3D Printing of Garments


Hanesbrands, Inc.

Team Members:

Bella Latham

Shawn Womble

Seth Eby

Courtney Lee

Project Statement:

Disruptive technologies, such as 3D printing, could redefine how we construct garments in the future. HBI is looking to answer the question “How can 3D printing be utilized for garment manufacturing”? The goal of this project is to develop applications/products/concepts that utilize 3D printing of a full garment or on a textile backing (compatible with nylon/spandex and/or polyester fibers) used in trims or portions of a garment. The team will explore opportunities to the 3D print directly on textiles for innovative garment designs, establishing the pros & cons of the technology as compared to standard textile processing, and in doing so will identify the potential barriers of 3D printing for manufacturing garments. The team will generate a finished concept garment that upholds to the comfort and durable integrity of the intended garment.