TATM Successes

2021-22 Student and Faculty Successes:


Faculty Teaching Awards

  • Kate Annett-Hitchcock won the Colleen Callahan Professional Development Award for her project “Disability Fashion History.”
  • Ellie Jin, received a captioning grant ($1,701) from the Office of Information Technology on campus. With the grant, I was able to to provide captions on FTM 482 lecture notes.
  • Traci Lamar, Kate Nartker and Janie Woodbridge were each accepted into NC State’s 2021 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Institute. Each will receive a grant of $1250 to support the work.
  • Emily Law received the On-the-Spot award. The On-the-Spot award recognizes individuals who have exemplified one (or more) of our core values: compassion, equity, collaboration, innovation and sustainability, and who have come to the aid of a coworker or brightened their day.
  • H. Hergeth, Nominee for the Faculty Advisor Award, NC State University, February 5, 2021.
  • P. McCauley elected as an The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) Fellow, Class of 2021.
  • Lori Rothenberg – TTM 581, Global Textile and Apparel Business Dynamics, is one of the officially certified Quality Matters courses at NC State University with a perfect score. Congratulations on being the first course from Wilson College of Textiles to receive this prestigious certification.
  • Lori Rothenberg, SAS Certification to teach JMP Scripting Language (currently 1 of 2 SAS/JMP certified contract instructors in the United States)
  • Lori Rothenberg, Inclusive Teaching Certification (NC State University)
  • Lori Rothenberg, Independent Improving Your Online Course (Quality Matters) Certificate
  • Minyoung Suh, 3rd place (mentoring Yunjie Luo), AATCC Concept to Consumer (C2C) Design Competition, 04/01/2020
  • Minyoung Suh, Honorable mention (mentoring Rujie Wang), AATCC Concept to Consumer (C2C) Design Competition, 04/01/2020
  • Minyoung Suh, Winner (mentoring Yusuke Mukai), ICCT Graduate Student Research Competition, 05/22/2020
  • Minyoung Suh, Nomination, Outstanding Teacher, 09/15/2020
  • Minyoung Suh, Nomination, Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology, 01/07/2021
  • Janie Woodbridge recipient of the 2020 Barbara S. Stowe Faculty Award – demonstrated viability of the award proving beneficial to their professional development and long-term success as a faculty member.
  • Janie Woodbridge received the On-the-Spot award: “Core Value(s): Compassion, Collaboration, Innovation, and Sustainability. The On-the-Spot award recognizes individuals who have exemplified one (or more) of the College’s core values: compassion, equity, collaboration, innovation and sustainability, and who have come to the aid of a coworker or brightened their day.
  • Woodbridge, J. Co-Mentored three students that placed honorable mentions in the “Leveraging Heritage and Delivering High Performance Textiles” Cotton Incorporated competition.

Faculty Research Awards

  • Jin, received the best research paper award in oral presentation category. Jin, B., Kim, G., Moore, M., & Rothenberg, L. (2020, May). Consumer store experience via virtual reality: Its effect on emotional states and perceived store attractiveness. Paper presented at International Conference on Clothing and Textiles, Busan, Korea.
  • Barker, Gluck, Ormond, Mathur and Thompson awarded $50,000 from Goldshield Technologies on the project “Development of Protocol for Residual Antiviral Activity on Textile Substrates.”
  • Moore and Handfield (PCOM) received $1,256.791 from Templeton World Charity Foundation on the project entitled “Responsible Apparel Initiative: Creating a Fair Factory Labor Index”
  • Nartker, Porterfield, and Annett-Hitchcock awarded $9,815 from ROSF on the project “Aesthetic Impact of Assistive Devices”
  • Nartker, Chapman, Mathur, Woodbridge, and Lamar awarded $38,850 from Cotton Inc on the project “Cotton for Universal Design”
  • Shin, D., & Rothenberg, L. (2020, November). A brand’s referral of another brand: Does it work? iPoster presented at Virtual International Textile and Apparel Association conference. (Won Paper of Distinction Award in the Merchandising/Retailing II. Marketing track)Best Paper Korea
  • A. Seyam, College Nominee for the NC State University Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award 2021
  • A. Seyam awarded $193,938 (supplemental) from SCEYE for the project “Development of High Performance Laminates for Airship Hull”
  • Minyoung Suh, Nomination, University Faculty Scholar, 09/01/2020
  • A. West, K. Luan, and D. Thompson awarded $80,000 from Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) for the project “Breathable high stretch, flame-resistant textile for moisture management”
  • X. Fang and A. West awarded $35,216 from LiteFighter Systems for the project “Coating Technology Development for Tent Fabric with Enhanced Cooling Effect”
  • Leonas, K. Guest Editor of Special Issue on Sustainability for AATCC Journal of Research
  • E. DenHartog, A. West, and K. Luan awarded $51,000 from US Army – Soldier Systems Center (NATICK) for the project “Predictive Performance Assessments of Innovative Technologies for Development of Smart Functional Integrated Clothing Systems (SFINCS)”
  • Woodbridge, J. Received the 2020 Barbara Stowe faculty Award
  • Woodbridge, J.Accepted into the 2021 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Institute program (beginning in mid-May 2021)
  • Lee, H., Xu, Y., & Porterfield, A. (2020). Fashion consumers’ perception and adoption of virtual fitting rooms (VFRs): A perspective of regulatory focus. Oral Presentation at the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Annual Virtual Conference. [ITAA 2020 Paper of Distinction Award – Consumer Behavior Track]
  • Xu, NSRP Proposal selected for $4,000 funding
  • Xu and Cheng (CHASS) received $4,000 from NSRP on the project Coping with COVID-19: A Perspective of Consumers in the U.S. Marketplace”

Undergraduate Awards

  • Two students win FSF Case Study Scholarship program – Ava Armstrong and Deja Herelle are pursuing their BS degrees in FTM and FTD, respectively, in the Department of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management.
  • FTD Textile Design senior Taylor Williams has been selected to participate in the Bienenstock Future Designers Summit which will take place in September 2021.
  • EGames Do Gategory 1st place – $9,000 | Vertibra: A smart bra designed with wireless sensors to engage back muscles as well as promote dynamic correction and muscle memory. Team members: Bryson Boettget, Daniel Olson, TATM Jeanine Fry, Marta Pasqualini
  • Anna Stuffelbeam – PEP and OUR Summer Research Award

Graduate Awards

  • J’den Williams and Dakota Batch – Extruo, won the IBM Built on Cloud Impact Award, the Design and Prototype Impact Award ($2,000 each) and 2nd place in the Do Category ($8,500) at eGames.
  • Shahida Afrin, Ph.D. student in TTM, her team won the “Connected Community Challenge” at the Kent State University Fashion Tech Hackathon, 2021.
  • 2021 eGames Two Finalists Teams led by current and former Textiles Graduate students: Jeanine Fry, M.S.; Dakota Batch, Ph.D. in TTM; J’Den Williams, Ph.D. in TTM; Victoria Luong Vu, M.S (graduate)
  • Rothenberg and Hanna Lee (TA) completed the Reflective Educational Design |RED| Inclusive Teaching Certification
  • Daeun (Chloe) Shin, TTM student and Lori Rothenberg won the ITAA 2020 Paper of Distinction Award; in the Merchandising/Retailing II Marketing track.  We will receive the award at the virtual conference in November.
  • J’den Williams and Dakota Batch, TTM students, business plan is a finalist in the ESRAP Merchandising Competition.
  • Master Student Wenna Han’s thesis research “Investigation of Chinese Consumers’ Adoption Intention toward E-Wardrobe: A Psychological Need and Motivational Approach” won the 1st Place award at the 3MT competition at the 2021 Wilson College of Textiles Research Open House.  (Faculty Adviser Xu)
  • Doctoral Student Hanna Lee’s dissertation research “Fashion Consumers’ Adoption of Virtual Fitting Rooms (VFRs): -A Perspective of Regulatory Focus” won the 2nd Place award at the 2021 Wilson College of Textiles Research Open House.  (Faculty Adviser Xu)
  • Deirdra Nance received a Doctoral Completion Grant for the period July 1 to December 31, 2020.
  • Sara Lewis Hood received a Provost Fellowship to continue her graduate studies as a TTM Ph.D. student in Fall 2021.