Student Competitions & Shows

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Shows & Competitions (in order of deadline)

ITA Educational Foundation programs

Cover Competition Deadlines: Oct. 3rd & Feb. 27th

  • Spotlights the design talents of a student and their school.

Virginia Jackson Design Competition Deadline: April 9th

  • Established in 1995 to honor students in the field of textile design; awards are given in both woven and print categories.

Internship Program: Ongoing

  • A unique partnership with our ITA Member companies and students who are preparing for a career in the home furnishings textile industry.

Wool4School 2018

Registration is now open for Wool4School 2018 with amazing opportunities and prize-money for both teachers and students to win.

In 2018 students are invited to design an innovative, creative and multi-functional outfit, containing a minimum 80% Merino wool. Students are advised to think outside the box by injecting new concepts and imaginative uses into their designs, such as transforming a skirt into handbag or sweater into skirt. The outfits must contain a minimum of one piece with a maximum of four pieces. While students do not have to make their designs, they must illustrate and carefully describe the textiles used in their work.

Full details, including registration dates can be found on, along with details of the amazing prizes available to students.

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund scholarship

Win a $5,000 scholarship check payable to YOU. Our mission is to create consistent platforms that engage the best and the brightest students who are interested in joining the world of fashion. Those platforms include interesting and inspiring case studies, engaging networking events with industry leaders and Alumni scholars, support in finding internships, while always looking for new and innovative ways to add value to the students. Deadline: October 1, 2018. Read more

Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant

The Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant, an award to support undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of textile and design degrees worldwide. Grants are awarded to a select group of recipients each month to create their own digitally printed custom fabric and wall media for use in shows and exhibitions. Recipients are chosen monthly on a rolling basis.

View additional details about the grant. Additional questions can be directed to Theresa Rizzuto.