2013 NC State Graduate Student Research Symposium

L to R: Ravikanth Vangala (Suh – COT), William Gabler (Barker and Ormond), Chirag Gajjar (McCord), Jonathan Halbur (Jur), Rashi Grewal (Willoughby), Halil Akyildiz (Jur and Parsons), Huseyin Avci (Kotek), Iurii Sas (Joinesand Thoney-Barletta), Jing Liang (King), Guan Wang (Hinks), Wenwen Zhang (Michielsen), Hui Cong (King), Tong Yao (King). Not Pictured: Kun Fu (Zhang), Mahsa Mohiti-Asli (Pourdeyhimi and Loboa).

On March 19th, 2013, the 8th Annual NC State University Graduate Student Research Symposium was held at the McKimmon Center. The Graduate School holds the Symposium each year to “showcase the outstanding quality and diversity of graduate-level research at NC State, in addition to providing students with the opportunity to practice their communication skills with those outside of their discipline.”

This year, the Wilson College of Textiles had 17 graduate students participate and 14 of these students are advised or co-advised by Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science faculty members.

Jing Liang, advised by Dr. Martin King, won second place in the Biological Sciences section with her poster on “Micro-braided Double Layer Nerve Conduits for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration.”

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Participants with Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science faculty advisors or co-advisors were:

Halil I. Akyildiz, Gregory N. Parsons, and Jesse S. Jur (Jur), “Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Growth Mechanisms on Polymers by Sequential Vapor Infiltration”

Huseyin Avci (Kotek), “Green” Engineering for Obtaining a New Class of High-Performance Fibers”

Hui Cong (King), “Fabrication and Tissue Anchoring performance of Nylon and Polypropylene Barbed Surgical Sutures”

Kun Fu (Zhang), “Flexible and Binder-Free Design: Nonwoven structure based Si materials as Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries”

William J. Gabler (Barker and Ormond), “Implementation of NFPA 1994 Chemical Permeation Resistance Test: Applying Air Sampling Methods to Detect Chemicals Used to Evaluate Protective Clothing Materials”

Chirag R. Gajjar, Tabitha Rush, Michael Jolly, Jeffery Owens, Martin Hubbe, and Marian McCord (McCord),”Improving the Hemostatic Property of Common Textile Fibers for Wound Dressing Application”

Rashi Grewal (Willoughby), “An Analysis of Moisture Vapor Transport through Highly Breathable Surface-modified Materials”

Jonathan C. Halbur, Ankesh Madan, and Jesse Jur (Jur), “Photoremediation of Heavy Metal Ions by Nonwoven Fabrics Coated with Thin Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition”

Jing Liang (King), “Micro-braided Double Layer Nerve Conduits for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration”

Mahsa Mohiti-Asli, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, and Elizabeth G. Loboa (Pourdeyhimi and Loboa), “Antibacterial Nanofibrous Bandages for Wound Healing Applications”

Iurii Sas (Joines and Thoney), “Logistics of Closed-Loop Textile Recycling”

Guan Wang (Hinks), “Synthesis of Bleach Activators with Varying Cationic Groups”

Tong Yao (King), “The Development of In Vitro Abrasion Test Method for Textile and Metal Components of Endovascular Stent Grafts”

Wenwen Zhang (Michielsen), “The Study of the Synthesis of a Water Soluble Antimicrobial Polymer”

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