginally from Hickory, NC, I graduated magna cum laude from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Apparel Design and Merchandising. While in undergrad, I interned for a women’s contemporary brand in New York City that specializes in private label. Upon graduating, I moved to NYC to work for a men’s sneaker licensing and manufacturing company. While there, I tried my hand at children’s footwear manufacturing and from then on decided to pursue a career in product development. I chose the TATM program at NC State primarily because of their access to the industry, the highly qualified faculty and the amount of resources within, not only the university, but the COT as well. I am pursuing an M.S. in Textiles with a focus in Product Development and hope to use the skills and knowledge I gain from NC State to obtain a position within the children’s wear industry.


Philip Burger

Mr. BurgerI graduated in May 2015 from NC State with a BS in Textile Technology, concentrating in Technical Textiles.  After working for a year as a product development engineer at a carded nonwovens company, I determined I would like to continue my education and focus my studies on textile product development and design. I chose to return to NC State because the Master of Science in Textiles acutely aligned with my needs, and the depth of knowledge available within the faculty of the College of Textiles is second to none.  I look forward to expanding my knowledge about textile development and design and to use what I’ve learned to establish a career in technical design.



Jackie Burris

Jackie BurrisI am in my second year as a Ph.D. Candidate in Textile Technology and Management (Expected 2018). My current research focus is in automated manufacturing technologies for domestic production. Born and raised in England, I studied a BTEC in Fashion Design at Boston College of Fashion and graduated in 1999. I completed an undergraduate degree in BSc Textile Design, from the University of Huddersfield and graduated in 2004. I completed my MSc in Textile Technology from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in 2005. I have worked in various positions with national and internationally recognized companies in product development, design innovation, manufacturing for automotive industry, BCD, medical and military applications, quality assurance and academia. I decided to return to higher education to re-focus my career and am in pursuit of finding fulfilling career opportunities with innovative companies.

Jessica Cameron

Ms. CameronMy name is Jessica Cameron and I am originally from Bay Shore, New York. I earned my BS in Biology from Long Island University and moved to North Carolina over a decade ago. Since graduating, I’ve worked in a variety of laboratories, including virology and environmental chemistry, as I was always searching for my ideal career. Since early 2013, I’ve been employed at Tempur Sealy in the New Product Development department. It is here that I’ve been able to learn about textiles and envision a future for myself in this field. I truly enjoy seeing the different stages of development for products and really love seeing my work on the floor at retailers. I decided to attend NC State because I want to continue to advance my role in developing new consumer products and have seen the strong connections between NC State and industry.

Betsy Claunch

Betsy ClaunchMy name is Elizabeth-Lane (Betsy) Claunch, I am originally from Versailles, Kentucky and I have traveled a unique academic career path. I received my undergraduate degree from Auburn University in Polymer and Fiber Engineering and my master’s degree from Virginia Tech in Biological Systems Engineering. Currently, I am working toward a Ph.D. in Textile Technology and Management. The decision to attend NC State was easy, because Raleigh is a beautiful area with a rich textile history and many exciting opportunities for future growth. My goal after graduation is to make a positive impact on the textile industry through the advancement of innovative and sustainable materials.



Yi Ding

Yi DingI received my undergraduate degree in Textile Engineering from Donghua University, China. I entered NC State as a 3+X student in Fall 2011, and completed my MS degree in Textile Chemistry under the instruction of Dr. Harold S. Freeman in 2013. I’m now pursuing my Doctoral degree with the combined instruction of Dr. Harold S. Freeman and Dr. Lisa Chapman. My research interests are textile digital inkjet printing technology, ink chemistry, textile color gamut mapping and analysis.



Avoni Gharde

ghardeI am from Mumbai, India. I completed my undergraduate in Textiles from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. I am particularly interested in nanotechnology applications, garment house management and finishes applied on textiles. TATM encompasses all the various aspects of this field and I feel extremely lucky to have been accepted into the prestigious College of Textiles! I interned for 6 weeks at BASF in 2014 where I conducted tests and evaluation of auxiliaries and performance chemicals in the Textiles department and it was a great experience. I would love to work in a production-evaluation / development lab. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in TTM and want to work for the top companies!



Kathryn Hayes

grad studentHi, my name is Kathryn and I am from Clemmons, a small town outside of Winston-Salem, NC. I graduated from NC State College of Textiles in May 2017 with a B.S. in Textile Technology. During my undergraduate career, I became particularly interested in textile quality and applied statistics related to the textile field, which is what I will be studying during my Masters program. The COT has an outstanding reputation and a highly qualified faculty, making my decision to further my education at NC State an easy one. I am looking forward to all of my endeavors that lie ahead!



Mario Hernandez

Mr. HernandezMy name is Mario Hernandez and I am from El Salvador, Central America. I did my undergraduate in Business and Economics at ESEN, El Salvador. I worked 4 years at a textile mill, focused on weft circular knitting for end-use products such as active wear, in the product development department. After being involved in such a technical and specialized environment, I decided to apply to the Master of Textiles that NC State offers so I can continue learning about the textile field and the innovations in the processes of production and management. I aspire to work in the product development field innovating in sustainable process of production and using eco-friendly products.



Hiam Hindi

hindiI grew up in Northwood, Ohio where I attended Bowling Green State University and received a Bachelor’s degree in product development and apparel merchandising. I also completed additional academic work at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and received a degree in advertising and marketing. Most recently I was the Senior Director of fabric development and operations at Ralph Lauren in New York City. While at RL, I was responsible for sourcing, developing and integrating innovative fabrics and materials from across the globe. Prior to Ralph Lauren, I held several material and product development roles at Levi Strauss and Target. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree at North Carolina State University as part of their prestigious Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management program. I believe that my graduate work at NC State will further develop my skills and provide valuable expertise in pursuit of furthering sustainable development and manufacturing globally within the fashion industry. I am passionate about fostering environmentally friendly textile manufacturing practices that preserve natural resources and minimize waste. In my free time, I enjoy yoga and traveling.

Chao Jiang

Mr. JiangI graduated from Jiangnan University (China), major in textile engineering. I am currently pursuing a master degree in textile technology management. With an engineering background, I had learned fundamental textile technologies, especially for the spinning, weaving, knitting and nonwoven, also some about the textile-materials and bio-textile. Thus, I have to say that I know different and main processes of the textile industry. And when I knew the NCSU provides some courses about the textile management, which absolutely meets my real interests. Because when I in a campus club or a group, I want to be a coordinator or leader to make the group or company better. Therefore, the COT is an ideal school for me. And now, taking some management courses inspires me with more ideas and also teaches me how to operate some cases. In fact, I am always being a student and without any industry experiences. But, as an International student, studying in the U.S.A can provide me more chances, likes the cross-culture global business and a second language. Hope to get a great job or being a Ph.D. student in the field of the marketing or supply chain. Finally, getting a management position and doing some global business in the future are my career expectation.

Uikyung Jung

grad studentMy name is Uikyung Jung, I am an MS student in Textiles and I am from South Korea. I studied Clothing and Textiles and Business Administration at Ewha Womans University. With a concentration in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, I have work experience in apparel manufacturing company and luxury brand, which stimulated my curiosity about material. At NC State University, I aspire to build a fiber and polymer science background and seek an interdisciplinary approach to biomaterials and sustainable fashion industry.



Emily Law

Emily LawI graduated in May of 2015 with a BS from the NC State College of Textiles. I received my degree in Fashion and Textiles Management with a concentration in Fashion Management and product development. I chose to continue my education at the College of Textiles and get an MS and Ph.D. after being accepted into an accelerated master’s program that allowed me to work on my masters while still in my undergrad. I have chosen the TATM program so that I can continue learning about product development and grow my fashion design skills. In the future, I would like to have a career working in the field of product development that allows for my creative design passion to be utilized as well as my talent for product creation and development.


Ailin Li

grad studentMy name is Ailin Li, and I come from Dalian, a beautiful coastal city located in northern China. I am a 3+X student from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion Design and Engineering and I am pretty interested in textiles and apparel management. I have basic knowledge about marketing research, apparel planning and management, apparel channel management, which I hope will help me learn better at NC State. The College of Textiles at NC State is one of the greatest textiles college in the world which is why I chose here. Next, I will continue my master degree here and become more competitive.



Jiayin Li

Jiayin LiI’m Jiayin Li from China. I took the 3+X program and finished my bachelor in Shanghai Donghua University. My bachelor degree was fashion design and engineering, including apparel design, pattern making, apparel making and textile & apparel management. I’m now focusing on apparel & textile design in TATM. I have some industry experiences in China, mainly focusing on silk products including scarves and home textile products. I choose the TATM program for several reasons, the first being the 3+X program, it helps me to finish my bachelor degree in 3 years and continue graduate study at NC State for 2 years, so I spent one year less than my bachelor school mates. The second reason is the resources here in TATM, the company resources and industry contact are very helpful for study and further my career development. My career goal after graduation will be getting into product development teams in fashion companies and hopefully developing my own brand in the future.

Philipp Lindemann

Originally from northern Germany, I have lived in North Carolina since 2007. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from North Carolina State University in 2015 and am now returning as a first-year graduate student to re-route my pathway from a legal and political career to one in retail merchandising and marketing. I am based out of Raleigh and pursuing this degree via distance education while I balance an assistant store manager position with American Eagle Outfitters, currently in Goldsboro’s Berkeley Mall. Much of my work there, aside from team leadership and development, focuses on sales floor merchandising, having coordinated many seasonal updates, as well as participated in the remodeling of the Aerie at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. Beyond the College of Textiles, my goal is to combine my academic endeavors and my field work proficiency to make an impact in store experience or buying at a brand with international acclaim.

Xinyue Liu

Mr. LiuMy name is Xinyue Liu. I graduated from Donghua University, Shanghai in 2017 and received my bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering. I majored in nonwoven materials science and engineering during my undergraduate, and after studying some specialized courses such as textile materials and nonwoven materials, I decided to come to NC State University for further study in the field of nonwovens. Since I know that the College of Textiles at NC State is the best textile college in the world, I can study more specialized knowledge about textiles and nonwoven materials. Besides, I get more chance to design experiments. By studying at NC State, I believe I can not only improve my study skills, but also learn more about American cultures and get in touch with more and more people from all over the world.


Katy Lund

tatm grad

I grew up in Granite Falls, NC and graduated from NC State in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology and a concentration in Medical Textiles. During my summers as an undergrad at NC State, I interned at BSN Medical with the global R&D department focusing on textile innovation, materials and technologies compression and then at Hanesbrands working in intimates, hosiery and shapewear product development. My senior design team worked with Adidas to develop a knit footwear upper using synthetic fibers in order to maximize hand feel, comfort and performance. I also participated in some undergraduate research with the College of Textiles to start the investigation as to if there is any significant correlation between volume, mass, and density of the breast using a direct measurement of mass. In a nutshell, I am interested in how textiles interact with the human body and vice versa. I decided to pursue my Master of Science in Textiles in order to further my knowledge and learn more about textile management and comfort science.

Victoria Luong Vu

grad studentRaised in Raleigh, I graduated cum laude from NC State with a B.S. in Fashion and Textiles Management – Brand Management and Marketing, and minor in Business Administration. For the past year, I worked at Kohl’s Department Stores Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a Product Development Coordinator in Men’s & Kid’s Footwear. Since then, I have decided to return to the College of Textiles to pursue a M.S. in Textiles to further develop my critical thinking skills and textile design knowledge while focusing my research in sustainability, luxury and the consumer. Once obtaining my MS in Textiles, I hope to pursue a career with a sustainable enterprise.



Michael McDonald

Maggie and Mike's wedding at the Nelson Gay in Barbados.

I am currently a student in the TTM Ph.D. program. After spending the last five years in Washington, DC as a lobbyist for the American Apparel & Footwear Association, I have developed a strong interest in the legislative and regulatory impact that government has on the apparel, footwear and textile industries. After receiving my Undergraduate degree from the College of Textiles in 2009, I decided to return to the College of Textiles in order to obtain my PhD and continue my love of teaching as a Professor for the College of Textiles.



Hyeongmin Moon

moonMy name is Hyeongmin Moon and I am from Anyang, South Korea, which is a satellite city outside of Seoul. My undergraduate degree is in Textile engineering is from Konkuk University, Seoul. The reason I came to NC State is that I heard that the NC State College of Textiles is one of the best Textile colleges worldwide. I want to study in a better environment because the number of MS and Ph.D. students in textiles in South Korea are decreasing. My goal is to be a major contributor to the textile industry.



Megan Moore

Ms. MooreMegan Moore is a student in the Doctoral Textile Technology Management Program. Growing up, Megan was highly involved in the operation of her family business which was one of the largest alpaca farms in the United States. Upon graduating high school in 2005, she was hired by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as the Camelid Herd Manager and Assistant to the Director of Camelid Studies for the first undergraduate Camelid program nationwide. Megan earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science from North Carolina State University with a minor in Genetics in 2010. During her undergraduate years, she served as President of the Textiles Entrepreneurs Club and Vice President and Co-President of the University Entrepreneurship Network at North Carolina State University. Megan spent five years in both boutique and big box customer service as the Assistant Manager and Interim Store Manager at Pendleton Woolen Mills, Cameron Village and Pet Care Manager at PetSmart, Garner. At NC State, Megan Moore’s thesis was on reasons for reshoring while completing a Master of Science in Textiles with a minor in Statistics. Additional areas of interest include entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, supply chain management and sourcing and management strategies.

Yusuke Mukai

mukaiMy name is Yusuke Mukai, and I am from Osaka, Japan. I received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemistry from Shinshu University’s Faculty of Textile Science and Technology in 2014. During my coursework at Shinshu University, I was fortunate to take part in a number of projects, including synthesis of silver-plated polymer nanoparticles for the drug delivery application as an undergraduate researcher. Throughout my experience at Shinshu University, I learned that study and research is a rewarding process. North Carolina State University offers a graduate degree in Textiles, where science, engineering and design aspects are all addressed. This multidisciplinary study at North Carolina State University attracted me because of the unique opportunity to work on various types of problems from different academic fields. Upon completing my Master’s degree, I will  continue my education as a Ph.D. candidate, where I expect to hone my knowledge and skills through further coursework and research. Eventually, I would like to obtain a position in the technical textiles industry, where people from science, engineering and design work altogether to complete one product. It is my lifetime goal to become highly skilled, and to contribute to real value to the textiles industry.

Samantha Newby

tatm gradMy name is Samantha and I am a first year graduate student. I grew up in Colorado but moved to New York to attend Hofstra University for theater. After gaining my BFA in costume design, I stayed in NYC to work in film and theater and currently work as a seamstress and dresser on Broadway for the musical Beautiful. I recently decided to go back to school for a master’s degree because I want to change careers. I have always wanted to work with fashion and apparel companies to make future clothing trends more sustainable and eco-friendly. NC State’s top curriculum and faculty is a way for me to become more informed about the textile industry and learn the tools in which to succeed in the business.



Carly Palmer

grad studentI was born in Ottawa, Ontario but have lived in North Carolina for quite some time. I received my undergraduate degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising with a minor in Marketing from Appalachian State University in 2015. I would like to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly though the use of materials that are produced in sustainable ways. Where do the fabric and dyes come from and where do they go at the end of their useful life? Small changes in this area can make a big impact, but at the same time the designs have to be appealing and fresh. I enjoy the creative side, especially bringing a new idea to life. The College of Textiles at NC State, being the leader in textile innovation and technology, will help me achieve these goals.


Mariah Parker

grad studentMy name is Mariah Parker and I’m from Winston-Salem, NC. I am a recent graduate of the College of Textiles (May 2017) and majored in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing. During my senior year I was a part of the Accelerated Bachelor’s Master’s Program, which allowed me to enroll in a few graduate classes. Now that I have finished undergrad, this is my first official year as a graduate student and I will be pursuing the Master’s of Textile’s degree. The textile’s program at NC State is one of the best in the country, which is why I decided to continue my education here. Although I have not had a full time position in the industry, I have completed two internships in Product Development at Kohl’s Corporate. After graduation I would like to either work in corporate retail or work with more specialized high-fashion brands.


Zahra Saki

Zahra Saki is a Ph.D. candidate in Textile Technology Management with a minor in Statistics expected to graduate in Fall 2018. Earned a BSc. in Textiles Engineering from the Isfahan University of Technology. While working as a sales engineer and account manager in textile machinery and raw material industry pursued an MSc. in Textiles Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic followed by an Executive MBA with a Marketing focus. Upon completion moved into a leadership role to manage international sourcing and procuring activities in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. Her areas of interest include economic competitiveness, business and statistical analysis, supply chain management, global marketing.



Briana Schiro

grad studentMy name is Briana Schiro and I have been in the Raleigh area for four years now. Prior to this, I have had the opportunity of living in a wide variety of places across the east and west coast due to my upbringing in a military family. I graduated in May of 2017  from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Science in interior design and now I am continuing my studies with North Carolina State University with the Master of Textiles program. I have industry experience with Alfred Williams & Company as a design intern. My time there was spent selecting different commercially graded textiles for working environments and assisting with various design computer software. My long-term goals are to design commercial interiors worldwide and take part in designing textile collections. I am very excited to see what opportunities unfold as I expand my knowledge of textiles and how they integrate with our everyday lives.


Elizabeth Starnes

grad student

My name is Elizabeth Starnes and I am currently a Fabric/Textile Specialist in the industry with DICK’S Sporting Goods Inc. corporate headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Apparel Merchandising & Product Development from Bowling Green State University located in Bowling Green, Ohio and a Masters of Arts in Apparel Design from Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana. I have been working in the industry as of 2013 and have had the privilege to work in many different areas within the apparel product development field, including Design, Color and BOM PLM Product Development. I have decided to work toward my Masters of Textiles within the TATM department here at North Carolina State University College of Textiles to further deepen and strengthen my knowledge in Textiles that will allow me to enhance and continue my success in the Textile & Apparel industry. I have taken some professional development textile courses within the College of Textiles as well in the past and am certain I will gain the knowledge i am seeking to continue to be successful in my career as a Textile Specialist. North Carolina State University College of Textiles is world class and I am so thrilled to be a part of the TATM Program!

I have found great joy and fulfillment in fostering the blissful union of product and consumer as Fabric/Textile Developer. I am a motivated professional with a passion for product life-cycle development within the corporate retail industry, specializing in performance fabrications in the outdoor/athletic/lifestyle sectors. I achieve this union of product and consumer by meticulously guiding and accelerating each fabrication for each individual product throughout the product life-cycle stages of initial development, QA testing protocol and bulk production. To be an integral part of the development process from initial concept to finished product is the ultimate reward.


Skyla Staton

statonI received my BS in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising & Design from NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC in 2012 and my MS in Textiles from NC State University in 2015. I have experience in apparel retail for JCPenney’s Women’s department and research in plus sizing and plus consumer behavior. I chose to join the department of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management to gain research experience in the area of plus sizing and technological design implications. This was an area that I knew very little about. Since joining this department my knowledge has expanded in plus size design and technological development to help improve processes in this area of design. I am a current doctoral student looking to further my research regarding the plus size population. I wish to use the knowledge gained here to pursue a career in plus size design and to redefine sizing systems for plus size women to improve apparel fit.

Alison Strickland

Ms. StricklandMy name is Alison Strickland and I am from Princeton, NC.  I am currently residing in Mt. Airy, NC (aka Mayberry) working with Renfro Corporation.  I graduated in 2010 from NC State’s College of Textiles and I have been working in the textile industry ever since then. I have always had the dream of further pursuing my education and obtaining my Master’s degree.  I knew that when the time came to start this journey the only place I wanted to go was back to my Wolfpack Family at NC State. My undergrad education has greatly supported me in my work journey so far, so I am hoping that having a Master’s education from NC State will afford me even greater opportunities in the future.



Xinyi Sun

Ms. xinyi sunI’m Xinyi Sun and I am from Wuxi, China. I finished my undergraduate in Textile Engineering at Donghua University, China. This is my first year at NC State as a 3+X student to pursue my master’s degree in Textile & Apparel, Technology & Management. I found my interest in textiles and apparel during my study of high-tech textiles, and that’s why I came here to further my study. For lack of fundamental design knowledge, I’m inclined to put my research focus on Textile technology and management. Also, I want to take advantage of my good understanding of different textile materials in my further study. Corresponding to my inclined focus in further study, I want to find my place in the field of textile technology and management in the United States in the near future. Although it’s a little challenging for me who is not native to American English or TATM to achieve such goal, I will try my best to enrich my professional knowledge to enhance my competitiveness. I hope I will enjoy my study life in TATM. In addition, I hope I can do anything possible to promote the development of TATM at NC State.

Qiong (Sarah) Tao

Ms. TaoI graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a B.S. in Marketing Management and got my M.A. in Fashion at Kent State University. I identified a strong interest in research through an internship with the Fashion and Marketing Innovation team at GrafTech International along with two years RA experience at my graduate program. Those experiences led me to the TTM Ph.D. program in College of Textiles conducting research on marketing strategies, consumer behavior and fashion technology. The opportunity to independently instruct a Fashion Visuals course during my Master’s program led me to realize the connections between education, current industry issues and marketing concepts. I greatly enjoy teaching, sharing and making a difference in students’ lives. I want to be able to use my viewpoint and research to influence the future generation of fashion professionals in the nuances of emerging technologies and international marketing that govern the industry.

Jennifer Vekert

vekertMy name is Jennifer Vekert and I am a Ph.D. student in Textile Technology Management. I’m from Highland, MD, which is a little pocket of woods in between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. My undergraduate degree is in Handweaving. I wanted to attend NC State because I wasn’t sure what type of textiles I wanted to research and NC State had the most options. I’m currently studying integral knits and I’m interested in sportswear. I secretly desire to make superhero costumes.



Ming Wang

Wang MingMy name is Ming Wang and I am from Donghua University, Shanghai, China. I spent 3 years in Donghua Textile College, which is the best textile college in China, studying textile technology, design and management. I really love textiles and dream about becoming a textile expert one day. In my junior year, I finished my undergraduate in three years and came to NC State to finish my masters and Ph.D. degree; where I work under the direction of Dr. Parrillo-Chapman. Also, I am a teaching assistant and manager of the Textiles Digital Printing lab. I have participated in the Walmart project and worked with other Ph.D. students, as well as faculty in the college. We are a pretty good team and work well together. In the future, I plan to become a textile expert.


J’Den Williams

grad studentOriginally from Wake Forest, North Carolina, I received my BS in Fashion & Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management & Marketing from NC State University, May 2016. I am currently pursuing a MS in Textiles with an expected graduation date of May 2019. Prior to graduate school, I gained corporate experience working for Build-A-Bear as the eCommerce Activation Specialist/Merchant. Re-joining the Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management department was the easiest decision to make knowing that they have some of the best faculty members who will challenge me in ways that will greatly impact my future endeavors. My research focus will be on consumer behavior in the fast fashion retail industry and how this is shifting with the change in technology. After obtaining my MS in Textiles I look forward to entering back into the corporate industry.


Sibei Xia

xiaMy name is Sibei Xia, I am a third year Ph.D. student in Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management. My research focuses on interdisciplinary apparel product development. I was born in Jiangxi, China. I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Fashion Design and Engineering from Donghua University, Shanghai, China. I came to the United State in 2011 and got my Master of Science degree from College of Textiles, North Carolina State University in 2013. I started my journey of pursing a Ph.D. in 2014. One reason why I chose to come back is all of the most advanced textile and apparel related technologies that are available are in the College of Textiles and it is awesome to be able to learn and use all of these resources. Not only is the College of Textiles a treasure, but by taking courses from other colleges, is that I am able to do interdisciplinary research, which broaden my thoughts and makes research more creative. The professors at the College of Textiles are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and give you expert objective advice.

Pan Xu

Ms. XuMy name is Pan Xu and I am a 3+X student from Jiangnan University, China. My undergraduate major was Textile Engineering. During that period, I gained a good grasp of theoretical knowledge and earned some concrete professional skills. North Carolina State University has always been my dream school, not only for it’s reputation in textiles; but also for it’s inspiring academic atmosphere. Furthermore, I get the opportunity to explore the field of textile and apparel management; which I have an interest in. I believe that with a textile engineering background, the additional knowledge of textile management may give me a better insight into the textile industry as a whole. In addition, it will also boost my professional skills and develop a greater passion for textiles.


Yang Yi

yi yangI’m from Donghua University, and I majored in textile designing. The lessons I learned can be summed and divided into three parts: how to design the appearance of textile products, the technologies to make those products and to understand some of the fashion trends and customer needs. I was an intern for a fabric company in Shanghai for 2 months in the last summer holiday and I saw a lot of amazing and interesting fabrics in this company that I have never seen before and this experience broadened my horizon. I would like to open a shop for textile products in the future and I think I can learn a lot of skills and knowledge that I need from the courses of TATM. I know that there are two areas in TATM, Retail and Brand Management and Textile and fashion design and I am very interested in these two areas which is why I chose TATM.


Lian Zeng

zhengMy name is Lian Zeng and I am from Chongqing, China, which is an attractive and beautiful city. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion Design and Engineering from Donghua University, Shanghai, China. I entered NC State as a 3+X student in Fall 2017. The reason I came to NC State is that the College of Textiles is one of the best textile colleges worldwide and I want to do in-depth study in a different environment and culture. I believe I will gain inspiration over the course of my study. I am pursuing my master degree at NC State University and I aspire to build my Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management background and enrich my professional knowledge for enhancing my competitiveness. I am trying my best to enjoy my study and my life.


Chen Zhang

Grad studentI am Chen Zhang from China, I received my undergraduate degree in Tianjin Polytechnic University in 2017 and I majored in the textile engineering especially focused on the apparel and home textile fabric design. During my four-year study in TJPU, I have studied a lot of textile-related technical knowledge and I also found my interest in exploring the U.S apparel and home textile fabric market, which is one the most important reason why I decide to continue my academic study in NC State. The course I had already taken in the NC State so far helped transform smoothly from Engineering-related knowledge learning to market-related knowledge learning, which Set up a basic market-related knowledge system for me. I believe this two-year study will help me lay a solid foundation for my future career.


Liyang Zhang

tatm grad

My name is Liyang Zhang, and I received my undergraduate education in DongHua University, which is located in Shanghai, China. I majored in Textile design, which is focused on textile technologies and aesthetic training. Therefore, I have some basic knowledge in fabric properties, weaving, knitting and high fashion. I also learned some CAD skills like Adobe software and EAT. Choosing TATM program in NCSU is the best decision I have made ever. I can not only strengthen and develop my textile knowledge, but also starting out in fashion design. I’m always addicted to fashion industry, so it is the best chance for me to improve myself.



Rong Zhang

Mr. ZhangMy name is Rong Zhang and I’m from China. I graduated from Southwest University (SWU) majoring in Textile Engineering. After 4-years studying in SWU, I learnt pretty much technology and information about textile materials, structures etc. And now I come to NCSU to further my studies in the TATM program, with the objective to study how to promote the brand advantage and analyze the influence of brand itself. The reason I changed the field from engineering to marketing is that I want to combine these two majors together in a deeper way to understand the textile industries in the world. Besides, the beautiful and peaceful environment of Raleigh with a rich textile history also enhances my enthusiasm for studying here. What I pursue in the future is to seize the minds of customers to textile products, understand the future development of textile market and be highly skilled in field of textile.


Yimeng Zhang

Graduate studentMy name is Yimeng Zhang, a “3 + X” program student from Jiangnan University, China. I have studied textile engineering for three years at Jiangnan University. Attending various lectures and academic conferences and participating in diverse contests have enabled me to improve my professional level. I also have paid a lot of attention to improving my investigation and experimentation skills by conducting investigation of complex textile problems. I love textile brand management and have a strong interest in consumer behavior, that’s why I attend the graduate program at TATM. The knowledge of textiles and development of international perspectives will produce a far-reaching impact on my entire lifetime.


Ziwei Zhang

Ms. ZhangI’m Ziwei Zhang from Donghua University, my major was Textile Design. This is my second semester in NCSU, first semester as a graduate student in the TATM program. I am glad to study here and really into learning textile management and consumer behavior. For future career, I wish to find a job related to textile and apparel management.